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  1. i've got the gardevoir ready now, im breeding my excadrill to get ya a good one right now, and for a dark type i can give you a good scrafty with dragon dance. it'll take me a minute to get them but what ghost types did you have in mind? i'm personally a fan of cofagrigus, he helps a lot against noel i've also got shiny aerodactyl and charmander, azumarill with aqua jet and belly drum if you're interested in those
  2. I'm not sure exactly how to do the trade myself but I can breed you those mons pretty easily, i dont need anything in return really, just whatever you have and possibly a heart scale or two
  3. i dont know how to do the trading myself but ive got a gardevoir with pretty good iv's i can give you, as far as a ground or dark type i can get you pretty much any in the game right now, I'd recommend excadrill or krookodile, just let me know what you want. also if there's any egg moves or tm's you want on them/ moves they learn at higher levels i can teach them or breed them onto them then get them to the right level for you. also if there's specific items you don't have access to yet that I have multiple of ill give those as well. i'd trade ya for the noibat and nincada with the helix fossi
  4. yeah your team looks solid enough for kiki, id work on training up a few more mons so you can have a rotation for upcoming gyms, i had the most success with reborn when i used a rotation of 9-10 mons instead of sticking to a team of 6. for example, you'll have to fight the poison gym soon(one of the gyms i struggled the most with) and sceptile will do next to nothing in that battle. I'd start looking for someone strong against poison types, as well as keeping an eye out for replacements for members of your team. Hariyama will lose a lot of utility soon, as will camerupt so id look for replacem
  5. metagross does wonders on her team. if you dont want to go through the event and grinding up a beldum you can get an escavalier by trading with a guy in spinel town. give the quick claw to escavalier and he can take care of most of her team
  6. You can also catch a graveler under the stairs. graveler can setup stealth rocks which do massive damage to her team also for future reference the team showcase tab is where this should go
  7. use meowstic with prankster/fakeout to flinch her pokemon with rain dance (i think its illumise? cant remember) pyroar or swampert should be able to kill it. after killing it and not letting her setup rain it should negate most of her advantages. if youre still having issues try teaching pyroar a move to destroy her terrain, this will make her attacks much weaker. with the team you have, if you stop her setting up rain dance you should be good.
  8. Also gigalith with sand stream was how I beat her. if you dont mind raising up a gigalith and lycanroc those two should be able to take care of her, especially if you can get hawlucha and avalugg to do some damage with the strategy above
  9. do you have any mons in your pc that are decently leveled?
  10. metagross with bullet punch was a godsend for me in this. if you can get a beldum and raise it priority STAB hits hard
  11. lose the manectric for her gym I'd say. you could try raising a walrein for her garchomp and have it hold lax incense/quick claw and soft reset until you get a blizzard off. Also try raising a roserade with grassy terrain, itll take away her field and make her seeds pointless, also helps a lot with later gyms.
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