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  1. Ended up getting help. Thanks for the offer. I don't know how to close a post so I'll let nature or the devs take it's course.
  2. Yeah calling it a night, but I will check back on this in the morning (In about 10 hours give or take) feel free to leave a message!!
  3. Hey, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help evolve my Swirlix via trade, I don't have access to link stones yet. And if anyone needs help evolving their pokemon I'm more than willing to help. I just hope I get my Swirlix back is all! Online name loveDBZ Let me know if you're interested. I'll probably be on for the next hour or so then I'm logging off for the night, I'll check back on tomorrow morning. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey I'm looking to evolve my Swirlix as well, if you're willing to, we can evolve each other's Swilix and then trade them back. Let me know if you're down, I know you said you'll use another pokemon, but my offer still stands!
  5. That's way too awesome!! Really out doing yourself!!
  6. loveDBZ


  7. The amount of willpower it's taking to wait for the public release is killing me, but I know it'll be worth it!!~ Can't wait to continue the story! Thanks for creating such an amazing and challenging game.
  8. @LykosHand Thank you so much! You completed my list with a bang. You guys here are awesome and I can't thank you enough.
  9. @LykosHand You are awesome! I'm ready to trade whenever, my ID of course is loveDBZ
  10. @LykosHand Is there anything in particular that you would want for it ? (Keep in mind if you do I'm not very good with EVs and IVs)
  11. @Zarc You are amazing! Absolutely amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! Have a wonderful night/day you amazing soul.
  12. @Zarc The only other pokemon on my list that I need are Gastly and A-Vulpix, if you can help with either of those that would be lovely, if you are unable I understand just the same.
  13. @Zarc Oh that's lovely! I'm ready to trade whenever, and I assume I'll be the one waiting ?
  14. @Zarc Thank you! Is there anything that you would particularly like in return ? Or maybe an item I can send with the pokemon if the pokemon itself is not special ?
  15. Hello, this is to anyone willing to help me, I don't request shines, perfect EV's or IV's, I just have a long list of pokemon that I want. I don't have many good pokemon to offer, I have all the starters (other than Popplio, which will be in my list of pokemon) I have Eevee's and items I can probably send with pokemon as payment. But the list of pokemon I'd like to request are: Gastly A-Vulpix Deino (If actually possible) Popplio Marill I understand if you can't fulfill my full request, I'm just glad this club exists!! I'll be only for the next few hours,
  16. Would you suggest those who downloaded the Community release, now download the public release ? I want to make sure I have the most uptodate version of the game!!~ Love the game so far and have a lovely night/day
  17. Whenever I try to do the random battles it always says "You opponent either ignored or declined your request" And this happened after I was in the middle of a random battle and it crashed after I used Leech Seed ?? Are they connected issues ??
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