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  1. Happy Easter all you Pokemon Masters! Remember to let out your Buneary's/Lopunny's/Bunnelby's/Diggersby/Scorbunny/any other bunny Pokemon names I can't remember right now out of their PokeBalls so they can do their jobs tonight! 😄

    1. The Swordsman

      The Swordsman

      Thanks I hope you have a Happy Easter as well!

  2. Replying back to your reply to me, I must have missed that somehow. My apologies on that. HA! You showed some kind of sympathy towards Melia! I know this is your Rejuvenation run but didn't you die like 20 times in your Reborn Run?... In like Episode 1? "There's no Fire/Dragon Pokemon." -2 images later- "I'll take this Fire/Dragon Pokemon to use against her."
  3. So I just got done with making the moveset of James' Pokemom movesets (including a few new ones he's gonna catch) and the 1 I'm most excited to use when I get the right movesets is Yamask/Cafagrigus. Think of it as Luna's Umbreon but even more annoying and broken.

  4. So... I've been thinking about 1 of the 3 stories I've been doing for the last year and a half. It's the James 1. As you know I haven't touched that for about almost 9 months now. And I've been wondering why I haven't been into it as much as I have been with the Bonnie 1 and the 1 with myself and I figured it out. Bonnie is using the Pokemon that she would use and a few extras that I could see her having. I'm using the Pokemon I would use. Stantler is a curveball there because I don't consider Stantler even a part of like my top 50 but I am enjoying using it. James? He's not using his own Pokemon. And I think that's where I made the mistake of his story by not having him use any of his Pokemon except for Growlie. So I HEAVILY tempted to restart his story from scratch but use the Pokemon he originally had. I mean obviously Weezing, Victreebel and some others wouldn't be instantly brought back but a few of them would come back right away. But yea. I know a lot of you were really wanting to see that series continue but I think a restart is necessary. Besides, my writing has gotten better. At least, I think so. So yea. Expect the Epilogue to the 1st episode drop sometime next week.

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    2. J-Awesome_One


      Btw, I didn't know until I looked up his team (or Pokemon he's had) but a lot of his mons are like mixed attackers. Interesting.

    3. Candy


      since Matthew already uses some pokemon that James also used, you could maybe get his team formed with pokemon from the later generations 😛 just a thought... or maybe one pokemon from James' team from each generation 🤔 then you'd have like 7

    4. J-Awesome_One


      I'll just use what he had and then add 1 or 2 down the road. Lol.

  5. Episode 53 of My Awesome Pokemon Adventure has been uploaded! Time to save Amaria and Titania! (Mostly for Amaria) I have to deal with Titania throughout this whole ordeal huh? This can't end soon enough. But hey! Taka is here. And... Titania is giving him a hard time... but I do wish he'd become a good dude. Ohh well. Please Read & Enjoy! 😄



