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  1. well, I've been through the whole page, and there's been no mention of this, so I can safely contribute without it already being known. But onto the point, I found a Rose Incense in the Lower Peridot Ward. It's given to you by the girl sitting in that really small "park" area next to the train tracks, talking about how the little patch of green she's standing in is like the eye of the storm.
  2. I'm currently doing the Zorua event myself, and so far, I found it as Zangoose. For the first form (Murkrow in the Magma Alleyway), it does have to be nighttime and windy. But for the Zangoose form, you need clear weather. Hoping this helps you obtain Zorua =)
  3. I don't usually get involved in religious debates, too much anger and hatred. However, Arceus will always be the one true Lord of Creation
  4. I've personally been looking forward to the Secret Base remakes, they were easily my favourite part of the 3rd generation
  5. Actually, if memory serves correct, I think it was a Larvitar egg that Ash acquired, before helping to reunite the hatched Larvitar with it's Tyranitar mother
  6. I haven't gotten to this point yet, because I restarted on the new laptop (planning to restart again once I've gotten everything set up for my Let's Play)
  7. Pretty sure that by HeartGold and SoulSilver, they altered the Everstone so that it would guarantee that the holder's nature is passed on. Point is, it was definitely that way by generation 5 Edit: Okay, in gen 3 it only had a 50% chance of passing on the nature of the mother. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, it changed so that it was 50% of either Pokemon's nature, dependant on who equipped it. In Black 2 and White 2, it was changed again so that it guaranteed the Nature being passed down.
  8. Or use Pokemon with Sheer Force, Huge Power, Pure Power or Guts, they'll always hit maximum rolls on High Striker
  9. I used a Sturdy Mirror Coat Magnezone to defeat Arceus myself
  10. Want a picture of me, check my profile Or you can go to my blog, Demon Galaxy Kigurumi, for more
  11. I'm from the UK, so apparently I'm using London's UCT timezone? I always thought it was GMT
  12. Kalina


    Well to be honest, I am a writer, and I do have my own DeviantArt. It's mostly Pokemon related works in my account, and I've actually been thinking of creating a story based on Kalina's personal experiences within Reborn. Here's the link to my DeviantArt: http://carnax489.deviantart.com/ And while these aren't actually my own creation (I wish), these are either requests or commissions that I got from other artists, and both depict my Gardevoir from Reborn, FaeVidente: http://wallcoton.deviantart.com/art/FaeVidente-445403299 http://j2y8n2x.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Fae-417480534
  13. Currently, I've primarily been listening to the Pokemon Reborn OST That, and Black Mages, Lordi, Crush 40 and DragonForce
  14. Hmm, thought of another one. Kinda got the idea while training Ospark (since Pichu supposedly can't use Electric attacks without hurting themselves in the process): Overload: All Electric attacks used by the Pokemon deal 50% more damage. However, all Electric attacks also deal 30% recoil damage to the user (this is added on top of any other recoil from moves like Wild Charge)
  15. Kalina


    Back when I fought them in Episode 10, I remember them giving me a lot of trouble too. At least, they did until I got Gardevoir. She kinda destroyed Taka quicker than I would've expected her to
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