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  1. My view on this is as follows: the speedup function is an developer intended mechanism in the game. If it wasn't there, and you had to use cheatengine to speed up the game I would never allow it in a speedrun. Given the fact that it's present in the game and can be used without any form of external program needed in my view it's perfectly fine to use it in a speedrun. Using RTA (real time attack) timing is also perfectly fine. Originally the pokemon speedrunning community used to always time their games with the ingame timer. A few years ago the choice was made to switch from the ingame timer to a RTA timed runs. One of the reasons for this was the strange way the game rounded down or rounded up the ingame time. In pokemon yellow for example, the WR at some point was a 1:55 (1 hour and 55 minutes) while the RTA time was 1 hour, 56 minutes and 49 seconds. Reborn also round down to the minute. Even though at this point it is extremely unlikely that it matters, I believe RTA timed runs are better. It also allows people who have less time in real life to try and do a run. Forcing people to not use the speedup function results in 20+ hour runs. I would not be doing any more attempts at that point. But there is no one to stop you from doing a run without the speedup function, so if you want to do it go for it.
  2. Arkadius

    Biking music

    Open the folder where you installed Pokemon Reborn. In the Pokemon Reborn folder, open the Audio folder. Then open the BGM folder. It should be something like this. C:\Pokemon Reborn\Audio\BGM In the BGM folder find the following file: Atmosphere- Rush.mp3 This is the music that plays when you're on the bike. You can delete this file, and you will no longer hear any music when on the bike. You can also simply rename the file to 'xAtmosphere- Rush.mp3' and that'll do the trick as well. You can also replace the file with another song that you do like. Simply copy over any .mp3 file to the BGM folder and rename it exactly to 'Atmosphere- Rush.mp3'
  3. It definitely sounds plausible as an oversight. The trainer's in Serra's gym could also be an oversight as you would normally expect people to fight them in order to get the hints on where to rock smash.
  4. Hey, first of all sorry if I posted this in the wrong section of the forum. I read the ''start here'' topic, but I couldn't really classify this is any of the possibilities listed there. I have a question regarding gym trainers that are active even after defeating the gym leader in said gym. This happens in several spots: - Florinia's gym, even though I always disregarded this because I saw the school as a training ground and the trainers there not really as gym leaders. - Kiki's gym, same as Florinia, I saw the gym as a training ground and the trainers there not as actual gym trainers - Serra's gym, there are two trainers in every room. If you know where to rock smash you can simply skip the fights. After beating Serra though, there trainers will still fight you. This is normally not an issue because you can simply skip them on the way back. - Hardy's gym, this is where I decided to ask the question. I was reviewing the speedrun I did recently. When I was rewatching the Hardy split I realised that there is actually an optional trainer in Hardy's gym, which is this trainer: As you can see in the screenshot, I already unlocked Hardy's room by completing the guitar note puzzle and rock climbing to the top. You do not have to fight this trainer to complete the puzzle. I proceeded to defeat Hardy. After defeating Hardy, you'd want to exit the gym to complete E18. However, this trainer will still fight you. There is no way to avoid him as you cannot rock climb down. So, my question is: is this intended or an oversight? Find attached a savefile that has just defeated Hardy. -Ark game.rxdata
  5. Hello again, A little while ago I completed my first speedrun of episode 18 in 8 hours, 33 minutes and 7 seconds: Today I completed a new run in 7 hours, 11 minutes and 59 seconds: This is a segmented run, as it was last time. Segments that went really bad early on were reset this time (as a segmented run would normally do). This time might not be a good representation of a single segment run. I would like to do single segments runs, but I don't have 8 hours in a day to spend on it for the forseeable future. This is a really big improvement. I expected to save about 45-60 minutes. This time is really good. I was able to improve it by: - Better gameplay - Better ingame choices - Better movement - Better strats for hard fights - Rerouting certain time consuming parts Some interesting changes are definitely in the E18 content. The fight against Solaris has been significantly changed. Previously Nidoqueen was used with a lot of x items. Now basically the entire team is used and the only x item needed is 1 x defend. The Hardy fight also features a new strat: brick break along with 1 extra x attack. Brick is a lot more consistent and doesn't cause you to lose so much HP when you miss (which happens often in the rocky field). To compensate for lower base power an extra x attack is used. Nidoqueen is send out instead of Ampharos. Nidoqueen with x defend can tank a lot of moves, buying more time for Blaziken to get set up and sweep. E: Link to the speedrun route: https://mega.nz/#!5ARXWYyY!G_WdQjEJ3cfZW3IfHPHuk-FlV-GDHRTd8MPcSIklqjY E: Link to youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV1soDJJkbF9adcHKKNGT5V3ePAVrgdx3 Arkadius
