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  1. nope to the above deal, i'd rather stay on the ground forever than never be on it. for the deal.... You can go into and live in any video game, however you will be ignored by all the characters inside it.
  2. when a pokemon uses Aerial Ace in my game, the pokemon that uses it disappears XD
  3. Mine was when I found two shinies in a row in the Obsidia Park... I think it was Venonat and Bellsprout c:
  4. My first shiny was Solrock, me just derping around in Meteor Cave in Emerald, thankfully I knew what a shiny was and caught it. :3
  5. my favorite would be Destiny Deoxys, Jirachi Wish Maker, or Mewtwo Strikes Back, or the Rise of Darkrai... those are the only ones I saw
  6. if anyone wants Vivillons (the pattern would be the US one, i don't know what its called) just tell me, I can easily catch some Scatterbugs and evolve them. I'd be happy to take Eevees (females please) off of anyone's hands, just please no adamant natures or anything terrible ._.
  7. Togepi, sooo cute... or Cleffa... or Igglybuff... or every baby pokemon except Elekid, Magby, and Smoochum (sorry you three are a bit ugly to me)
  8. The pokemon I probably hate the most would be Gothita and its evolutions. I just don't like their design :/
  9. Haha, I was just playing with you I guess... but thanks for the welcome :3
  10. Aren't you a noob for calling me a noob? haha also, hello to you~
  11. Thanks for all the welcomes everyone! :3 I just hope that weather cleared up... the newscaster said that the rain would stay untill Saturday... but I don't know how to check the day of the week ._. and I hope my sanity doesn't get broken... LOL
  12. Aww, I got ripped off huh? XD it seems I also get the bad bargain for getting Ralts too, since Shofu's Ralts just joined his party when he talked to it, no battle, no Pokesnax, no anything. XD
  13. Maybe its that way to reflect Peridot and Opal ward's depressing state? XD all the homeless people and stuff... and i'll go check out that TV... also, stupid question, but is that Magikarp you get for $5500 (one payment of $500 and another of $5000 ._.) really worth to train? XD im doing it right now and I can tell it'll take a while... at least its Adamant natured.
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