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  1. Why is there no thinking reaction, reborn why
  2. I guess you can say he is the lykoshead of the cult ill see myself out
  3. Hopefully lykos is the blue cult apprentice who was promoted to cult leader, if we can kill off blue cult there shouldn’t be many red cult members [elimina] lykos
  4. Not being counter claimed isn’t proof, you could be the only one of your role but have been converted, so claims and counterclaims aren’t as helpful in a setup like this
  5. Anti I swear if you are vigilante again and you shoot a cultist every night I will resign as king of luck anyway let’s vote suspicious people [eliminate] nicki
  6. Sorry baz, didn’t see your phase post ill redact my post
  7. Guys I just thought of something isn’t bazaro technically leader of both cults? if we kill him it would be the same as killing both cult leaders at once KILL THE EVIL PINEAPPLE AND FREE THE TOWN
  8. Agreed [unvote] caimie [feed] bazaro pineapple pizza
  9. Didn’t we choose to elect a mayor last cult wars or am I thinking of a different game?
  10. Let’s try to re-enact the first cult wars game make caimie mayor so the game ends d2 again [vote] Caimie
  11. booting up his computer the host bangs his head repeatedly on his deask because of what he saw lia died, she was the town watcher caimie died, she was the mafia disguiser we broke the record for fastest mafia game ever
  12. The town decided to kill off alistair Alistair was the mafia cat lady n1 lasts 24 hours AND THOSE WHO DIDNT MEET REQUIREMENTS GET WARNED
  13. The end of the night came and with it 2 deaths kiet died, he was the town doctor sopheria died, she was the mafia silencer Day lasts 48 hours
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