  6. In no time we got to the river near Amaria and Titania’s house. I hopped off Stantler and the 2 of us walked up to the edge of the river’s waterfall. I looked down and could see the long drop. It freaked me out but I knew I had to go down there to save Amaria and Titania. Although, I was only going to save Titania because I believed she would really haunt me if I never tried to rescue her and she did perish. Matthew: Alright Rudie. You can’t come with me. I want you to stay here and keep watch alright? Stantler: Stantler! Matthew: Good boy. -turns to the waterfall- Alright… Let’s do this. I called out Pistol Pete and hopped onto its back. I braced myself for the fall. He rode out closer and closer to the waterfall and went over. I never felt so much terror in my life. Pistol Pete seemed to be enjoying it though so that made me feel a bit better but not by much. It felt like it took forever but we finally hit the bottom. Somehow, I didn’t lose my grip on my Pokemon and fall into the water. Matthew: -sighs of relief- Holy fuck. That was too scary. Titania: About fucking time! Do you have any idea how fucking long I’ve been down here? I could tell who that was by the tone of their voice. It was Titania. To be honest, I was a little afraid to face her because it had been sometime since the last time I saw her. But then again, I was busy with a lot of stuff. Not like she would care though. I had Pistol Pete take me closer to where the voice came from, got on top of the platform and returned it to its PokeBall. I turned around and saw Titania looking at me annoyingly. Matthew: Wh… What? Titania: You took a long ass time to get here. Matthew: I had to do some other stuff. It wasn’t easy getting the Waterfall HM. Titania: Fine. Whatever. Being mad at you for taking your sweet ass time isn’t going to do anything anyways. I looked around the area we were in but something seemed off. Something was missing. Then I remembered. Matthew: Wait… Where’s Amaria? Ohh no. Did she- Titania: When I got down here, a group of Meteors had already taken Amaria. Matthew: So she’s alive?! Titania: Last time I saw her, yes. Matthew: Ohh thank Arceus for that. Titania: You know, I would be surprised that Team Meteor are here but then again, sewers are a common place for vermin. And going by that logic, maybe Florinia’s brother is here too… Matthew: Tch. Only place he should be is here. Titania walked up further. I followed behind her. When I came closer, I looked on the ground and could see a couple of Team Meteor Grunts lying on the ground, lifeless. Usually, the sight of this would have frightened me but I had a feeling I knew who it was. Matthew: Sooo… How- Titania: I dealt with the 1st group with my Aegislash. Matthew: Did you really use it as a sword and shield? Titania: Yes. Problem with that? Matthew:… -sigh- No. Titania: Good. Matthew: By the way, why are you still here? I thought you would have continued to go look for Amaria. Titania: The cowards locked me in here. Been stuck ever since. I did try questioning them but- Matthew: You killed them and then tried getting answers from them? Titania shot me an angry look. I then realized that she could easily do the same to me with her Aegislash, who seemed to not have a problem being thrusted into someone’s body and killing them. At that moment, the door in front of us unlocked and out walked, what seemed to be, Team Meteor Orderlies. It was weird. Titania instantly called out her Pokemon and armed herself. I was surprised but was thankful that I wasn’t in front of her at this moment. Titania: Stepping into a room with me is the last dumb thing you’ll ever do. Meteor Orderly: A new arriving commander has appeared on site. We have been instructed to allow you to access the greater Treatment Center. Matthew: The greater… what? Titania: Why? Meteor Orderly: I cannot answer that. I am merely following the instructions of the higher faith. Titania: Fine. Live by your orders. Matthew: Wait Tita- Titania: AND DIE BY THEM TOO! With fast movement, Titania swung Aegislash into the Meteor Orderly. The person fell down onto the ground with blood spilling from his wound. They were instantly dead. The other Meteor Orderly there ran away in fear. Titania recalled back her Pokemon. Titania: Well at least we ain’t stuck anymore. Matthew:… Remind me to not get on your bad side. Titania: Well how about you don’t read anymore of my diaries then huh? Matthew: I uhh… Yea… Titania: But there is 1 thing interesting. Matthew: What’s that? Titania: