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  1. I have the same problem too. It might be because the egg icon is located in the same upper left corner so it may be interfering with the clock
  2. I haven't played reborn, and I have 2 playthroughs of rejuvenation so I'll just use those 1st (normal) Easiest: Angie. don't know how, but I wiped the floor with her on my first try. Hardest: Souta. Sure I beat him first try, but goddam he sure as HELL didn't make it easy 2nd (easy) Easiest Angie. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the terrain she uses in V12 adds an additional dark typing to her ice type attacks, so I got Inceneroar and a Houndoom to wall her attacks, a Medicham with Pure power and High Jump Kick and a Magneton to annihilate her Aloan Ninetales Hardest: Flora, I didn't have a good flying-type with me so she was difficult to deal with the rain and all
  3. Thank you. Edit: Finally found the damn hole on 3f. you have to magma drift past the lava north of the 4f exit to that green area, go down the ladder and its right next to you
  4. Drat, there goes my plan of an unkillable, Drain punch wielding bug. Thanks for telling me though
  5. Does anyone know how to get to the heatmor in Valor Mountain? I explore what I think is every inch of the mountain but I have no luck
  6. I have like 2.5 boxes filled with EV trained Lv 85 Pokemon and a box half-filled with Joltik. Come at me Madame X and feel the wraith of my growing Joltik Army in V13 and later Versions
  7. Ledian Crest- It helps Ledian punch 4 times. Effects occur on the first two hits One heck of a good crest, though through personal use, effects from moves (i.e. Ice punch) aren't guaranteed to happen. Once the tm for Power-Up Punch becomes available this ladybug is gonna merciless rip through anyone standing in its way. Also using comet punch is quite fun.
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