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  1. Pokémon Reborn - Looping Battle Music Mod Being the bored person that I am, after having played through the main portion of episode 19 and some of the post-game, I have decided to update my looping battle music mod for episode 19! About This mod, as the name implies, makes the battle music in Pokémon Reborn loop - and not in the same way it already does, starting from the start of the file, no, it makes it loop based on a set looping point. This essentially means that you should no longer notice the point at which the music reaches its end, however, due to some of the music used in Reborn not having a clear point where it is supposed to loop, transistions might still not be 100% smooth on all battle music but I tried my best to make it as seamless as possible. Because of there no longer being any need for the music looping within the audio file, the combined file size of these files went down from ~120MB to ~80MB. This reduction could be even higher but I decided to keep additional loops on music files that have slight differences on their second or third loop whenever possible. Since Reborn's engine already supports looping audio natively and all audio files are in the .ogg format now, this mod only contains audio files to replace the old ones. Installation In order to install the mod, you need to download and extract the .zip file into your Pokémon Reborn folder. Your computer should then ask if you want to replace files of the same name. Click on yes (for all) and the installation is done! Compatibility & Bugs This mod should be compatible with any other mods that do not change the audio files or substantially alter how the game's audio engine works (which should be no other mods!). Regarding bugs, well, it is just music files so there should not be any. Download
  2. YOOOOOOO Made this modpack from most of the best works from the composer Hiroyuki Sawano, that is best known for music for games and shows such as Xenoblade Chronicles X, Attack on Titan and Gundam! Was kinda hard to make and put together, but most soundtracks are changed out! The pack changes out overworld music and battle themes. Not something I will keep working on, unless it gets popular by a miracle! Installation Instructions: Put files in correct folders - Files sorted in the correct folders in the music pack Remember to read READ ME file! -- DOWNLOAD LINKS -- Hiroyuki Sawano Music pack: Download link
  3. Hello Everyone! These music packs aim to add variety to battle music for significant trainers in Reborn and Rejuvenation by giving each of them their own unique and fitting 'Theme' Some of you may know of Jasper Fox's custom battle theme pack for Reborn, but as Jasper has now left the forums indefinitely, I've taken the role of keeping the pack maintained and updates, as well as creating a version for Rejuvenation! 13/8/19 Update: Rejuvenation Pack Updated to V12 Lots of shuffling since the old V10 version, a slightly lighter pack Installation Instructions: Once you have downloaded one of the packs, just merge the 'audio' and 'data' folders with the corresponding ones in the game files, and allow trainertypes.dat to be overwritten when you do so. Simple as that! (don't get the two packs mixed up though!) (Sidenote: If installing a rejuvenation patch too, install this after the patch) Download Links: Reborn E18 Pack: Download Link Rejuvenation V12 Pack: Download Link If you have any feedback or find any problems, post them below and I'll do my best to address them. Trainer Themes (Reborn): Trainer Themes (Rejuvanation): this is a test for a second page
  4. Hello everyone! My name's Darius, and I'm a big music guy. I looked around the Reborn forums and didn't see anything similar to this post so I thought I'd make it. Post your top 5 Reborn tracks below! You can find a list of the tracks on your Pokegear in-game, or in the audio section of your Reborn folder. Big shout-out to Dinkertons on YouTube for all the links. Here are my choices: Top 5: 1. Atmosphere - Tourmaline (Desert theme) 2. Atmosphere - Flux (Glass Workstation theme) 3. Battle - Legendary (Self-explanatory) 4. Reborn - Beryl & Peridot (Old) 5. Sinister Uprising (Meteor Cutscenes) Honorable Mentions: Atmosphere - Smoke (Some Meteor Hideout I think) Atmosphere - Explore (Ametrine Mountain?) Atmosphere - Light Realm (Cult Battle theme) Atmosphere - Majesty (Dramatic cutscenes)
  5. Cause I don't remember ever hearing this anywhere on the pokemon games and I'm sure I would have noticed something this groovy, maybe in Alola...?
  6. The song I'm looking for is the eterna forest remix used in goldenwood forest and before I've searched nonstop for ages and had no luck outside of the game files.
  7. There’s a certain battle theme that plays twice, first at the second battle with Rift Gardevoir, and again in the second battle with The Puppetmaster. It sounds like a remix of Primal Dialga’s theme, but I can’t find it. Anyone know the theme?
