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  1. The SharedPC was the issue! Seems to work perfect now. Thank you for the suggestion!
  2. Hello! I tried installing a mod pack that I used to use on the Wine version (so it might just not be compatible now), but I found the equivalent folder with the same exact file names and everything, but when I load up the game with the mod pack in it it gets to the screen that says "Ep 18 Void kissed" and press enter to select your save file, but then says "Script 'Scene_Intro' line 105: Argument Error occurred. wrong number of arguments (3 for 0)". The game then closes itself. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Hello! Due to MacOS Cantallina not working with Wine currently, I am using the Mac version of Reborn (this link: Does anyone know if these mods can work with this version? I tinkered with it a bit but didn't make any headway. Thanks for any help you can give!
  4. Ah Reborn, how I always come crawling back. New layout is confusing, but it's grand to be backish.

    1. Chickens




      Welcome back.I'm new

  5. New York City is a Pokemon GOld mine

  6. Hi friends, long time no see

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    2. SnowGlaceon
    3. Lord_Ludo


      How have you all/ the forums been?

    4. SnowGlaceon


      Well, nothing's TOTALLY destroyed so I'd say we've been alright.

  7. Fates: Birthright killed me emotionally. Time to get murdered spiritually by Conquest

  8. Garchomp. It's shiny form just angers me. <------Shiny <--------Regular
  9. Well, that Glazed run was fun but also really easy. Guess Reborn makes everything else kinda eh

    1. Solarance


      I've only seen it, but you should try Blazed Glazed.

  10. Whoo beat Samson first try

    1. SnowGlaceon


      I beat Terra and Seel first try... Samson was a nightmare

    2. Lord_Ludo


      Sand Rush Excadrill was very useful for OKing his Hariyama, Mienshao, Blaziken, and getting his Lucario down to his Sash

    3. dragoniteborntacoz


      I beat Samson first try

      While my friend who beat every other gym leader first try took forever to beat him

  11. Super Mystery Dungeon just got hella real out of nowhere

  12. Off to Spain for a week, everyone have a happy holiday season!!

    1. Simon


      You too mate.

  13. So i just beat Noel with my Camerupt catching the field on fire.... and Anna asked if starting a fire to win was a little insensitive cuz of Charlotte and Laura

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    2. Lord_Ludo


      it really blew my mind, this level of detail is astounding. 10/10 game

    3. Lord Chespin

      Lord Chespin

      Serra makes a comment if you break her field, as well.

    4. Lord_Ludo


      I noticed the cracks on her field after I beat her, but i didn't catch the comment. Good thing I love destroying leaders' fields

  14. It is time... for the Reborn Ground run to begin

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    2. ShatteredSkys
    3. mde2001
    4. Lord_Ludo


      @wytch, I'm using Mudkip because in my main file I picked Turtwig, and I wanted a change

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