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  1. i use Destiny Bond + Focus Sash.
  2. u can put 5-10 starter but all are useful. it's better then now that player's pick's 2-3 from grass 2-3 from fire 2-3 from water and all all the others are kinda useless.
  3. Do you think that in e19 the starter moons need to change? Or you love the idea of all starter from 7 generations? i love to see a change in this format. Like a moon for every Type It not must be the strongest moon but something that will represent the tipe good enough for Pokémon reborn.
  4. How Mach the moon event and moon Location are going to change in the game as for start to end game?
  5. so what u think i need to get first from the AP?. EXP for all? Cut? Rock Smash?. any tip's on how to get them faster?
  6. hi all. when i enter a battle, the game start laging. when battle style is off it's run better. but i relly want to enjoy the graphics. tnx for evry halp thet u can give me. win 10 x64. 4.01 ghz. 16 gb ram. i7-6700k cpu.
  7. gilam

    EXP All

    i think in a game that you need to lvl 10-16 moon's this is a must have. hope we have one in ep 19 from the start.
  8. and still u must use this, want it or not. the main series drop the HM for the same reason no HM slave. i go for it in the start of the game. breading, egg move's and all that is a lot of time consuming. more then that, i bring evry gym leader and evrey boss mon thet can mega evolve. and give the player mega in the start of the game to. no for the strongest mon's but still give him. that make the game so mach more fun.
  9. so in ep 19 the game will be finish. we all know there is mod's but still it will be nice if some features will be build in the game. what features do u guy's wonna see going in? i want: *remove of HM: in this game that u need a group of 9-14 mon's there is no place for HM slave. add this as app in the pokegear or as item's will be great. *exp share for all: as i say in a game that u need to lvl up a group of mon's exp share for all in the beginning of the game is a must have for me [u can put an off option] *show mon's type and stats: it's halp a lot and very player friendly. *fallow side quests: find all the side quest's is very hard job. a simple halp board in poke canter. or a feature that halp u fallow what u need to do will make the game a lot more friendly. what u gay's think, and what u hope will add in ep 19?
  10. how many badge's there is at this point's. in v12?
  11. gilam

    Classic Mon's

    really? i use to pick mothim yes. but budew make grass tipe useless. madkip dont have good water move through lvl up. and froakie get all his move's through TM [learn only extrasensory]. fire starter are a lot better. and 3 first gym's u dont really need water and grass mon's.
  12. gilam

    Classic Mon's

    I want to open a discussion about the start of the game when [good] mon's are rar. i admite i go for the classic mon's budew, kricketot, trubbish, mareep, growlithe. do u have classic mon's that u take evrey time in the start off the game? do u have mon's for one time use? like boss fight or gym? this is the place to share how u guy's love to start reborn. in what badge u think the game start to give a lot of options [mon's, move's set, iteme's]. what mon's u think are underrated and why.
  13. tnx for great guide. i realy enjoy watch it. i relly hoop to see you run lt's play one day.
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