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  1. Happeh BurfdeihooooOO0O00ooOhurpdedeedurpeluffiekins. whatthehelldidijustfluffinsay?!

    Happy Birthday @ Who the crap is Amethyst Liddell.


    Burp. Excuse me. Lemme know if you have had your daily dose of stupid and cake. Especially the cake. Did you know that the cake is a l...


    WE INTERRUPT THIS RAMBLING TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AME! HAVE A GREAT DAY! *Strangles my talkative alter ego half to death as our voices fade away into the abyss*



    1. Amethyst


      what DID you just say

      thanks though!

  2. EDIT: THIS TOPIC IS STILL OPEN FOR ANYONE WHO DIDN'T READ THE SUBSEQUENT POSTS. STILL LOOKING FOR CHARIZARDITE X. Okayyy, sooo... I searched around different forums on reborn and I assume that this is the correct place to post this. If not, then I'm sorry, I tried. Anywho: Imma copy/paste from my gamefaqs post since it is not getting any hits: Went through the trouble to breed an adamant charmader in AS and spent BP to move tutor fire/thunder punches- all just to use in Y. Then, I found out I can't buy it from the stone emporium like I thought. Can't put megastones on GTS either. I am at a loss. Does anyone happen to be willing to trade me a Charizardite X? I am willing to trade my Charizardite Y for it. Remember that you must be playing Pokemon X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire to make the trade.
  3. My head almost went numb from reading the title... but this time it didn't... A - Am I... Getting used to this? I don't know if that is a good sign or bad sign for my brain, nor what that says about me. Buuuuuttt... On the real, great update Cass! We all really appreciate your hard work.
  4. @Xander and anyone else who needs. The following should be the actual permalink to Pokemon Full Moon Discord (Let me know if it doesn't work): https://discord.gg/jaz8VCn
  5. Happy belated birthday Amethyst! Sorry, wasn't around yesterday. Now you are officially the same age as me.

  6. Route 4 Surfing error. Directly beside Glass Workstation. Can still only move in tiles where I could normally walk. Found water pokemon in the grass, though I also found a wailmer on a tile with no grass on it. Walk again by either entering a building or surfing on and then back onto the rock with the miniature stairwell. Yoiu can aslo surf off that rock and onto that patch of land in the middle of the pond to start walking again. Don't know about resetting... I don't want to save my game like that.
  7. Wait how did you get ahold of moist? Pokemon Full Moon Server kept saying invite was invalid... How did you join the Full Moon Discord? IDK how... EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. The server shown on disboard was apparently a fake, or at least was using an old and obviously not permanent discord invite. I joined, thx though.
  8. I concur with Luligod. Also, according to Esteban who replied to my message on facebook, just go to the full moon discord. Someone named Moist should have already published the 10.2 PBS files, so if you have RPGMaker you can just unstuck yourself. Otherwise, get the PBS Files and someone else will be happy to assist you... But keep it in this thread. Unless there is a Non-Reborn fan-game save file assistance thread that I am not aware of... My facebook messenger conversation went like this: I will post a link to the facebook page so that you do not go to the wrong one. I will put it in this spoiler tag, so mods won't think it's shameless plugging.
  9. What version are you playing? Are you playing 10.2 like I was? He upgraded from 9.3.2 awhile back.
  10. @SunZhuge I don't remember that part... it's been years since I played... I assume you are in Rathio, because dive isn't available until well after you escape a certain sentient halloween costume's dimension. If you are not at the point u would normally have dive, then u probably glitched out the game. Sorry, idh a solution for you. Pokemon Full Moon Facebook has always been the best way to message Esteban, Christine, or Celeste, but as far as I can tell, they have stopped answering that too.
  11. She is to the far west of thbe Forest tending to an Amoongus IIRC. Can't recall the exact spot, but she is a young girl with brown hair named Skye. IIRC, you should see Argile already standing behind her when you find them. You obviously need surf, cut, etc. to get to them. Far west, and I think you will know the spot when you see it.


    Now extend it by another 10 weeks because I asked 10 times... XD

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    2. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      Wait a second, when was it banned? I mean I can see why, but I hope I don't get in trouble.

    3. Abyssreaper99


      This was a year or so ago because the joke was over done. But one or two of the devs revived the joke so it ok now I think

    4. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      lmao oh ok thx

  13. No do not delete this. Besides this thread, there is no standalone forum for which to ask questions about Full Moon (The game gets better as you go *cringe...cringe*). Speaking of which, where do I find the move releaerner. I have looked all over clay and ordeo city. Currently playing episode 10.2, which is a few episodes past the one where he said he would make one of the move people into the Move Reminder. Has anyone found him yet. If so, Please tell me where specifically. because I have torn Clay city and ordeo city new ones looking for this gosh darn guy. The "new one" is central tower was not me... it was my character's mentally thin-skinned boyfriend, Orphan-chan. But yeah, TL;DR: Do not delete this thread and someone plz tell me where the Muk™ the move relearner is? Have seached Clay and Ordeo all over. @Tempest Blaze I think that person was asking to have their post deleted, not the thread itself. When someone experiences a glitch or asks a question that they find a solution to on their own before anyone replies, it's common for them to ask for their post to be deleted or ignored. I deleted the user's post. EDIT: Sorry, didn't think about that. Also I want to be able to srsly use my Gallade and get air slash on my charizard, amongst various other things. Need move Relearner. Btw, anyone have the PBS files for any version of the game. . Had heard that in version 8.1 Esteban accidentally let those slip. If I am not allowed to ask for PBS files, then please disregard this paragraph.
  14. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. Tempest Blaze

      Tempest Blaze

      lolz my b-day was Sunday, not saturday. Are you in a different time zone? I'm in Central Standard Time. Anywho though, I appreciate the birthday wish. Thanks so much Lykos! XD

    2. LykosHand


      Ah i see xD yeah that's right i'm in CET 🙂 and you're welcome 😄

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