The same time you get here, a new commander arrives. For the time being, I’ll spare us both the trouble in asking questions about that. Matthew: Thanks, I think. Titania rushed out the door that was left open. I went to follow but before I took a step, I heard a person screaming, a loud SHWING! sound and then silence. I could only think that Titania had killed yet another Meteor Orderly. I went to the next room and my thought was correct. She had killed another person. She returned Aegislash back into the PokeBall. Matthew: Hopefully all this killing is just a 1 time thing because of the bad guys here. Titania: Maybe. Anyways, anyone who gets in between me and Amaria is forfeiting their life. And of course you’ll be helping. Matthew: Well yea. I came here to help. Titania: Well good. But this is all your fault. Matthew: What?! How?! Titania: You read the diary out loud dumbass! Matthew: I… Ugh. Titania: Believe me though, if I could, I’d run through the entire team myself. But I’ve been down here too long and I’m exhausted. So I’ll be asking favors from you. We’ll both resent it later. Matthew: -under my breath- Or now. Titania: Hey. That machine there. That should control the water level. We’ll be stuck unless we get to it. So get to it. Matthew: You can at least say it more nicer. Titania: Get to it! Matthew: Alright. Alright. Jeez. I walked over to the area Titania pointed out. Looking down at the dirty water, I saw some trash sticking out on top of the water. I couldn’t risk getting Pistol Pete hurt in those waters. So I took a risk and jumped onto it. Luckily, it didn’t fall apart and have me slip into the water. I got over to the other side where the machine was. I pushed the button and all the water that was in the room drained out. Titania ran to the next room as soon as the water was gone, leaving me in the room by myself. I ran to the next room as fast as I could. When I got to the next room, I ran up to Titania who was standing in front of another pile of garbage that could be seen above the water. Matthew: You gonna jump across it now? Titania: Guess I don’t have a choice. But hey. Do me a favor? Matthew: What’s that? Titania: If I fall in, tell Amaria that I didn’t blame her… much. With that Titania, hopped on top of the garbage onto the platform on the other side. She seemed surprised that she wasn’t as worn out as she thought. I followed suit. I switched the machine on which drained all the water just like the other room. Except this time, I had to go to the garbage and push them around so I could get to other places and then turn the water back on. It was disgusting but it was better than falling into that dirty water. I don’t know why but I could feel as if Titania was enjoying this. I finally was able to get to the other side of the room and went to the next room. Titania came up beside me. Titania: Took you long enough to do that. Matthew: Titania, I’ve never been here before. I don’t know where things go and how to navigate through here. Titania: Excuses. But we’re here now. Tch. But not a whole lot of options here. Well let’s do this. Titania started to hop on top of the garbage but once she got onto a platform, the water started draining. Titania was stranded on the platform. It was too high up for her to drop down. The 2 of us looked across and saw someone standing there with his hand on the switch. I knew exactly who it was. Matthew: Taka? Taka: Hello there Matthew. Surprising to see you here. Well… not really. But my, my. The water level drops and leaves you stranded and apart. What ever will you do now? Titania: Stick around and find out. Taka: Naw but thanks for the offer. Titania: So are you the new commander those others mentioned? Taka: I dunno if I’m much of a commander per se, but that’s sort of what I’m doing down here I guess. Titania: Uh huh. And what do you want? Taka: Want? I’m just following orders. Matthew: Taka… You know you don’t have to listen to them. Just… Just stop and join us. Taka: I can’t Matt. I’d be going against orders. Matthew: But Taka- Titania: Enough Matt. You. What do you accomplish by letting us in here in the 1st place? Could have just left us locked in here and made off with Amaria and the Sapphire Bracelets already. But you didn’t and there’s a reason. Tell it. Taka: Jeesh. So many questions and demands… Are you really in a place for that? Matthew: It’s not gonna matter to her dude. Titania: Really Matthew? Anyways, don’t avoid the subject. Answer me. Taka: As enticing as that sounds, I