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  1. So i played a bit after years and found out a new version is available. I am at the town with the second "Gym" and saved OUTSIDE of a poke center(Cause i have missing braincells) and am currently in between some trees. Can we save a soul or should i start anew? EDIT: I managed to find a V12 of the game and unstuck myself. No need to pay me attention :P Game.rxdata
  2. I am currently at the Marble mansion And i have no idea what to do now. I think i have checked every single room there is in the mansion. Any ideas? Edit: I found it. I didn't search ONE THING in the whole house/mansion
  3. The time here in greece was early afternoon, so not really my fault... And for the time being i need no directions Thanks everyone for the heartwarming welcoming
  4. I've gone through most welcoming , so yeah. I kinda know what each of you do If you feel like it, leave a statement though, as if I was a total "newcomer". Still waiting for Sheep with the long comment though xD
  5. We never forget our RP Senpai. We secretely hope you notice us aaah, right on queue
  6. Greece here as well 1) National Food : Pastitsio 2) National Junk Food : Souvlaki 3) Mountains and Sea everywhere Χαιρετισμους (Greetings) απο εμας τους Ελληνες (from us Greeks)
  7. Hey there! I hope you do good with your LP! Be sure to hit us up when you begin, cause i am really interested in watching it A poke after me would be great. Happy playing!
  8. Hey there Jericho! I have just been watching some more welcoming posts, and I am expecting a song from Ark, Sheep having a big post about the forum parts and who to ask if i have questions Let the games around the forums begin XD
  9. Hey everyone! , i have been around these parts for some while but never got the chance to intoduce myself, so i guess here we go I play reborn since the release of episode 9 but never joined the forums as I have never done in the past. Around the 10th ep. I wanted help on a topic and signed up, searched and stayed in the shadows (up until now) . My post count is minimal as i always read the topics but never reply, but i thought it was time for me to enter stage as I see you guys are having fun around these parts. I am male, love pokemon (I know the cries from in-game), listen to various kinds of music, watch anime (my title is a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh), I go to college . My name "Celestial" is my second favorite English word (I am not a native english speaker, I come from Greece) with my first favorite being "Vertical" but i kinda have overused it on games and got bored. As you can tell , i want to be part of the community and i try to drag many IRL friends into this nightmare game called "Pokemon Reborn" Soooo, that pretty much sums it up, If you guys have questions i am more than willing to answer, and I am glad i finally decided to properly introduce myself. ~Celestial~
  10. My stategy was close to Vinny's. First turn Crobat + Scrafty Rain dance from crobat, Head Smash from scrafty next turn scrafty faints. then blaziken get's in to destroy everything with sky uppercut + acrobatics from crobat.
  11. I have been known by many names in the past , but the ones that standed out were: 1)Vertical: (A word that i thought it sounded cool) 2)Celestial : (another cool word, this time it has to do with the heavens that i admire) I got 2 more names : mpngs and gpngs The first one is M for the first letter of my name and pngs for my surname (without vowels). So I played this Game called metin 2 and named my first char mpngs , but got quickly bored of him and made another one that instead of my name (M) had my brother's (G) and that char did really well, and i got quite famous with some other people with gpngs, so now i use it everywhere (except here)
  12. You just need a special item from some place around beryl (won't tell you it's name or location) and then visit the spot where absol should be during night time
  13. Everytime i am forced to put together a team of favourites, these come to mind : Rayquaza , Scizor, Umbreon, Sceptile , Suicune, Lucario, Garchomp. I can't think of more now, but the first 3 i love
  14. I usually name my pokes after some characteristics. Crobat-PoisonWing, Swampert-Unbeatable (i don't know why), Gardevoir-Psycho , Scrafty- OO KILL'EM(after shofu's famous quote), [these are on my team] and pokes i'm gonna use eventually are also named after characteristics.
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