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  1. I'm currently in my ntienth run and also lucked out and got a larvesta. I saved rare candies to evolve it early and then lower it's level with common candies. Because this game is a bit forgiving when it comes to EV's and IV's, I also lucked out and got one with +25's in it's best stats, meaning no more breeding. Maybe if I have trouble with the endgame I'll try to get the "perfect" team but I just enjoy running w/e I haven't used before or a team oriented around fun members. For most hard battles, I use roserade for t.spikes and have a galvantula with sticky web as a fallback. I also plan on adding rocks to my Swampert set. For a setup Volcorna sweep, you can take a page out of common competitive battles from gen 5 and gen 7 and use a helping hand partner in doubles to boost its already high damage to 100% 1-shot territory. Lucky for you if you have a dunsparce, you can get the tyrouge from the nature observation area to get a hitmontop and use that as an amazing helping hand partner.
  2. It's been decent ever since it gained the fairy typing but with the amount of sheer dmg this game has, unless you don't have a fairy or steel type, there really isn't a point in the game where it is a better option to put on the your main team aside from replacing a member to have an advantage over a gym or boss fight. Although, because you can make any mon good in this game, it still can be used on your main team as long as you are able capitalized on it's great abilities. Once its mega comes out, then i can see it being an amazing addition to any main roster. At this point in the game, I just think that there are way better options for steel or fairy types.
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  4. What kinda sucks about the reveal of one side of her face is that all we got were her eyes and skin color. Unfortunately, a few characters have had red eyes before. Some for funny/quirky moments of anger and others when they display their powers. At least with her skin color being shown a few theories have most likely been squashed like Crescent being Madame X.
  5. If you don't want to stall her out, you could catch a morelull and then evolve it to help with her team. Strength sap is a good move against her floatzel and another grass type helps vs some of her other mons. Other water types might be useful to take advantage of the field and if you have an eevee you could try to use sylveon to change the field and boost its fairy moves. Any stat dropping move would also work like baby-doll-eyes.
  6. I got the flute after i progressed in the story a bit more and went back to finish the rest of the quests in that area (i.e the Ranch). Apparently you can also get munchlax from the honey trees in the same area but I tried soft resetting for one and never saw one.
  7. Already finished and again I'm sad that I will have to wait for the next update (but it is always worth the wait).
  8. I can only think of mawile or sylveon as mons that would fit as a "canon" team. Maybe a poison type due to how prominent they are early and how lifeless the region has become. A lucario might fit since it's Keta's signature mon. Like Reborn, Gardevoir is featured a lot as an actual character in-game so maybe that could be another.
  9. I would say all but blitzle would be a good addition. Even though it is ok to have a repeated type on your team, since lombre takes a bit to get advantageous moves, I would just stick with primarina. Litleo/Pyroar can be very useful until you find better fire types and an intimidater like stoutland is always good.
  10. I think you have a decently rounded team. I would replace the munna and ariados with other mons like budew, joltik, or litleo. With where you are right now, you can get two eggs that have good chances of getting decent or strong mons like bronzor, frillish, ducklet, or cacnea. A bit later, you can breed a certain mon to also roll your luck with an egg that can hatch up to 18 different mons, most of which are very strong. But the one of the best parts of this game is that it teaches you to not limit your party to only 6 members, you can use any mon you like and just switch it out with a more suitable member for a certain gym or event then just switch it back.
  11. Since you are still quite early in the game the only psychic types I can think of are ones from events, eggs, or swoobat (You can get a gothita from the library in Beryl). You can add an ice type from Citrine Mountain. The event budew could be another useful mon on your team since you are lacking both a poison and grass type.
  12. The rock climb wall in the Forlorned Cavern leads to you climbing up the back wall instead of down the rock climb wall and forces you to restart the game due to it trapping you in place.
  13. Most starters are fine, grass is a bit lacking due to early gyms but you can get past them by changing the team up. It's the same as Reborn, have more than 6 members so you can properly fight any situation. If you really want the best and a fun starter, popplio, froakie, torchic, chimchar, mudkip, and a few others are good and nice to have. You can get a few more starters later in the game so maybe check to see if the one you want to pick might show up.
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