don’t think I will. I mean why in the world would I give the information to the people who are supposed to be my enemies? Titania: Tch. Don’t act like your precious little team is that good at keeping secrets anyway. I’ve been getting information out of your grunts for months and- Matthew: Wait wait! What?! Are you apart of Team Meteor?! Titania: What? No. I just wanted to get info on them and in return, I gave them false intel. Matthew: How can I trust you about that? Titania: It doesn’t matter if you do or not. I’m not apart of them. End of discussion. Matthew: Whatever you say. Taka: You 2 seem to be falling apart. Titania: We weren’t really the best of friends to begin with. Matthew: She actually said something I can agree with. Taka: Well whatever the case is, at the end of the day, the 2 of you are stuck over there now and I have an operation to manage. So if it’s cool, I’m gonna go do that. See ya. -leaves the area- Matthew: Wait! Taka! Titania: Enough. He’s gone. No use in shouting for him. No then. You wanna see if you can get me off of this? Matthew: Only because if I don’t, you’d annoy me to death somehow. Titania: Well aren’t you just a team player. Matthew: Hey. You just made it to where I can’t trust you. Titania: -sigh- Look, I’ll tell you about it when we’re back up on the surface. Now can you just please help me get unstuck? I sighed and went to do whatever it was that I had to do to get her to be unstuck. I only had to beat 1 Meteor Orderly and hit the switch for the water to come up. Titania was able to jump across the floating garbage and get to the other side and hit the button for the gate in between to disappear. Titania: Well that was annoying. Matthew: Yea but… Titania: But what? Matthew: Something feels awkward. Titania: Hmm… You know, you’re actually right. But it’s probably nothing. Let’s go. The 2 of us walked into the next room. Not long after, we came across 2 Meteor Orderlies with Taka behind them. Matthew: Him again. Titania: Right. Matt, you remember I only have 1 Pokemon right? Matthew: Yea. Titania: Good. -calls out Aegislash- I’ll help but you gotta pull the weight. Matthew: I’ve been doing that most of the time I’ve been here with you. Titania: What was that? Matthew: Let’s just get this over with. We battled the 2 Meteor Orderlies and came out victorious but not without a few hiccups. Titania and I would get in each other’s way with our attacks. Even at 1 point, 1 of my Pokemon knocked out her Aegislash. Luckily, that happened near the end of the battle. She recalled back her Pokemon. Titania: Wow. Some partner you are. Matthew: Hey. Your Pokemon was always getting in front of mine. Some Gym Leader you are. Titania: Why you- Taka: This is enjoyable. Seeing to of my enemies argue amongst each others. Titania: Ohh yes. You and your 2 lackies here. Well seeing as you both are defenseless now. Titania quickly called back out her Aegislash and sliced it into 1 of the Metoer Orderlies guts and slicing it open, killing him almost immediately. The other 1 backed up against the wall with Titania thrusting the sword part of Aegislash towards him. Matthew: Did you really have to do that Titania? Titania: I wouldn’t have to do this if they hadn’t taken Amaria. Taka: Wow. Ok. You know, battles are 1 thing, but I don’t particularly appreciate you harming my colleagues. Titania: Ohh well. Return Amaria and this won’t happen anymore. Since Team Meteor won’t stop at nothing to achieve their goals, why should I? Taka: Look, I really can’t defend some of the others’ actions alright? Matthew: Then stop being Team Meteor’s pawn and join us! Taka: I wish Matt… But it’s not gonna work out. Titania: Where’s Amaria? Taka:… She’s in the Control Room. So if you want her, come and get her. Titania: Believe me, I intend to. Titania started hoping across some garbage on the water but Taka then ran to the switch and pushed it, once again draining the water and leaving Titania stranded. She was obviously annoying. But something seemed off. Then I realized something. Matthew: Taka, you’re- Taka: Shush. You’re stuck again. Good luck getting here. -leaves the area- Titania: He always act like that? Matthew: I mean… somewhat. Yea. Titania: Sucks. Well, looks like you gotta help me again. Just like in the previous room, I helped her and then she helped me. But it seemed like she was starting to realize the same thing I figured out when Taka pressed the switch. The 2 of us walked into the next room and figured out the way to move around in there and