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  1. can confirm this as well, cannot login to anything related to online stuffs.
  2. My bad, i always get this game and reborn mixed up
  3. Or wonder trade or regular trade, maybe?
  4. Nah man, it couldn't be the stats, he looks like your average "run of the mill" Greninjaboi.
  5. The fact that his ID is 29448, i'm pretty sure that's a winning lottery number.
  6. I've tried searching thru the forums and the wiki, but i can't find an answer as to where the tutor that teaches stomping tantrum is, I wanna teach it to my Garchomp so that he can at least have a "poor man's earthquake". Thanks!
    1. ZEL


      and he is gorgeous!

    2. DarkOmegaMK2


      Completely, it's what every man aspires to become.

  7. DarkOmegaMK2


    As long as it works for you, then it's fine.
  8. DarkOmegaMK2


    It's not that it's necessary to care about IVs and EVs later on, but once you get the chance to do those things it'll make the game significantly more relaxed later on. To me, the early game was the hardest part, because you have so little things at your disposal.
  9. Shelly is definitely S by the time you get to challenge her gym, she's hard af. And i consider her the first filter of this game. If you are not committed to Reborn by the time you challenge Shelly, you will never win and will end up most likely quitting.
  10. DarkOmegaMK2


    Yeah you can get a lot of cool stuff in there, people that are trying to farm perfect IVs will sometimes discard their failures in there, which is great for newer players.
  11. DarkOmegaMK2


    Spamming WT, and grinding with the "trash collector" team for a little bit.
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