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  1. TLV was a disappointment to me mainly because there was no town! the whole landscape was so barren, and I think the minecraft-style editing was supposed to off-set the drab background but it did nothing. And I kept getting stuck and having to warp back to my house and start over. I felt zero connection to any of the characters because there was no town, and they all just sort of wandered...aimlessly....
  2. Considering Natsume's announcement today of the second game in their "not Harvest Moon" series, I thought it would be cool to chat about the beloved farming simulation series as it has come from Natsume and the original series continuing on with Marvelous & XSeed. A full-fledged HM game on mobile/PC!
  3. Thanks a lot you guys Found it!
  4. A Battle Frontier. One that's challenging and varied...so, just like Hoenn's battle frontier. What I wouldn't have given to have one in ORAS
  5. Where do I go after .... Thanks :]
  6. Cool. No judgment or hate here. Not sure if you used any pics of someone without their consent as Sophie, but as long as you take them down and maybe apologize to the person in question if you know them ... then all is good. Kudos to you for being brave and honest
  7. They really tricked us with Chrom lmao but we've had several male FE protagonists in the SSB series so I guess they decided it was time for a girl and a character who can switch between girl/boy
  8. Pretty neat. what do you have planned for the rest of your team
  9. Mega Sceptile looks like a Christmas Tree. But a cool Christmas Tree :feelsgd:
  10. Oh man...I didn't even see the 2 Pokémon per player limit on the first post...that was extremely stupid of me, I just asked Beef for six Pokémon and he said yes? Wow I'm really sorry I don't know Beef I had no idea there was a limit I should definitely not have gotten six of them ???? add; I did pay for six of them but you guys are so right, I have no idea why he didn't enforce the limit with me :-0
  11. Thanks Beefkek!!!! He bred six Pokémon, two shinies, four with custom IVs in two days for my order, all perfect even with the genders I wanted!!! Seriously he's the one to go to
  12. This is a really deep question but i like it; I want to save a life. That sounds kind of ridiculous but just one life. I would like to be that person who was the reason someone's life continued on instead of ending. I don't even mean that in a suicidal kind of way necessarily, but anything really!
  13. Sylveon w/ Moonblast at level 63 I steamrolled through his entire team it felt so incredibly good to have a gym leader I didn't have to agonize over but I'm not expecting that to happen again...especially when Ame gets wind of this topic
  14. SO EXCITED....but could you explain what a main game league is? please
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