then headed to the next. Titania stopped and looked at the dirty water. Matthew: Titania? What is it? Titania: Hmm. This should be the central turbine of the plant. Matthew: What’s it do? Titania: It’s supposed to keep the water clean. But it seems Team Meteor somehow has messed with it. Matthew: So that’s why the water never got cleaned after me and Amaria dealt with these guys back at the Power Plant. Titania: We should try to get to it and figure out the problem. You know, you’d think someone would’ve thought to check down here before. Matthew: Well, knowing Meteor, they probably had radioed in fake reports of the things down here working properly. Titania: Yea. That’s possible. Well seems like there’s 2 ways to go. I’ll go up and you go to the left. Before I could get out a word, Titania rushed upwards and through the door. I was a little upset but then realized that I would have some alone time away from her. I continued to go into many different rooms, trying to go through them all as thoroughly as I could. While it did feel nice to be away from her, it was a bit scary being down here by myself. My stomach started to grumble as I realized how I was feeling and knew it was Wehttam. Matthew: Ok. I’m scared but I’m not that scared to call you out and take over. When I entered the next room, I looked around and could see Titania standing on a platform. I went over to where she was and on the other side I could see Taka. Titania turned towards me. Titania: Well, this seems to be a dead end. You find anything? Matthew: Not really. I’ve just been trying to find a way to try to clear the water but nothing so far. Taka then hit the switch and the water drained. Titania was annoyed with him but so was I. Titania went up to the edge of the platform and started yelling at him. Titania: Dude, seriously, what in the hell is your problem? Taka: Problem? What problem? I’m obviously just following orders and trying to slow you 2 down. Titania & Matthew: Bullshit! Taka: Seems as though you 2 have finally agreed on something. Matthew: Wha? It’s not like that. We just see right through you and calling you out. Taka: See right through me? Whatever do you mean? Titania: Tch. You’re not even trying to hide it anymore. If you hadn’t pulled the switches in all the rooms you tried to “stop” us, we wouldn’t have been able to proceed. Matthew: Exactly. Dude, just leave Team Meteor and join the good dudes. Titania: I agree. Simple answer to a simple question. Do you want to be on Team Meteor’s side or not? Taka: Of course not but… it’s just not that simple. Titania: It is if you let it be. Taka: Ugh… To be honest, I don’t really agree with much of what Team Meteor does. Matthew: If that’s the case, leave them. Help us stop them. Taka: Heh. If only it were that easy. I would love to Matt but I’m in here for life… So I’ve gotta at least pretend to follow suit, you know? Titania: You don’t actually. If you don’t agree with them, then don’t serve them. Done and done. Taka: I can’t! I don’t really have a choice about that- Titania: It’s not just gonna go away if you cover your eyes and pretend not to see it. Matthew: Plus dude, aren’t they gonna see you helping us? You’ll get into big time trouble and I don’t want to see you in trouble or hurt. Titania: It’s useless Matt. He’s too afraid to make the choice. Taka: It’s… not like that. But… thank you Matt. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this before. Matthew: Felt what? Taka: Felt what it’s like having… a friend. Titania: Oh my- Taka: But I can’t just up and quit Team Meteor. We’re the last direct descendants of the culture that enshrined Arceus’ meteor in Reborn so many centuries ago. It’s our duty to protect it. It’s my birthright… or more like my curse. And I can’t change that. Matthew: Taka… Titania: Not if you keep acting like a coward. Taka: Yes. Running away from my fate would be cowardice. Titania: Is that what your father told you? Taka: What? Titania: You said yourself you don’t agree with Team Meteor’s actions, but you are allowing this to happen. They’re your actions too. Matthew: Titania, maybe you should- Titania: If you don’t like it, change it. If you can’t change it, leave it. Matthew: Titania! Titania: What?! Matthew: Just stop it already alright?! Taka: You wouldn’t understand… But that’s ok. I’m going on ahead. If you want your friend back, you both should follow. Ohh yea. The key to the door here is in the Lapis Water Grid Room. Have you already been there? I’m sure Team Meteor would just hate