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  1. Oh wait I don't think I cam trade multiple mons at a time, could we trade one by one?
  2. aaa the Level is really high though hhH my current level cap is 40
  3. It's fine lolol Just tell me when you're on
  4. Okay! I have the heart scales and tiny mushrooms ready, I'll wait for you to get on. Your user is Snorlax right?
  5. Just leave the EVs, I can probably reset them myself. You should go to bed, it's really late. What would you like in return?
  6. LF: Bounsweet, Eevee/Umbreon, Mudkip, Nidoran M, Alola Vulpix The IVs don't have to be perfect for some of them! Just make sure that it's female and gives me something to work with. (pls teach them these) TMs: Umbreon: Protect, Toxic Alola Vulpix: Aurora Veil Nidoran M Nidoking: Sludge Wave, Flamethrower (Pre evolutions of Nidoking aren't able to learn those TMs :') Egg Moves: Umbreon: Wish I've got: 10x heart scales Jolly 5x31 Mienfoos 1x 6x31 Mienfoo 2x 5x31 Shiny Mienfoos * I could probably breed up some 5x31 Feebas, Croagunks, Driflooms, and Pikipeks. But first, I'll have to take out my Mienfoos out of the daycare, and I'm currently broke. My user is Vist Ping/Quote me if you have any of those mons I'm looking for! ps. If you want a 5x31 Mienfoo, I'll gladly give you one!
  7. It's subjective, but I really think Sylveon suits your specifications.
  8. Could I have one of your spare 5iv vulpix?
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

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