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  1. For sure, I plan on having a few extra mons in rotation. Having a good Grass/Poison type like Venusaur on standby is a great idea. I’m also considering Mega Heracross in slot 5, although it’s slow it’s bulky, gives me a Ground resist, and hits like a freight train. With Tailwind support from Gliscor I think I can get away with having a slowish bulky team.
  2. Hi all, I am looking for someone to trade me Pokerus in order to start EV training. Any trash mon that has the virus that I can spread to the mons I'm training will do. I can offer shiny Slugma, shiny Bronzor, shiny Gligar, shiny Sealeo, shiny Geodude, or shiny Starly I have come across in the wild.
  3. Gliscor hadn't even crossed my mind, thanks for the suggestion! I really like the idea of giving it Tailwind. While Goodra has decent speed, Metagross' is below average and Ampharos' is horrendous, so I think the extra speed bump will serve me well in the upcoming fights! I can also give it Toxic for more status control or Stealth Rock to whittle down the opposing team. I also appreciate the Ground immunity. Its low SpD concerns me, but I think Sylveon, Metagross, and even Goodra can eat any special moves that threaten it. I hear what you're saying about Hydro Pump on Greninja. In
  4. Hi everyone, I have been playing Reborn on and off again for a few years. Since I got a new computer I decided to start over with a brand new playthrough. So far I have made it to the restored city before Adrienn's gym, with easier access to breeding, training etc. I'm currently working on putting together a balanced team of IV bred and EV trained pokes in preparation for the end of the game. My ideas and reasoning will be included below. Also no pics because I'm not too computer savvy. Pokemon, items, and moves are based on what is available at the end of episode 1
  5. Hi all, I am suddenly getting this script error when I try to start the game as well as error 1655. It was working perfectly fine not even 20 minutes ago so I don't understand why it is not anymore. I have already tried reinstalling the game twice and nothing seems to fix it. Can anyone help?
  6. Breeding in between episodes and I managed to get a shiny Froakie with 5 perfect IVs.

    1. Paul25


      Nice! Keep up the good work :D 

  7. Bored at work if anyone wants to chat

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