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  1. Personally i like that it keeps the vanilla sets (it doesn't, even, since you get access to shadow moves) The consistency of being able to know what a pokemon can learn from experience, and also being able to just look at bulbapedia is a huge plus for me, rather than being surprised by some random-ass move coming out of nowhere Shadow Moves and Crests are telegraphed enough to add more variety and not feel weird, especially when a lot of crests add gimmicky stuff that makes a pokemon more fun to use (Shoutouts to Swalot)
  2. I don't particularly care for the dificulty of the fights or whatnot, i wouldn't mind them getting easier or harder, all i can say is that i really enjoyed the feeling of going 6 (or 12 with a tag partner) against a single super strong enemy, it spiced up the gameplay, it was different from the gym battles, or rival battles... or villain battles.... So i won't cry if they change, but i personally wish they remain as the cool "your whole team versus 1 big guy" rather than merging them into a regular fight that the game already is 99% of the time
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  5. happy birthday tous :D

  6. i don't feel like cut should be required to go trough the game, maybe it could lead to alternate paths or hidden items/pokemon, but requiring an hm to reach a gym seems backwards, i can understand surf for example, as its vital in pretty much every pokemon game, and it isnt a bad move on its own, but forcing the player to waste a move/pokemon slot for cut and rocksmash doesnt feel right
  7. Zozo? Never heard of it.

  8. the only reason i check the forums is too see if you've posted something new, keep up the good job, i'm exited for this game and hope everything turns out well
  9. tried to use paint.net to do sprite stuff for the first time and came up with this http://puu.sh/qJbiG/9a789ea2aa.png it sucks but at least i can say i did something

    1. Hect


      Doesn't look half bad, to be honest..

  10. i really like how they branch out and have multiple exits now but it feels kinda weird how some exits from the route are located in a small rock like in the 2nd to last picture
  11. do you plan on having legendary-like spawns for pokemon with hidden abilities like in black and white 2 or are you intending on adding them as regular ones?
  12. well the problem with having a trainer to prevent low level people from being able to catch low level pokemon is that the trainer could be a death trap. i mean what if you are just exploring at lvl 40 and find a lvl 50 pokemon, you would know its time to get the fuck off. but if you are exploring at that level and find a trainer with even higher level pokemon, it would be too late since you can't run from them and that could be a game over
  13. you could have in-game teleporters, like you talk to a taxi driver and he leads you to an area you've visit before or something of the sorts
  14. this sounds like an epic idea! i would love it. but don't make it too linear, like you have on the posts above... have it have some branches and stuff but yeah thats my opinion
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