  6. I think the issue is a combination of the fact that you cannot manipulate the stats of your Pokemon (you can only reset for good stats) and my understanding that trainers in Reborn make different decisions based on stats. This combination makes the AI unpredictable. Take the Terra fight for example. When routing I came up with: · Main meowstic, use light screen (Nidoking uses Tbolt) · Switch out into Nidoqueen with a synthetic seed. (Nidoking uses Tbolt, it fails) · Use toxic spikes twice (Nidoking uses flamethrower/blizzard) · Switch in to Sharpedo (Nidoking uses flamethroer/blizzard) · X-special twice (nidoking uses Tbolt, with x special boost you survive both unless crit which is like a 22% chance iirc because of the glitch field) · Surf Nidoking etc In practise this seemed consistent. I tried with different attack/special attack stats. In this run though Nidoking used Amnesia when I send out Nidoqueen. This could be because Nidoqueen's defensive stats were too high, which made the AI think attacking was not a viable option, so it would use amnesia instead. And of course amnesia in the glitch field is amazing. So yeah this threw off the strats completely because sharpedo would not be able to tank amnesia boosted Tbolt. But things like this are almost impossible to prepare for. So it's more or less how you deal with it on the spot, which of course makes it quite challenging and therefore very interesting. Finally there is also just the RNG (randomness) that you cannot really do anything about. Thanks for your reply!
  7. Hello everyone, I finally (thank you Christmas break) managed to complete another speedrun of Reborn, this time of E18. Before I completed a E17 speedrun in 7 hours, 46 minutes and 6 seconds. When E18 was released some changes were made that significantly impacted the speedrun route I had made for E17. A few months ago I had completed my reroute for E18. Since then I've some minor changes to the route and also improvised some new strats during the run (see below under downloads for a link to the v1.2 route). Now I’ve finally completed a full (segmented) run with the E18 route in 8 hours, 33 minutes and 7 seconds. The full run can be watched on Youtube: Edit: Link to youtube playlist Alternatively, find below a list of segments: This is a segmented speedrun, meaning I did not play for 8+ hours in a row, but completed the game in segments. For example, I played from the start until Julia, then from Julia to Florinia etc. From a speedrunning perspective, a segmented run would normally reset until the segment goes ‘perfect’, but I did not reset for perfect segments. I followed the route I created (see below) which consists of 19 segments: About the Run I think it’s a decent run. I expected it to be a lot slower than the E17 run because of the lack of X-items until after Ciel basically. But due to overall routing improvements and better strats the Amaria time in this E18 run is actually a few minutes faster than the E17 run. I think the largest timesave came from not grinding on route 3 as much, but instead fighting the Squirtle-trainer in the Grand hall. The power items also really helps with inconsistent damage ranges. Something notable is that I changed 3 natures in this run, which costs 9 heart scales. I had to use the mining kit for 1. Normally you would not pick up the mining kit. This is a timeloss, but ultimately I think it was a timesave due to the nature change. The E18 content is really cool. It feels bad to skip so much of the intriguing dialogue. The puzzle in the glass factory is super interesting, the chain battle is amazing and the strats went really well, the events in Agate city are great and finally Hardy’s gym is awesome. Some timelosses that now come to mind are catching poochyena, the Corey fight, the Shade fight, some trouble at the Kiki fight, bad RNG on the Bennett and Serra fights, also some dumb RNG on the arceus fight (psychic judgement roll on sharpedo lmao), the Charlotte fight, the Terra fight and the Hardy fight. Edit: another thing that is worth mentioning is that because certain ingame mechanics are affected by the realtime clock on your PC you need to keep track of this when doing a segmented run. For this run I set my PC time date to monday at around 7 am. Monday because the squirtle trainer appears in the grand hall and morning time because it will then not be nighttime when entering the Jasper ward where guards would battle you if it was nighttime. When finishing a segment I would note down the exact time on my PC. When starting the next segment I would set the pc time back to that time. Downloads Route: Pokemon Reborn E18 Speedrun route v1.2.pdf (31mb .pdf file) Thanks to Amethyst and to all who have helped to create this amazing game! -Arkadius
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