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  1. I have a few questions... SPOILER ALERT ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK
  2. Guess I'll repetitively get wrecked by Saki and Venam...
  3. NOOOOO I cri everytiem I guess my new alternative will be Ampharos or Magnezone. How do you evolve Magneton?
  4. Umm... I already did the Elekid event but I didn't soft-reset until I got an Elekid with an Electrizer...
  5. Any other way to obtain an electrizer besides soft-resetting until I get an Elekid that holds one?
  6. So now I would need a Ditto. And how do I get a Ditto?
  7. And what if I just don't have the patience to repetitively soft reset for another Axew? Can I actually last using a Calm Nature?
  8. It's been two days and out of all of the three jackpot starters, I decided to choose Axew and I finally get an Axew but it is a Calm Nature. Out of all the natures... it is a Calm Nature. I mean, the boost in Sp. Def will be useful but the nature also gives Axew a 10% reduction in Attack which is horrible because Haxorus' prime stat is Attack. What do I do ;((((((
  9. Thank you for the advice but my decision just got a lot harder because I opened multiple Rejuvenation games and well... I got a hasty shiny Charmander in one and an adamant Turtwig in another so now I have 4 pokemon to choose from... Edit: The adamant turtwig is a shiny.
  10. So I'm sure that a majority of us already know about the release of Version 6 of Pokemon Rejuvenation and the Rejuvenation Team decided to add in a Starter Customizer which is pretty beneficial for those 80% of Americans (including myself) who have trouble choosing a starter (pretty sure that Jan was joking lol...). ANYWAYS I created a new save file since Jan and the other creators really took Version 6 to a different level with a redesign of many areas and a bunch of other updates that makes this game really addicting and really entertaining and intriguing for all of us. You're probably asking yourself, "What the f*** is your point?" For the past 2 days, I have obtained a Ralts and a Eevee from the Starter Customizer so far but I'm striving for an Axew. Then again, the Ralts is a Rash nature and the Eevee is a Timid nature. pls help me choose thank you so much in advance
  11. For some reason, ever since I saved in the room in Amethyst Cave where you have to beat the Dimensional Rift Galvantula, every time I open Pokemon Rejuvenation, pop-ups show up on my screen saying "incompatible marshal file format". When I press enter, there's a pop-up that says "End of file reached" and a whole bunch of other numbers and letters.. help? ;-;
  12. I have 10 badges and I've had the Heracronite for Heracross like 2 badges ago. Mega Evolution isn't working.. Edit: Gave Heracross the Heracronite various times and never worked.
  13. What's on your mind?

    1. zimvader42


      The search bar, naturally.

    2. JustAnElite
  14. Atleast we thought of the same idea right? xD Well, almost
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