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  1. Is it possible to use smogon's pokemon showdown stats boosted view ? I find it more clean
  2. Yeah it's the same sample, but it kinda feel like a remix more than simply slowed down, i listened it in 0.5 and it's not like in ep 18 i believe, i might have a save which goes to this moment but i have like 2400 saves so I can't confirm
  3. Speaking about lin's theme, do someone can tell me where can i find this music at 5:12 (when lin comes in) Edit: i'm not sure it's the same than ep 18, if someone could provide me both it'd be awesome, thanks !
  4. The following obviously contain spoiler on the story post v10 The post may be on a weird format since i'm on mobile and I can't (lazy) see how it goes for web version Hey, I finished the main story yesterday and I wanted to know, (like reborn's gauntlet match) how did the community win versus gardev... God... Angel of death which if I remember well has a team of one gardevoir, 3 ralts 2 kirlia Gardevoir has secret sword, hyperspace hole, dark pulse and a ghost attack that I can't remember All of the party have FUCKING lovely kiss which if i'm not wrong can put the foe to sleep with 75% acc My team was neither the best nor the worst, i've put 6 chesto berry Meowstic prankster Psyshock Reflect Light screen THANKS GOD I HAVE MISTY TERRAIN Ditto imposter .. Medicham pure power High jump kick Zen hedbutt Ice punch Thunder punch Sylveon pixalite Calm mind Substitute Hyper voice Shadow ball Nidoking sheer force Toxic spikes Earth power Magma drift Megahorn Greninja proteen Slash and burn Smack down Hydro pump Strenght (lol) In my bag I had only one max revive and plenty of ultra potion so I made this strat: First lead with ditto on the left, meowstic on the right Turn 1 Meowstic could put the light screen first thanks to prankster God used immediately his z Move to meowstic (what a choke lol) It was a speed tie between my ditto who copied the opposing ralts, if I lose, my own ralts goes to sleep but i have my chesto berry so it's not that crucial Anyway I won it and i put the opposing ralts to sleep, so he can't use lovely kiss anymore Turn 2 Poke left: Ralts, ralts, ralts, kirlia, kirlia, god Ralts 100%s god 100% Poke left : Ditto, nidoking, medicham, sylveon, greninja Ditto 100% greninja 100 % Basically the goal was to revive meowstic to put misty terrain and to stall with it Nidoking was useful since i wanted to put at least one toxic spikes I wanted to sweep with +6 CM sylveon Greninja totally useless Same for medicham who couldn't keep attacking, maybe i should have fake out Well, this turn So Greninja fully revived meowstic God secret sword to greninja , 100% damage Ditto used lovely kiss to god Ralts asleep Turn 3: Ralts 100%s god 100%s Ditto 100% sylveon 100% Goal of this turn Ditto switches to meowstic while both opponents are sleeping Sylveon doing sub to avoid being kissed That's exactly what happened Turn 4: Let's start the real strategie It'll be a loop so Meowstic uses misty terrain so he can't sleep Sylveon uses CM +1 First turn when meowstic uses misty terrain, the ralts tries to lovely kiss And god tries to secret sword meowstic (idk why) 2nd turn Meowstic uses light screen Sylveon healed meowstic with ultra potion Ralts uses icy wind God uses same 3rd turn Ralts 100% god 100% Meowstic 50 % sylveon 75% +1 spa spd Meowstic healed himself Sylveon kept CM Same loop until misty terrain is over And go to step 1 untill sylveon get 100% +6 spa spd under a sub So it was coward to use a lot of ultra potion but god let me no chance After i'm setted up, i could do the same loop with meowstic and i could hyper voice with sylveon It didn't to as much damages as I wanted but still around 55% for ralts, 30 for god And I kept going till the win Fortunately to huge critical hit to meowstic Well That was an epic win, epic game Thanks Jan and the others, love you Let's restart the game once more
  5. Wait i probably missed something but the end of gauntlet confused me.
  6. Hey, haven't run for the 16 pages of this thread so sorry if the question has already been said but i wanted to ask if there was a mod to "block" the xp when a pokemon reached the maximum allowed level, like there is in rejuvenation ?
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