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  1. for narcisa I used ribombee and spammed dazzling gleam to remove haunted field, it was pretty easy
  2. VID-20190727-WA0000.mp4 1.1 MB · 0 downloads Sorry for the low quality, but theres no fairy leader in aevium yet as the previous one quitted. Well Jan/Zumi mentioned in their thread that we already met fairy type gym leader
  3. I dunno, I think Risa Raider might be fairy type leader LOL
  4. Are you using patch 12.1? I read in another thread there is bug with speed if you play on unpatched V12
  5. wow that should not have happened at all? thats really weird....
  6. how is that possible? I dont understand what you mean? you mean to say you didnt play V11 and V10 but continued progress on V12? I actually see no problem here
  7. I guess you could say that you ran out of... Luck
  8. Melloeta Crest- changes its form depending on whether the attack she is using is physical or special attack e.g. no need for relic song, using close combat transforms her in pirrouete form, using psychic into aria form Mew crest- all moves used by Mew get STAB bonus
  9. Oh glad someone else mentioned the box. I thought I just imagined the box being there after I couldnt find it again LOL
  10. oh thank you for clarification :). Yeah then I see no reason why some mythicals cant get crests
  11. I thought he was just some pseudo kind as I dont really consider him legendary. Anyway I think pokemon like mew, manaphy, meloetta etc could use crests to make them relevant compared to legendaries....
  12. I was just thinking about that since sylvally is pseudo and he got one.
  13. wow thanks, I actually found 2 cells and now I need only 5!
  14. Thank you for help. For that specific cell, I tried but I really do not see any way from any direction to reach that specific cell
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