  8. Pokémon Rejuvenation: Looping Battle Music Mod About This mod allows for the battle music in Pokémon Rejuvenation to loop seamlessly and for as long as it needs to, rather than starting from the beginning/ intro once the end of the audio file is reached. Note that I made a version of this mod for V12, however, it is by now far outdated and this new version no longer requires any .dll files, edits to pbs files, or direct edits to the script. Compatibility Since loopable audio files appear to be a feature of the mkxp engine, this mod only comes with audio files and one small script file that is placed in the /Data/Mods folder. This script file modifies the code in the game that is responsible for fetching audio files such that it redirects to an .ogg file of the same name as the originally requested .mp3 file if it is present. This is necessary because .mp3 files do not support loop metadata, so the files need to be in the .ogg format. Because of this redirection, the mod does not require modifications to any files that specify which audio should be played, which means that it should not break, even if V14 comes around. In fact, this mod should only break if very specific edits to the way the game handles audio are made which is unlikely to happen in any future update or from any other mod. That being said, if some battle music is changed, this mod would of course still use the old music until it is updated. Installation Step 1: Download the mod via the link at the bottom of this post. Step 2: Extract the .zip file in your Pokémon Rejuvenation directory (this is the folder where "Game.exe" is located). Step 3: If the extraction created a new folder called "Rejuvenation V13 - Looping Music Mod", move its contents (this should be two folders "Audio" and "Data") to your Pokémon Rejuvenation directory. Optional: Delete all .mp3 files that now have a .ogg equivalent if you would like to save space. Note that most of the .ogg files are also much smaller in file size since there is no necessity for loops within the audio file unless there are variations present, in which case they were preserved to the best of my ability. Done! Known bugs All .ogg files appear twice in the Jukebox menu. This does not affect the mod's functionality; cause unknown. If you experience any other issues related to this mod, please let me know. Mod Download
  9. Im not sure if this is a bug, but the music for my game refuses to play in my second file. I have two save files in Rejuvenation. The first plays music just fine, however the 2nd does not. This wasn't always the case, but somewhere along the way my game went completely silent. I'd say this occurred around the time the MC encounters Flora in Darchlight Forest. I have adjusted the settings of both save files to have the music play at "100." Despite that, no sound goes through other than the sound effects. I really dont want to play in an awkward silence, so if anyone has advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Please help me find the Black Foxes old battle theme (pre-episode 5).
  11. Yo! I've been trying new things to keep the "Slammin' Jams" good and wholesome! This year I am going to do this recommendation thread thing. So if you got a song you would like to hear share it here. However keep the following in mind. Please keep your song in spoilers Be sure to know that a song may not be played right away or be given priority. The playlists are organized in a particular way and song recommendations will be organized into the play list in a very nitpick-y way. I would like people to put what part of the world they are in when they request songs. I am going to be making several playlists that will play throughout the party. It would be good to have certain songs play when the request-ee is present. Your song may not make the cut, this thread is for recommendations, not demands. The version of the song you request may also not be chosen for the playlist. A song may not make the cut if it is a bit off. If a request seems like something that would make someone uncomfortable it may not make the pick. There is also the possibility that multiple people will request their favorite version or remix of the same song. Unfortunately, I may only have room for one or two of them. We don't have room for 30 remixes of Megalovania. I know you think your version is the best, but we can't be playing them all. Also my favorite remix of Megalovania is clearly the best. Try to keep the music you share "Party focused". I'm sure that there are songs you heard in a game or anime that gave you the feels, but that is probably for a different thread or a different time. Slammin' Jams playlists are for happy times, not sad times. You are responsible for what you share. If a song has rule breaking content such as derogatory language or disrespectful content, your song will absolutely not only be rejected, but you may receive a warning point as well.
  12. Have you ever found yourself in the midst of an epic clash between good and evil atop an active vulcano, accompanied by an epic orchestral piece of music, only for the music to suddenly fade out, followed by a short silence and finally the music restarting back at the intro? Have you ever found yourself fighting the Angel of Death herself, encouraged by the upbeat music to finally bring justice to the world, only for the music to suddenly - Ok, you get the idea. Well, I am here to offer you the solution to your problems! Introducing the gaming industries latest invention... Pokémon Rejuvenation - Looping Battle Music Mod Alright, so after the maybe just a little bit over the top introduction, let's get into what this is, how it works, etc. As the name already implies, this mod makes the music in Pokémon Rejuvenation loop - but of course not the same way it already does, rather this mod aims to make the music loop seamlessly like it does in most video games. The current version has properly looping music for all battle themes and there are currently no plans to update this mod with other music from the game. That being said, I think that the battle themes are the most important since you hear them a lot and there's a good chance they will reach the looping point while playing. It is also noteworthy that the looping music files are significantly smaller (~60% the size of the .mp3 files) in file size, thanks to the fact that a lot of the original music loops once or twice on the file itself so that it doesn't anticlimacticly restart after just 90 seconds. Unfortunately though, the metadata (title, artists, etc.), while still there, isn't visible anymore. Also getting the Evil Gym music to loop properly was a nightmare... How to install In order to install the mod, you need to extract the mod's .zip folder (which you can download by clicking here) into your Pokémon Rejuvenation directory. It will need to replace your Scripts.rxdata, metadata.dat, and trainertypes.dat files (note that this should usually be compatible with any other mods that don't change any of these three files). It is possible that your browser will warn you about the download, due to it containing .dll files. If you don't believe me that the files are harmless, feel free to confirm for yourself by checking them via virustotal. Go to \Audio\BGM and remove all .mp3 files that now have a .ogg file with the same name from the folder (whether you put them somewhere else or delete them is up to you). This forces the game to use the new .ogg music files in situations where the music isn't controlled by the metadata.dat or trainertypes.dat file, even if it tries to access a .mp3 file (which to my surprise actually works). Credits This mod wouldn't have been possible without the Essentials script "RGSS FmodEx Extension" by 塗 ゆり. You can learn more about it on the script's Pokécommunity thread. All I changed on the script itself were really minor edits to fix compatibility issues the plugin had with Rejuvenation.
