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  1. Anna seems legit, Luna would also be a guess I think but because she isn't relevant to the story I'll exclude her from the possibilities. Also why not Ame, Ame sees everything soooooo........Sacrifice bring Ame to shade now.
  2. Oh hey......I wake up and see you again, how fortunate. I think jericho wil be next
  3. Tfw.....go find and watch new anime series.
  4. Who said I was disappointed? You turn again nick
  5. yes I will but will you come back zephyr
  6. she will come..... when her time is needed......so now zephy
  7. 1603 Exlink, one day you will find your SENPAI !!!
  8. I keep giving people hat's and some people even use them but I wonder where Dan is? Is he secretly knitting a big x-mas hat!!!

    1. Yash


      Ohh big hats!! :D

  9. 8/10 what is in that bowl? but stil funny and cute ^-^
  10. 1565 Oh no, I hope he sees your message darklight, Goodluck.
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