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  1. Well, that does work, but it runs two windows, the second of which appears to be more related to development, and it can't be closed without also closing the game. The interesting thing is that when I run it, the dialogue window says fluidsynth.dll could not be loaded and that midi playback would be disabled. But I'm not sure reborn uses any midis to begin with?
  2. I redownloaded the game a couple of days ago in an effort to overcome a script error that was preventing me from playing at all, and to that effect I was successful. However, I find myself with a new issue. When playing 18.4.3, Game-z.exe appears to be unable to play any BGM. All BGS appear to work as intended, such as when passing through doors, opening and scrolling through menus, or impacting objects, so it's not that the game is muted or anything - both BGM and BGS are set to 100 in the options menu. I just get no music for some inexplicable reason. Interactions in the jukebox have proven futile. For what it's worth, BGM do play in Game.exe, so I've been using that in the meantime. I'd like to return to Game-z.exe with full functionality, though. Any ideas as to what I should do?
  3. This particular tile on route 1 clips, at least with Tauros. Edit: Actually, upon further inspection, that entire column acts the same way.
  4. Sashed Kricketune with Perish Song did the job the first time. :x Don't judge me! Evolving as early as it does combined with silly high base power on Fury Cutter made it really useful, and it never stopped being useful due to learning some field moves and the aforementioned cheese move.
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