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  1. Interesting. Well that’ll be nice. If you ever need help battling with made up characters or whatever, I’m right here!
  2. Ummm… Did Naruto Shippuden do a HUGE Dragonball Shoutout/reference in the show? I'm pretty sure it did having the 4th jinchuriki not only be a monkey but also have the name be Son Goku... WHAT?!

    1. DreamblitzX


      Nah, Son Goku goes way beyond dragonball, I think it's basically the japanese name for Sun Wukong / The Monkey King, which is like a major chinese mythology thing.
      Could still be a bit of a dragonball reference though

    2. Wolfox


      If that's a dB reference then Sun from Rwby is a dB reference 

  3. As always, it was a great, interesting read. Loving the new character as well! Apparently, it seems we’re leaving the Reborn storyline for a bit to follow this 1. Always making us think what’s gonna happen next. Keep up the good work!
  4. Wow. I didn’t even know a new trailer was out. Idt we ever had a trailer all about new items & abilities before btw. They’re interesting. & I love G.F. Weeding even more now!
  5. I think I'm coming close to the end of the current demo of Pokemon Alabaster. Think I got maybe between 2 to 4 more episodes. I'm really liking the story so far. Btw, unless you all are playing the game and get to the 5th gym place, you might not get this at 1st but I'm just gonna say it. I see you Alabaster. A shout out in a way to Rejuvenation there. I like that. 😎

  6. I used a speed up function I downloaded called RM FPS Control, put that up to like 300 and ran around my room for about a good 40 minutes before I recorded episode 2.
  7. Nice team. Although I feel like almost everyone is gonna be using Corviknight and half the people are gonna be using Sobble. Lol.
  8. So my love for Pokemon Alabaster has definitely returned x10. I already have 17 episodes recorded. Including the 1 I posted on here today.

  9. Ohh no no no! You can pick from Togepi, Larvesta and Beldum. I just chose Togepi because it's been a while since I've used a Togekiss. But yes. Togepi at the start is rough to use because there are a lot of Bug, Grass, Flying and Poison Type Pokemon the trainers use. Also, I'm glad I got you to want to play! It's actually really fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy this too.
  10. Yea. I think it goes up to 5 badges now. Before it was just 3.
  11. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new gameplay series. I'm gonna be putting up my 1st episode of Pokemon Alabaster tomorrow! It's gonna be 1 of the shorter episodes (I actually have already recorded 9 episodes of this bad boy btw and this is the shortest out of all of them so far) but it's gonna be awesome! Look forward to it! 🙂

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    2. Majin J-Awesome_One

      Majin J-Awesome_One

      It was running fine to me. Although the battles are a bit slow. I think either the next episode or the 3rd 1 the videos will seem a bit more speedy. Not much but it’ll be noticeable.

    3. SilverAngelus


      I hope a speed up function is included next version

    4. Majin J-Awesome_One

      Majin J-Awesome_One

      Maybe. Maybe not. But either way, I'm happy it's been updated. And I'm choosing the same route I chose all those years ago and I'm so excited! 😄

  12. I feel like the Rotomdex in the S/M anime already does that. I haven't watched it yet but I just have that feeling.
  13. Pokemon Sw/Sh PREDICTION! I think that the Fletchling family will be getting a Galarian Form. I think it's definitely gonna keep the Flying type but I think the secondary typing will be Grass.

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    2. Majin J-Awesome_One

      Majin J-Awesome_One

      Wait. Fire/Grass?

    3. Maqqy


      Yess well why not? Lol

    4. Majin J-Awesome_One

      Majin J-Awesome_One

      I mean I guess... but it looks like a bird! Lol.

  14. Ohh… Whoops. My dumb brain just assumed you were shortening the word subway. Thanks!
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