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Lapis Shiny Orphanage

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Welcome to the orphanage! Our trademark used to be abusing parent-less children but now we're obliged to hand out shiny Pokemon as penance. 


Most mons listed will typically have at least 1 maxed IV through breeding. Thought I'd spread the love since the shiny charm has been doing work for me. Feel free to check back as I'll be updating this thread with new shinies every so often. Everything in the 'AVAILABLE' section is up for grabs. Make an adoption request below and I'll be sure to get back to you in DMs. 



123.png♂  Hasty, 3 IVs (Spd, HP, Def)

572.png♂  Jolly, 5 IVs (All but Spd)

653.png♂  Modest, 4 IVs (HP, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def)



133.png  Modest, 3 IVs (HP, Sp.Def, Speed) adopted by: @Shirokiba

479.pngBold, 1 IV (Sp.Atk) adopted by: @Silversixx

479.pngCareful, 1 IV (Sp.Atk) adopted by: @kitsune641

725.png♀ Jolly, 2 IVs (Spd, HP, 30 in Atk) adopted by: @Siv

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5 hours ago, Shirokiba said:

I know I just adopted that Eevee but I want to adopt that Litten, too. Shiny Litten looks awesome.

I'll be implementing a weekly clause to give other folks a chance at snagging that cutie. In other words, since you adopted Eevee yesterday you'll need to wait another 6 days for a second adoption inquiry. 


2 hours ago, Vistelle said:

Could I get that Rowlet?
I'd also like to donate a shiny Mienfoo if I can

Unfortunately I'm not in possession of that Rowlet. I'll make a section for donation guidelines in the OP soon- but for the time being you're free to organize a trade with either @Kunisada or @pvstelsouls

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I'm actually about to start a Dark monotype.


Could I adopt that Litten for it?


Oh, actually just wanted to suggest perhaps instead of (or in addition to) using pictures of the mons, typing out their names. I only ask as someone with poor eye sight, the tiny pics are hard to see lol.


I'm on gmt+1, will be on here all day and available. Username is Si.

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