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  1. Episode 14 of Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior! has be uploaded! Time to get some help for Shelly! Bonnie goes to the Orphanage/Psychiatrist place and encounters a couple of interesting individuals! She also seems to have a certain feeling for 1 of them and the feeling seems mutual as well! After the events there, she tells Shelly and everything seems better but Victoria doesn't think so! The 2 have a battle! Who wins and what happens afterwards and what important lesson does Bonnie learn!? Read, Find Out & Enjoy! 😄





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    Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior!

    Table Of Contents Prologue/The Team Season 1 Season 2
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    Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior!

    The 2 girls headed out of the PokeCenter with both their teams now fully healed. They went back to Shelly’s Gym and up to her living quarters. She was just sitting on the couch when they reached the upstairs. Shelly: O-Ohh! You 2 made it… Bonnie: Yea. We did. Victoria: Are you doing ok? Sorry it took so long. Shelly: It’s ok and umm… I guess I am… Bonnie: Well… That’s good. Victoria: -whispers to Bonnie- She’s so not good still. Bonnie: -whispers back to Victoria- Well what do we do? Victoria: I don’t know but I’m worried for her. She apparently knew him through her friend? Bonnie: Yea. Heather. Victoria: Well… I guess we should go get some help. Bonnie: From where though? Victoria: Hmm… I think there’s a psychiatrist in this ward. His name is Dr. Connal. Do you think if you could go see if he’d be willing to see Shelly? Bonnie: Yea. Sure. No problem. Victoria: -talking regular volume- Alright. Well, see you in a bit Bonnie. Shelly: H-Huh? Where umm… are you doing? Bonnie: I just need to do something really quick. I’ll be back in no time. And I won’t get captured. Victoria: Very funny Bonnie. Shelly: Ohh. Ok. Well… Bye I guess then. Bonnie: See you both soon. Bonnie exited the Gym and headed towards the building. Luckily, she found the place fairly quick. Unfortunately though, as she went for the door, it swung open fast and bashed Bonnie in the face. She stumbled backwards from the shock and pain, holding her nose. Bonnie: Ow my nose! Ugh! I just don’t have luck with doors do I? ???: Huh? Ohh! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you with the door. Bonnie: It’s ok. I’ll be fine… eventually. ???: Good. But if you don’t mind, I have to get out of here, right now… Finally… The girl ran away from the building as if she had just saw something terrible happen in there. Now Bonnie was a little nervous what she was gonna see when she went in. She placed her hand on the doorknob, twisted it and opened it. As soon as she was inside, she was greeted with a loud voice almost right in front of her. ???: Hi! Bonnie: Ow! My ears! ???: Ohh. Whoops! You’re not Laura! Bonnie: No I am not! ???: Did you see her? She just left. Bonnie: Yea. She kind of bashed my nose with the door. ???: Ouchies! But wait. Who are you? And why are you so glowy? Bonnie was somewhat unsure what the little girl meant. Maybe she meant her personality or how she 1st presented herself. Or maybe she was just plain crazy. Bonnie stared at the girl with confusion. Bonnie: Uhh… Glowy? ???: Come up here and let me introduce you to everyone! The little girl swiftly grabbed Bonnie’s hand and pulled her upwards more into the room. Bonnie didn’t know what she had gotten herself into but just wanted to get the Doctor and get out of there. Anna: So to start off, hi! I’m Anna and this is my Jirachi, Nostra! Bonnie: Wait. Jirachi?! Anna: Yea! Isn’t it cute?! ???: Anna, it’s just a stuffed doll. Anna: Noel, you know that’s not true! Your Cleffa, Nomos, even says so! Bonnie turned to see who Anna was talking to. When her eyes met with the boy she was talking to, she blushed. She started to feel like she had butterflies in her stomach. Surprisingly, the boy seemed to have the same reaction seeing Bonnie. Bonnie: Uhh… hi. I’m Bonnie. Noel: Hey… I’m Noel. Bonnie: It’s uh… It’s nice to meet you Noel. Noel: Same to you Bonnie… Bonnie: -talking to herself in her mind- Why am I feeling like this? I never had this feeling before. I wonder if this means something? Anna: So over here is Charlotte! She’s SO pretty! You just have to see through the burn scars. Bonnie: Burn scars? Bonnie looked over the girl Anna was introducing to her. She had a lot of red clothing on and her hair was pinkish red. But she couldn’t see any burn scars are her. Charlotte seemed highly irritated with the statement Anna made about her. Charlotte: Again with that Anna? I told you I have no burn scars? See? No scars. Noel: Seriously Anna. There aren’t any on her. Bonnie: I don’t see any on her either. Anna: But… Ohh! I’m sorry! I’m so insensitive! I promise I won’t mention them again. I was just saying you’re pretty! Bonnie: Uhh… Is she always like this? Charlotte: Always. Noel: Yep. Anna: Like what? Charlotte: Anyways, hi. So you saw Laura on her way out huh? