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    A random inn in Skyrim.
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    Diving, Heavy metal and Pokemon. You're never to old for Pokemon!

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  1. Amon Amarth - Twillight Of The Thunder God
  2. [b]Name:[/b] Ian [b]Age:[/b] 18 [b]Birthday:[/b] 06/09 [b]Location:[/b] Belgium [b]Height: [/b] 1.76m [b]Hair Color:[/b] brown [b]Eye Color:[/b] grey [b]Live With:[/b] parents [b]Pets?:[/b] 2 cats, one named skitty [b]Relationships?:[/b] Don't get me started... [b]Crushes lately?:[/b] See answer above [b]Dream Job:[/b] Anything with pokemon games [b]Currently Playing:[/b] Pokemon reborn and brutal legend [b]Favourite Food:[/b] Shoarma [b]Favourite Drink: [/b] Beer [b]Favourite Color: [/b] dark red or dark purple [b]Favourite kind of Music: [/b] Melodic death metal [b]Favourite Band:[/b] Amon Amarth and Iron Maiden [b]Favourite Album: [/b] Deceiver Of The Gods [b]Favourite Game: [/b] Super Mario 64, Pokemon Crystal, Borderlands 2 [b]Favourite Genre of Game:[/b] Rpg [b]Favourite Hobbies:[/b] Diving and Gaming [b]Favourite Movies:[/b] Terminator 2, Star wars 4-6, kick-ass, Lemmy and Die hard [b]Favourite Shows:[/b] Game of Thrones, Walking dead, Dexter, House MD
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