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  1. Cant wait to be traumatized to the point of rocking back and forth in the center of my bed shivering with fear and tears in my eyes as i look at the computer screen.
  2. Hey, can someone link me to where i report bugs, unless its already been reported down, just wanted to report that the shiny backsprite for mega Heracross is non-existent and it turns into a normal mega Heracross, thanks guys.
  3. I believe i activated it after i defeated the electric gym in west Gearen (because i wanted to do that help quest) i also believe I've seen people say it can only be activated at night (after 8PM local time) other than that im not sure really.
  4. yeah i had a ton of rift fragments, was pulling my hair out until it just suddenly decided to end my suffering.
  5. Ok so i dont know how this den thing works anymore, iv'e put over 15000 red essence in the den and it just wont activate anything, i grinded red essence for what seems like hours, is there something else im missing to this, or do i just need to put more essence in? Edit: Its ok now it just randomly worked, still dont know what the issue with it was though :/
  6. I feel like im having the same issue, it seems like iv'e thrown in over 50'000 red essence in the den and still nothing is happening, just want my beldum man
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 🙂🍰

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