it if you happened to clear all the rooms. So make sure you do that. -leaves the area- Matthew: Jeesh… Titania: Have you gone soft or something? Matthew: What do you mean? Titania: You’re being too nice to him. You need to be blunt and honest with him. Matthew: I think you’re like that with everyone. It doesn’t always work your way. In fact, it could make situations worse sometimes. Titania: Urgh! Titania called out her Aegislash and started slicing at a machine. She was obviously pissed off with what had happened and at my answer. Titania: Heh… If only he were standing there. Matthew: Holy hell. Isn’t that a bit much? Titania: Listen Matthew. I don’t expect you to get it but listen. I HATE living a lie. Matthew: Alright. Alright. I’m sorry. Titania: But… I should thank you Matthew for resolving this. Aside from the part where Amy jumped off a waterfall. No thanks for that. But I can’t stand this. I can’t STAND seeing somebody else act so- Matthew: Titania. Titania! Just… try to calm down alright? I’m sorry. Titania:… Forget it. I’m just tired. Look, you go on further. I need a moment to myself. I looked into Titania’s eyes. It was easy to see that she was very upset with all of this. I did what she asked and continued my way through the room giving her her space. I came across some Meteor Orderlies and battled them. When the battle was over, they ran away. Titania then came her way up to me. Matthew: Hey… Doing better? Titania: Yea… But you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little reckless with what little energy I have. Come on. Let’s go through the door. Luckily while I was looking through the rooms when Titania and I split up, I did in fact find a key. The door unlocked and the 2 of us walked in. We walked up to what seemed to be a pair of gates. Titania decided to go through 1 of them but when she made it to the other side, it locked itself, once again separating us. Titania: Are you fucking kidding me? Matthew: How many times has this happened already? Titania: I don’t know but I’m the 1 stuck… again. Matthew: I think you’ve been stuck in every situation this happened. Titania: Ugh! Is this supposed to be some kind of metaphor? Because I’m not getting it. Matthew: I think you’re just getting unlucky. Titania: Well fortunately for us, it seems that the water control for this room is here. Matthew: That’s good right? Titania: Yea but it’s not gonna do me much good. Matthew: So basically, I gotta save you again right? Titania: Yep. But I’ll be helping you though. Hop to it. Matthew: -sighs- Yea yea. Pokemon Team Pokemon Traveling Companion REBORN CHARACTER RATES
  7. So it seems you didn't update the game! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!... But it's alright. Because this is back! Yea. For me, this is where the game got... weird for me. But ohh well. Can't wait to see more. Btw, is the Mothim ever gonna come back?
  8. And we'll be closer to November! (Just assuming that's the month when the games come out)
  9. Well we did get news for Pokemon Sword and Shield from Coro Coro… Juuuust not the 1 we were hoping for though. In Japan there seems to be a contest about naming a new move at this time. The following is the type, Damage and Effect. Type: Steel Damage: 140 Effect: Does major damage but reduces user's Hit Points to 50%. If you wanna see where I saw this info from, I will provide the link to the YouTube channel here.
  10. Hopefully either sometime tonight or tomorrow, Episode 53 of My Awesome Pokemon Adventure Written Run will be posted. Just have to write it out. 😛

  11. Is it weird I want to see a fusion between Vegeta and Gohan And have their name be Gogeha or Vegiho?

    1. SilverAngelus


      Nah, I don't think so 😉

      Meanwhile, I wanna see God of Destruction Vegeta 👀

  12. Ok. These are SERIOUSLY AWESOME!





    Someone! Call up Japan, show them these and have them make an Anime out of these! I need these in my life! Btw, spoiler here btw, 1 armed Sandy is fucking EPIC!

    1. seki108


      Didn't know there was a third one now!

  13. J-Awesome_One

    SH3'S B4CK

    It's Terra. pix~ Knowing her, she could probably bring someone back from the dead. pix~
  14. Sooo… Either whatever the next episode is gonna be will reveal what's happening OR... April Fools.
  15. I feel like I'm in a dream. Like this can't be happening. But it so is and it's just so weird and heart-breaking.
  16. This is fucking huge. I never saw this coming.
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