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  1. NInetales doesn't learn Aurora Veil without a TM. If you want to get a pokemon with Aurora Veil, Aurorous (shadow) is a good choice if you can get to it.
  2. Ice types aren't the best type to exist. they are weak to many strong typing and tend to be lacking in the defensiveness stats department so good ice types are hard to come by.
  3. wait so calydol (i am asumeing through its crest) doesn't have to recharge after using a hyper beam and doesn't have to use 1 turn to charge for solar beam? On topic Dracofish will be amazing to use if i could get my hands on the fossils necessary to get it.
  4. Definitely gonna have to get Galar Weezing. mostly just to pair with Slaking in double battles.
  5. Didn't he sell Rare candies as well or am i thinking of another vendor?
  6. So what are your methods of farming EXP. and money (Assuming you finished the current version) For exp, i go to the audino trainer on Route 9. I know there is a higher level one in Hiyoshi city (past) but this Audino trainers Audino only use Healing Wish, meaning the Pokemon your trying to level up won't get completely boned by a secret power or something (GIVE ALL THE AUDINO TRAINERS HEALING WISH PLEASE THE OTHERS PISS ME OFF SO MUCH) For money, i go to the EV trainers. a maxed level (85 currently) Persian, with payday and amulet coin nets me a bout $5,100+the amount they give you after the battle. it ain't much but its the best i can think of
  7. Outside of Blacksteeple, where can one get a Tangela. I tried going to the Sheridan Wetlands during the morning but no luck
  8. Why do you curse another with slow start? The others are really good ideas though especially the Magnezone crest some of my own ideas Crawdaunt crest increases def by X1.2 and Sp.Def by X1.5. and give it swift swim Golisopod crest. Increases Sp.Def by X1.2 and give it battle armor or something other than Emergency Exit Forretress crest. won't die if it uses explosion Octilliry crest. Never misses and doesn't have to recharge when it uses something like Hyperbeam Purugly crest. increases attack and both defenses by X1.5. and now it has fluffy. perfect for the Thiccest of cattos
  9. Okay I seen this popped up a couple of time but can someone confirm this Is sivally getting a crest? if so, does anyone know what it does?
  10. I'm kinda wondering where we'll be able to find some of these new pokemon. Like would Nikit be found near Golden Wood, and will the Toxtricity line be found around Gareen City pre Neo? IM so excited to see which pokemon we'll have acess to once the new Version comes out
  11. If it is unburden (Doubles the user's speed when a held item is used), and of it is holding a seed, then that would explain why drifblim of all things is faster than your Crobat.
  12. Im mostly excited for the Galar Weezing with its Neutralizing gas ability. I could wreak some serious havoc in doubles when I pair that Weezing with Slaking
  13. keep Blaziken and Muk, replace everything else. I recently played it on easy (call me weak, I don't care) and teams are different so I can't really say how to beat them just some ideas. Something with cotton guard (like Altaria) can be useful to wall them since they have a lot of physical attackers, and if you can change the terrain and have the time to do some breeding, Alolan Ninetails could be a good choice. Medicham with pure power and high jump kick just f-ing obliterates anything on their team weak to fighting. Nabbing that own tempo Rockruff from Gareen City and evolving it to Dusk Mane Lycanroc will be more useful than midday form. that's all I can really think about at the moment but I hope this helps.
  14. Ok, guys here me out, an item that you can give to Silvally, that can hold TWO memories making it to where you can turn Sivally into any dual type you want! Multi attack will work like revelation dance where it uses the first typing currently on the Sivally at the time. I figured it could help Silvally to be more useful
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