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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😉🍰

  3. Lord Zortn was the name I gave my first Zangoose. Little ol' me took way too damn long thinking of this name, but I loved it and thus adopted it
  4. Lord Zortn


    Banned for shitposting
  5. 7.8/10 Too much water in your game
  6. Yeah, the VS. Seeker would be your best bet to getting guaranteed cash money and some levels. It's in the Vermillion City pokemon center. The lady with the blue hair in front of the counter gives it to you. Just take it to...I don't think it works in victory road. Try it there, and if that doesn't work, try using it in the areas around Seafoam Islands. I think those would be the highest leveled trainers you can rematch.
  7. If we are talking about favorite design, Zangoose. He's so bad ass. If only Game Freak had left him with his purple claws... When it comes to battling, however, Scizor takes the cake. I have had very few OU teams without my Scizor.
  8. Green Hill Zone, Sonic Boom, and Can You Feel the Sunshine are masterpieces* But seriously, my favorite music would have to be the entire Mother 3 and Pokemon GSC soundtracks. ...although if I HAD to pick a top 5 individual songs, they'd probably be... 5) Gerudo Valley - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 4) Legendary Beasts Encounter - Pokemon GSC/ORAS 3) The Grand Finale / In the Final - Bowser's Inside Story 2) The Strongest Knight in the Galaxy - Kirby Super Star Ultra 1) Unfounded Revenge - Mother 3 F-F-Fire!, Rawk Hawk Battle, and Plantera almost made the cut, but didn't. *I actually do like Sonic Boom and Can You Feel the Sunshine. They are SUPER catchy.
  9. Why not? Custom Villager is perfectly balanced :Kappa:
  10. Memelord I think that studying cosmology/astronomy would be super cool. The universe and everything in it has always been very interesting to me.
  11. No, totodile is! Totodile is the worst starter in existence. Is there a prize for that?? Jk. One can dream, right? Thanks to all of you, I'm sure I'll have a great time
  12. Hello everyone! I hope you are ready for some reading because I like a ramble (don't worry, tl;dr below). First off, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zach, but I would rather you refer to me as Zortn. The name Lord Zortn comes from the name I gave my first Zangoose, captured on HG (inb4 "not ruby? wat a nub"). I spent way too long thinking of a name I liked for that Zangoose, but I liked it so much I decided to adopt it myself. Once I took the name, I began naming my Zangeese Zortn Jr. Enough about my name. Now onto ME! I was born in the wonderful state of Delaware, but my family (as in my mother, her boyfriend at the time, my two younger brothers, and I) moved halfway across the United States to Kansas because my parents had issues. I was introduced to pokemon when I found my older cousins playing Gold and Silver. I then realized that I needed one of those games. Although, to my dismay, I didn't get one until one of my cousins stopped enjoying it. She then gave me her Pokemon Gold version. It was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. As a child, I had a history of playing video games a lot, as my father was a gamer and made sure I got my fill them. He never liked pokemon, though. His niche was Star Wars games (such as Battlefront), Mario games, Madden, Duck Hunt, and Mario Kart. He even had the Def Jam fighting game for the GameCube. I liked them, but nothing ever made me feel like pokemon did. It was just so...enthralling. My belief is that it was the collecting aspect of the game that appealed to me at first, as I had always enjoyed collecting things. Bugs, Plants, Mario Kart characters/karts, Smash Bros. fighters, Bugs (I loved bugs), anything. If there was an expansive assortment of things in which getting them all was a challenge, count me in. So once I obtained my copy of Gold, I played a bit, then restarted to try a different starter, then restarted again to use the other. I wasn't until a read a bit of a manga thing with a Chikorita in it named Chiko that I discovered which starter was meant for me. From that point on, Chikorita has always been my favorite starter, and grass my favorite starter type. At this age (which is unclear to me), I was so bad at the game. Once I hit Blackthorn City I thought that in order to progress in the game, I needed to enter Dragon's Den. It was unclear to me, however, that I needed to beat Clair first. I thought that I needed to be a Dragon-only trainer to enter. So what I did was go into my PC and release ALL MY POKEMON aside from Red Gyarados and a Seadra. And since this was when you have to save to choose "move pokemon" in the PC, I was SOL. Another time, when I fought Ho-Oh the first time, I didn't know I could save prior to fighting him. So my when I ran out of pokeballs, I was forced to Hydro Pump it with my level 63 Staryu, UU. I also restarted that game billion times because I didn't want to grind so I thought restarting and getting a new team would work out in the end. I remember one time in particular when I was stuck on Will because I thought my Xatu with Solarbeam was OP and didn't train anything else (aside from UU, who I didn't know evolved with a water stone). But I'm good now, I swear! I spend a bunch of time on Pokemon Showdown, and know quite a bit about the current meta game. (I personally prefer gen 5's meta game, but what can you do, ya'know?) My favorite generation overall, was 3. Then 2, then 1, then 4, then 5 and finally 6 as my least favorite. My favorite pokemon are Zangoose and Scizor, and my favorite types being Normal and Bug. My favorite pokemon game was Gold, as it was not only my first, but I find its graphics to be the most appealing out of any pokemon game ever. And that whole Red on Mt. Silver...oh my god. I did have a chance to play through Blue version before I got to him, so I DID end up getting the whole wtf moment when I found him. When I'm not playing pokemon (Showdown, Reborn, or otherwise), I like to play Smash Bros (if you've got Wii U feel free to 1v1 me m8), Mario Kart: Double Dash) watch movies, youtube, or TV. And by TV, I mean Rick & Morty (GET HYPED FOR TONIGHT, KIDS). My other interests include writing, Astronomy, Engineering (I'm interested, but I'm not the best at it), Code (same here), and people. Yes, people. I am a huge people person in every way, unless we are talking over the phone. I hate talking over the phone. I work at Pizza Hut, and everyone is expected to answer the phone every so often, and it's horrible. I hate losing almost as much. I am a big crybaby when it comes to losing. But like everyone else in the world I like music. My favorites are typically anything 80's. Primarily the rock. But I am also in love with all of Reborn's battle music. Oh my lawrd it's so good. I have already been playing Reborn for a while, so I'm not a TOTAL n00b when it comes to the game. In fact, I'm about to fight Serra. I even started with Bulbasaur because I know about the Chikorita event, but I've relearned that Venusaur is just way too OP for his own good (sleep powder + leech seed = gg). I'm a long time lurker first time poster, but I'm not new to the forum scene. When I was a little younger, I would get on GTS+, so I know the basics of forum-ing. ~TL;DR~ I have a history with pokemon, and it is one of my passions. I hate losing, but I like being around people and making friends. I wanna rock and roll all night, and party everyday. Rick & Morty hype, Venusaur OP. Love Chikorita, Zangoose, and Scizor. Pokemon Gold rules. Not a n00b at forums/reborn. Comic sans ftw. 1v1 me smash. Don't let your memes be your dreams. I hope my time here on Reborn is both a long one, and an enjoyable one. Sorry about the life story as opposed to just an 'intorduction'! I am excited to make new friends here, and...well, don't kill me.
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