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  1. gilam

    Game Lag

    Tell me if u find a fix. The game is unplayable for me right now
  2. gilam

    Game Lag

    i have the same thing. i think it's bcz 1 of win update.
  3. how i delete this file? i have the same lag's
  4. the male nidoran event in oceana pier make the game crash
  5. gilam

    Rejuvenation Modular Modpack [V11 Patch 3]

    any chance to add debug in V11? tnx in advance.
  6. gilam

    Rejuvenation problem

    Try delete the save files (all of them options save include) and then try again
  7. gilam

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    95% ?! Now u jays mean
  8. gilam

    Ideas for a new run

    Go for normal run. A lot off players ignore this tipe bcz it not super effective on any tipe. Ofc poison is a great option too.
  9. gilam

    Lags in reborn

    But 2 weeks ago I play the game and I have 0 lag’s. Now every Pokémon fan game have lags. I relly think win10 update is to blame.
  10. gilam

    Lags in reborn

    I have lags in reborn (all Pokémon games) for 2 weeks now. Before thet the game run perfect. I have win10 and strong pc. There is a chance thet the win updates is the reason for thet lag’s?
  11. gilam

    LF skorupi,goomy

    i start a new game so i need low lvl moon's.
  12. gilam


    use mightyena with moxie ability [poochena wite rattled ability] and kricketune with technician ability [kricketot with run away ability]
  13. gilam

    LF skorupi,goomy

    i am looking for this 2 moon's. if they have nice IV,nature and good ability thet will be great.