  13. Hello all, I’m enrolled in my schools Criminal Justice program, one of the classes I’m required to take is statistics, which is actually why I’m posting here today, I need data for my final assignment for the semester so I ask that if you have a reddit account would you mind voting in this poll? The poll in question being on the musical preferences of the general public, I did post a similar poll earlier but I put it in the wrong forum -_-, I also had to post a new poll (this one) because the first one wasn’t very inclusive and so the data would’ve been extremely suspect. Thank you in advance- SD https://www.reddit.com/r/PollQuestions/comments/gbjusa/whats_your_musical_preference/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  14. Oh lord. Here is a flaming pile of garbage I probably made at 4am. I might sell this when I finish it idk
  15. As we all know music is an integral part of any game and a great topic of discussion, I am starting this thread so that members can give their ideas about their favourite themes from other games,or movies or tv series or etc which could be added to the next rejuvenation update.Maybe the people who are working on the next update can take a look at this add more cool music.Also it gives us a chance to share our personal favourite themes and make it a favourite of other people.So I want you guyz to submit 2 things: 1.Your suggestion for music/battle theme etc for the next Rejuvenation update(Can submit as many as you like) 2.Your favourite piece of music from Rejuvenation until date.
  16. Hello friends, ive seen myself comming back to amarias gym countless of times and diving in there while studying as i find the theme playing very relaxing and soothing. I know the theme itself is called Ten Carat Hill Remix and is made by GlitchXCity. But the ingame version is playing at a very slowed down pace, and i cant find this version of it anywhere, in the games music i located the "mirage theme" unfortunately its playing at the same speed that glitch's version does. And im beginning to find it annoying to open up the game just for this, any ideas? Ps sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, its been some time since i used rebornevo.
  17. Hello everyone, So I just had an idea, and I don't really know whether it is achievable and if any other players would love this addition. But I really enjoy the music on the iPoké, as I have always enjoyed Pokémon battle themes in the original game series, so wouldn't it be amazing if a playlist was created on Spotify, so that we can listen to the great music whenever we'd like? Again, I don't know if it is possible, just throwing the idea out into the group
  18. Hey guys! So I recently watched the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate Commercial where it doesn't have any music in the background. And I noticed on Twitter that everyone is putting music in themselves. Some examples: Infinity War Theme You Say Run from My Hero Academia Smash Bros Brawl and Melee Despacito (lol) and many others. As for me I...couldn't resist putting one of my own. Reborn players might recognize it. I want to see what you guys can come up with!
  19. This is a thread to discuss and share sad songs you love for one reason or another. here are a few of my favorites: once you listen to this one, you instantly get why this is here This one is a bit more "out there". It's from the perspective of two lovers during a bombing (in ww2 france iirc). and instead of hiding and being scared for the unavoidable, they come to the roof for one last dance.
  20. This replaces the Gym, Meteor, and Wild battle music with the Episode 13 versions. http://www.mediafire.com/file/afexo86d7hdd14j/Episode_13_Battle_Music.7z/file Gym Meteor Admin Meteor Grunt Shade Wild Battle 1
  21. Culture 2 dropped a few hours ago, did anyone give it a listen. What are your thoughts on this album and how does it compare with Culture 1 Personally I think 24 tracks is way too much for a Migos album.
  22. I'm not sure if I'm in the right section to post this in. So if it's in the wrong area, please move it to the right place. But anyways: So does anyone know how to successfully put in music into Pokemon Reborn Audio files and having them actually play on the game itself? I tried just putting in the song with its original name and then I tried to rename it to 1 of the other files but no matter what, no music will play. Do I have to do something before I just try to put in/replace the music into the audio file? Any help is appreciated. FYI, I know I can just mute the game and play the song on iTunes/YouTube but I'd rather it like this.
  23. Hey guys. I'm looking for the name of the music that plays in the Toybox. I already looked through the "video game remixes" playlist from GlitchxCity where most of the songs come from and I couldn't find it there. Hope anyone can help me out? Thanks in advance!
  24. Well, i already added the music, but it won't play when i go to the jukebox, so.... Is there additional steps to make Reborn able to play custom music?
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