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  1. I went to the second garbodor fight, lost and had to go back. This time when I went in, my character moved all the way forward to where it was on top of the garbodor, after I beat it, my character got put up on the ledge above and I cannot move, open my menu, anything, and of course autosave prevents me from restarting to my previous spot. What can I do??
  2. That's interesting, the day care man says that my cyndaquil and ditto dont get along. I'll try a different cyndaquil. Thank you
  3. I'm not sure if there's only 1 ditto available in the game or not but it has terrible IV's , I'm trying to find a ditto from a different trainer that way I can breed faster.
  4. So I'm new here but have played through the story of Reborn up until the end of the newest episode, I found the cavern with Volcarona and ended up running from Larvesta on accident, do I have to soft reset to get it again or is there something I could do that would make it reappear?
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