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  1. Tomek

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thats what I am wondering. I saw a post on someone saying it is in that exact cave but it obviously isn't and I cant seem to find it everywhere...
  2. So I am searching for ice rock to evolve eevee into glaceon and I cant find it. Am I in wrong location or something? http://prntscr.com/m7w3nv http://prntscr.com/m7w3sx and I always end up at this place no matter which hole I enter http://prntscr.com/m7w407
  3. Tomek

    Talonflame or Flareon

    I tried using talonflame but he was just useless in my team so I replaced him with crobat, not a single regret. I did not have a single fire type until I got growlithe before 6th gym LOL
  4. I got rid of this bug by flying to Sashilla, entering house, and exiting
  5. Tomek

    HM Fly

    Can someone tell me where to get this HM?
  6. Yeah I think he is suitable to be ground type. So you think Cosmia is fairy type leader? That would be interesting
  7. Tomek

    Is speed stat kinda bugged?

    I just put tyrantrum and he tanked whole attack and one shot hawlucha. After that it was my crobat with elemental seed and sky attack, lol poor braviary didnt get to attack once because of flinching, lycanroc for finishers with accelerock and jolteon who one shoted mega pidgeot. 4 pokemon used in total
  8. Tomek

    Team Help for keta

    I mostly used grass types in that gym and they did fine. anyway you could get woobat and budew, Roselia with extrasensory and mega drain is quite effective against him. and for lucario I used fletchinder
  9. So now that we have 13 badges there are only 5 gym leaders left: steel, ground, dragon, fairy and dark. We know that steel gym leader is Saki and dragon type is Damien. We also know from NPC talking that the ground type gym leader is located in Badlands. What are your guesses on ground, fairy and dark type gym leaders? I think ground type leader might be Ryland, and for the other 2 I am not so sure
  10. Tomek

    Is speed stat kinda bugged?

    Oh thats why, okay then thanks
  11. Tomek

    Is speed stat kinda bugged?

    I put seed on my crobat too for same effect and he was still faster. Its just confusing
  12. I was battling Souta and I struggle to believe hawlucha of the same level is faster than EV speed trained Crobat? I saw some other pokemon outspeeding also. I beat souta regardless of that easily but still....
  13. Tomek

    Audio problem?

    happens to me too... I just close the player completely and open the game again
  14. So I was battling and I noticed hailstorm is not summoned every battle. When I checked ability this is what I see http://prntscr.com/m6e0u8 and as soon as I check IVs this is what happens http://prntscr.com/m6e14i