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  1. Shut the fuck up you useless winged dinosaur there's a reason your kind died trying to get the other side
  2. It kinda makes sense that the vigilante went ahead and made the choice to kill the would-be-lynchee, basically busting the easy lynch option for everyone involved. I'm still going to put my vote on the mafia admitting to have poisoned me. A mutineer is still a mutineer. [Eliminate] Eviora
  3. I'm not sure how to go with that. He's not really an investigative, yet he died somehow in the same night. There are really weird things going on for a closed setup. Oh, as a matter of fact, a truthful doctor came in and healed me from poisoning. Thanks for dropping by to save me.
  4. Knowing somebody to be exactly a third party does sound unusual. Moreover, there's still a chance it could be a swapped result due to a swapped target. The odds will still overwhelm you though since majority seems more eager to see you walk the plank. I'm not entirely sold with the bandwagon, so I'm placing a random vote on somebody else instead. **[Eliminate] Chickens**
  5. Should've stopped by in the port and used all that gold coins for an AR-15. These newfangled weapons simply outclass the old, beaten up muskets from the people we looted on Amine's claim would fill one of the two gunners possible in this setup, meaning even if one does counterclaim, either the role works differently or it just wouldn't make sense should one inconsistency shows up. That said, it's unknown whether the Mutineers have done a kill attempt like they traditionally do each night, since nobody else but one of them bit the dust. I don't know if the Poisoner is their only means to kill, or if the attempt was foiled somehow.
  6. Oog... Somebody put poison in my mutton last night! Any of you licensed enough to remove food poisoning? I'll pay anything! On what has happened today, I wonder what could've happened. Look, a dead mutineer! That does sound like a good thing now, innit?
  7. By the way, I'm [Abstain]ing too. We sure have our fair share of oddballs in this deck, but hardly a reason to point our swords upon one of us. Keep your eyes peeled.
  8. Gold and Glory! All belongs to me- I mean, to us! Hahahaha! Haha....ha. What happens when two or more people with the same total loot?
  9. Argh nooooooooo- why are you not convinced Well, crap. I concede. Kinda a let down that I didn't get to transform throughout the game, but geegee everyone.
  10. What do I have to say? What else is there to defend? I got what I wanted despite it being...pretty much irrelevant as ultimately I don't care about climbing the ladders. Actually trying to pull a pro gamer move takes too much effort as it is to breathe properly. Just gotta say I've got a good run with dodging way too many bullets where I should've been dead. Knowing literally everyone's roles just from Day 3 is kind of a waste for a non-town with no particularly destructive goal. Kek, getting away from being executed twice and also being saved from poisoning, and now one step closer to getting lynched for real. Those are some luck that I'd honestly prefer be moved into my pathetic gacha pulls. Unless for some reason you plan to bamboozle me by actually inno'ing this one, I hope you get ligma. Food for thought to point out throughout the game. I realized that the witch controlling me N1 cannot be Drago since it would've been impossible for him to use his NA while jailed. But that part wasn't a lie either. The witch tried to lay low all this time, but definitely not dead. It only makes sense that the one who controlled me would know exactly who I visited. The jailor slipped by the time he stated there are roles that can know some info in a specific way. I don't feel like compelling myself to tell him about that since it only makes things far more obvious to the Coven, but since he died anyway, guess that's what he get from jailing the innocent me not once but twice. No hard feelings okay. The Coven members' defenses are like a cheese; full of holes and apparently smells rotten. About half and a quarter of the dead didn't properly use their last wills. For an All Any game, it's pretty surprising the town manages to hold out. You will get your recognitions later, not from me though. And lastly, end my suffering, so I can finally close this tab of a laggy af forum.
  11. What, how would this game not ended yet? I mean, I wouldn't complain an actual chance to reach my wincon, but the fact the game still goes on, it seems you have another Neutral Killing still lurking around. Probably unable to do anything due to that many roleblocks, or guessed wrong more times that they kinda didn't catch up witb the town numbers. But yeah, do lynch me first. Give me my win. Handle with them later. It's not like they can do anything meaningful since you escorts can just roleblock them again.
  12. Let me cast my vote, and wail as I basically lose since my wincon is way far out of reach now. Unless for some reason you all want to oblige a little selfish plea, but I doubt it will happen since at this point the town is already winning anyway. Props to the escorts making good guesses throughout the game tbh. [Guilty], not because Bodyguard isn't very useful in Coven setups or the poisoning joke, but rather at how convenient that one would forget to do their NAs, and that 10/10 defense.
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