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Hi everyone,


I have been playing Reborn on and off again for a few years. Since I got a new computer I decided to start over with a brand new playthrough.

So far I have made it to the restored city before Adrienn's gym, with easier access to breeding, training etc.

I'm currently working on putting together a balanced team of IV bred and EV trained pokes in preparation for the end of the game. 

My ideas and reasoning will be included below. Also no pics because I'm not too computer savvy. Pokemon, items, and moves are based on what is available at the end of episode 18. For Pokemon where I am considering multiple options I will not be including sets. 


1. Greninja w/Life Orb

   Naive/252 SpA/252 Spe/4 Atk

- Hydro Pump

- Dark Pulse/Flex

- Gunk Shot

- Flex (Ice Punch, Icy Wind, Grass Knot, Extrasensory)

Greninja is my original starter choice in this game and I can't imagine a playthrough without it. I love the versatility to be able to change moves to fit what the team needs for each battle.


2. Metagross w/ Assault Vest 

    Jolly/252 Spe/252 Atk/4 Def 

- Meteor Mash/Iron Head

- Zen Headbutt

- Bullet Punch

- Bulldoze/Stomping Tantrum 

Earliest available pseudo-legendary and my answer to Fairy types. I think its high attack combined with great bulk, especially with Assault Vest, will make it a valuable asset moving forward.


3. Sylveon/Togekiss

   Here is where things start to get a little tricky. Sylveon has been with me ever since Eevee was first available in the Chrysolia Forest, but Togekiss has overall better bulk and I like having immunity to EQ. Both of them will do         pretty much the same thing, being a defensive pivot so I can heal/give others a break. I guess it largely comes down to personal preference?


4. Goodra/(Mega) Ampharos

   Ampharos has been with me ever since Mareep was first available during the early game Jasper event, but Goodra is the second-earliest available pseudo (assuming I renovate the slums first which I plan on doing). Each of them fill a similar role as bulky special attackers with elemental resistances. The main difference is Ampharos' extra Ground weakness and Goodra's deeper movepool. 


5. Open

   In this spot I think I could benefit from a hyper-offensive physical or mixed attacker. I'm thinking Infernape, Lucario, Weavile, Staraptor, or Talonflame could all be good choices. 


6. Open

   This spot has me really stumped. I'm thinking possibly a bulky Grass type? Torterra or Meganium come to mind. Really anything that compliments the others will be fine though. 


I sincerely appreciate any advice or suggestions to help me round things out anyone is able to provide! I hope it takes you less time to read than it took me to type! 


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I don't think a bulky grass type really does much for you - the dragon in slot four covers the same resistances (except to ground, which can better be covered by a flying type).  I feel like some sort of speed support could be good, since everything but greninja is pretty slow.  Possibly Tailwind Gliscor or Gligar would do well in that slot, since it gives you a physical wall without ground-type weakness, which complements your metagross pretty well?  

In slot 5, I feel like dragon dance intimidate gyarados could do well?  Gives you the offensive physical attacker you're looking for, but also acts as a sweeper in matchups where you can get a turn for that, and plays very nicely with metagross (against a physical attacker with e.g. earthquake+stone edge, you can use metagross to bait a ground move, get a free intimidate with gyarados, switch back to metagross to take the rock move, and then back to gyarados for a second intimidate, after which either you get a free set up turn from the opponent switching out, or they don't switch out and you get free setup just from the opponent's attack being too low to remain threatening; it sounds like a niche sequence but lines like it turn out to come up pretty often).  Moxie's also an option; you lose some of the pivoting lines, but are a lot more likely to sweep after just one ddance.


On Greninja, surf or scald seem better than hydro pump - after miss chance, hydro pump is equivalent to an 88 base power move (110*.8 hit chance), and the spread damage is probably also relevant.


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Gliscor hadn't even crossed my mind, thanks for the suggestion! I really like the idea of giving it Tailwind. While Goodra has decent speed, Metagross' is below average and Ampharos' is horrendous, so I think the extra speed bump will serve me well in the upcoming fights! I can also give it Toxic for more status control or Stealth Rock to whittle down the opposing team. I also appreciate the Ground immunity. Its low SpD concerns me, but I think Sylveon, Metagross, and even Goodra can eat any special moves that threaten it. 


I hear what you're saying about Hydro Pump on Greninja. In a game like Reborn, missing Hydro Pump could be devastating. I'll probably stick with it up until I get Life Orb but then Scald would be nice for the status.


A set up sweeper I think could be super useful too, but I'm not sure I want it to be another Water type like Gyarados. I'm almost to the point where I can (finally) get that Magikarp so I will test it out and see how I like it! 


Seriously thanks for the help! 

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iron fist infernape could also be a good option for you. if you wanted an alternative tailwind user besides gliscor you could swap your goodra for a noivern and get ground coverage from mamoswine or excadrill (excadrill in particular is op is reborn). a good option for a bulkier attacker with a great movepool is scrafty (gets access to dragon dance to setup and drain punch for recovery). To gain field control you could use a combo of mega charizard(when you can access it), chlorophyll venusaur and grassy terrain roserade. roserade can setup grassy terrain while charizard sets up sun and lets venusaur run rampant with the speed boost and grassy terrain. roserade and mega charizard hit hard on their own, but double speed, boosted, single turn solarbeams from venusaur are hard to stop. just a few other options you could catch/train up because, after all it is reborn and its difficult to get by with just a team of 6 pokemon, especially because youve got a lot of tough battles left. id recommend keeping 8 or 9 mons up to level to give you the best chance in all the upcoming battles

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For sure, I plan on having a few extra mons in rotation. Having a good Grass/Poison type like Venusaur on standby is a great idea. I’m also considering Mega Heracross in slot 5, although it’s slow it’s bulky, gives me a Ground resist, and hits like a freight train. With Tailwind support from Gliscor I think I can get away with having a slowish bulky team. 

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Okay I think I finally figured things out with some subs in the box for when I need them! 


The core team is going to be Greninja, Metagross, Sylveon, Gliscor, Goodra, Mega Charizard X 


Since Mega Charizard comes so late, I have Silvally and Infernape as stand ins until I get there.


Mega Ampharos is my back up for Goodra for situations where a dedicated Electric type would be useful, such as Amaria's upcoming gym. 


Still considering a dedicated grass type for the bench, maybe Sceptile? 


I also have Weavile on the bench for when I need a dedicated Ice type. 

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