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  1. Music really can affect my mood a lot. That's why I listen to certain music when I'm in a bad mood. It's a near instant pick-me-up.
  2. Lol, thanks for the welcomes. Nice to meet everyone!
  3. Umbreon w/ Leftovers and Magic Bounce Espeon.
  4. Hi, I took the What Type Are You quiz and got the Dark/Steel result. Whenever I try to put this in my signature it gives me an error. Either t says unable to obtain image dimensions or that I am not allowed to use that image extension or somethin. Any idea why this happens? :T
  5. I don't even

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      But you just evened. Why you say you don't even when you clearly just even evened? Even?

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      what the even

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      Do you real?

  6. Blaziken. Ruby was my first pokemon game (Well, I had Crystal, but technically it was also my sister's and we were like 7 and 5 so...) I took Torchic as my starter, nicknamed him Mahado and had a best friend for life. Then the battery went funny and I lost my save. O_O R.I.P. Mahado; lvl 100 Blaziken. Best friend and and generally awesome Pokemon.
  7. Sure I can do that. I love drawing Pokemon. Thanks for the welcome. Do you want a plain red background? I can make it flaming shadows or something cool like that
  8. Hi, I've played Reborn for a while and crawled on the forums but never really posted ... Feel free to call me Aran ... I'm not good at internet talking. I may ramble or just go off topic, so sorry in advance if that happens. I like the color red, drawing, gaming and fire and dark types.
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