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  1. After nearly four years the Tenth God has finally come to a close.


    A huge thank you to everyone who participated, and especially @Chevaleresse and @IntSys for sticking with me the whole way through. We made it through, in spite of the many setbacks and delays, we made it.


    It was truly an honor to run this convoluted mess, and I look forward to what the future brings.


    With Hope,


  2. I am a strong tomato

  3. I don't suppose anyone is in need of an emotionally unstable housekeeper? 

  4. To most people this little troll is probably just an inconvenience that spooked you and gave you a quick laugh, but for those of us who make our home in the rp section, it's a major hurdle that completely invalidates our ability to post properly. pix~


    The fact that this went through shows that we've either been forgotten or deemed inconsequential, a stupid April Fool's gag is more important than remembering we exist. pix~ This is extremely inconsiderate and flies in the face of ribbon's own rules. pix~ If fun at others' expense isn't fun, why the fuck are you all still having fun at our expense? pixpix? 


    What's worse is that while this is the first time it's been so egregious, this is far from the first time ribbon's leadership has forgotten about or outright trampled us. pix~ It wasn't that long ago that one of our few representatives had to step down because the rest of the auth team constantly ignoring her and putting her down was caucyng severe harm to her mental health. pix~


    There was a time when I cared about this place, and worked hard to build something that I could enjoy and be proud of (and others have worked harder than me), but constantly being treated like we don't exist or don't matter is cruel bordering on heartless and I'm pretty fucking sick of it. pix~


    At this point I'm starting to think we're not welcome here, and we should just all give up and move our roleplays somewhere else. pix~ If the auth didn't outright throw a party, I'm sure they wouldn't care enough to notice until long after we were gone. pix~


    With Hope, 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Takosher


      Can you link to the thread? pixpix? I only saw one writing thread from you in cw and the only pix in it are vulpix


      And apparently they are affecting your perception, because I passed "annoyed" hours ago

    3. Candy


      It's technically a playthru and this one is the affected post. pix~

       I only expected a prank on April Fools, got it and I'm waiting for it to be over. pix~ I'm sorry you're furious, cynce that must mean there more people who share your opinion. pix~ Guess it'll serve the leadership to curb their pranks for next year. pix~

    4. Takosher
  5. I'd like to properly express my frustration and anger but I'm pixly locyng the energy to care. pix~ So I'm just gonna leave. pix~ Hope everyone else can have a better day than I. pix~

  6. *Glares in RP section*

  7. Sexual orientation is a faulty and narrow concept that needs to be discarded in favor of a wider look through the lens of sexuality as a whole.

    1. Yahen


      I agree, its a very limited concept.

      I don't care as much as i should about it, though

    2. Wolfox
  8. After years without a 3ds, I have finally returned to project Inkay. 448 to 483 to upgrade my female the final time. Now it's just a waiting game

  9. Planning a queen's game for tonight at 7pm EST. https://discord.gg/VDm2q7C

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