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  1. It's good to be back playing this game after so long. Now fully caught up grinding mons for whatever comes next.

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    2. Marcolyte


      That whole thing was brutal. As soon as I lost the battle the first time and realized I had to do it again messed me up. Solaris' t-tar and chomp were the biggest pains during that fight.

    3. Monochrome_Complex


      Yeah same, I got SO tired of zel's little speech before the battle lol. I actually had to leave the dungeon to go buy common candies since I kept losing and volcarona was passing cap, who I NEEDED to win that fight.


      Not sure how I'm going to pull it off with a grass team. Shelly's leavanny(named after the player which is cute) was surprisingly scary(RIP if it lands a fell stinger kill) .

    4. Marcolyte


      Aye more power to you. I send you some Rng your way lol

  2. I'll be looking forward to these events :]
  3. In Pokemon Reborn which shiny do you like?

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    2. ShadowStar


      Sanic the Sandslash

    3. Red_Chaos


      Shiny Venomonth, its on fire

    4. TimTim


      Same as Red, also one of my first decent iv'd Reborn mons, other shinies caught had bad ivs

  4. Is there an amulet coin if so where is it located?

    1. Cool Girl

      Cool Girl

      Do you mean in Reborn or Rejuvenation?

    2. Marcolyte
  5. Trying to think of what to do for channel art

  6. Welp....Good thing my team is really somewhat slow. Now i just need a lot of heart scales..
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