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  1. You can buy them in the grand hall, where you first picked your starter Pokemon and fought Cain and Victoria here:
  2. My bad, I seem to have uploaded the wrong file. This should be the correct one: game.rxdata
  3. Fixed! 77 - Guesty - 131h 57m - 10 badges.rxdata
  4. In my opinion you shouldn't restart just because you read that another starter is 'better'. You should just play with your choice, in this case Rowlet, and continue the game. Surely certain starters make the game more simple and other starters can be more challenging, but it's not like you can't complete the game unless you start with Froakie or Torchic. You can always catch different pokemon and add them to your team. Just enjoy the game!
  5. No, it does not influence the battles in Fiore Mansion. I am only referring to this fight: https://youtu.be/k-C6xBGTz2I?t=443
  6. Arkadius


    I took a look at your savefile. You are not stuck. Here's what you should do: - Go back to the starting room, so from where you are when loading up the game, go to the right room (room A) - Lower the water in room A. Then go to the room on the right side of it. (room B) - In the new room, lower the water again. Then, take the exit in the lower left corner of the room. You will then come into the central turbine room where you will meet up with Titania screenshot:
  7. The only notable thing I've seen besides dialogue and relationship points is that if you give Titania the ice cream (any ice cream) she will aid you in the final Team Meteor double battle in the Water Treatment Center. In the speedrun I did I always give ice cream to Titania because she's a great help in that fight.
  8. You should upload your save game here so someone can fix this for you. My default savegame is located here: (windows 10) C:\Users\PC_USERNAME\Saved Games\Pokemon Reborn The savegame is called game.rxdata
  9. Okay so what you are experiencing is bad luck on the one hand but the field effect that Reborn features on the other. Florinia tells you about the field effects after the Mosswater Factory story (at the beginning of the game, before Julia's gym). The field effects impact battles in a lot of different ways: moves can be more powerfull, abilities can be active and other effects can be present. Take Julia's gym. You fight Julia on an Electric Terrain field effect. One of the effects of this field is that electric moves increase in base power by a factor of 1.5. Another effect is that grounded Pokémon may not fall asleep. This explains why your grasswhistle failed. You can see all the other effects of the field here: https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Electric_Terrain You can also collect information about the field effects in the game. The Anorith in Shelly's gym is holding a telluric seed. Shelly is fought in a forest field. The telluric seed is activated in this field and boosts the holder's Attack and also applies Spiky Shield to the user. This is why you cannot attack it the turn that it is send out. I actually really like the field effects. It makes the battles way more interesting and complex. You can also try to devise a strategy in which you benefit from the field effect yourself. The sleep being so short is just back luck, I don't think that is influenced in any way by the field or something else. I would also say that the paralysis and the rock slide flinching is just back luck. I would guess that it is actually not as bad as you think it is, it's just that when you experience it in a negative way it stands out more which can cause some bias. The chance of 4 flinches in a row is (0,3)^4 = 0,0081‬, or 0,81% or about 1 in 123.46. This is not that unlikely.
  10. You can always try the Grand Hall. There are some double battle trainers that spawn there. Note that this is dependent on the time of day as well as the day of the week on your PC. On Friday for example, at 18:55 local time, this trainer spawns. If I change the date on my PC to a saturday, these trainers will spawn: This is a double battle too.
  11. Arkadius

    dprt sticker 5

    You're in the right area, but he's not at the level where the Aron's are. He's in the corner on the level before going down those stairs to the Aron. You will find him behind a rock you need to rock smash. Maybe this video will help: https://youtu.be/JDeWWGvHseY?t=1060 If he's not there, then I do not know what to tell you. Maybe upload your save game so someone can check what's wrong.
  12. This is for sure an issue in speedrunning. Certain communities tried dealing with the issue by having fixed frame rates and things like that. But at that point you're using third party software to influence the game. Using the speedup function is definitely not a TAS, because indeed, as you mentioned, the speedup is a developer intented tool. A TAS of Reborn would be interesting though, but I do not have the knowledge nor skill to make it. The solution imo would be to simply have two categories, with and without speedup. The issue is that computer hardware differences simply exist. Even if you do not use the speed up function, there will still be differences in the gameplay. On my old laptop, the Jasper Ward area would lag like crazy with the Pulse and everything there, even without speedup. On my new PC the area lags significantly less, again, without speedup enabled. So you would always keep that difference, despite of the speedup function. A frame counter could be more accurate assuming there's no frame rate lag. But even then, the player that has the worse PC will be be affected by the lag, make movement errors because of it and lose frames. I would stick with RTA timing. Reborn at a GDQ would on the one hand be amazing but on the other probably terrible because of the exposure it would get and the risk of shutdown... Maybe it can at some point be featured in the Pokemon Speedrunning Community Marathon. Thanks for the comments btw!
  13. Here's the youtube playlist for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV1soDJJkbF9Iv40NuK8vrjSRJAsYFNvc I might do a commentary later on. @Vinnie I do use the speed up function, as explained in the 7h 11m 59s thread:
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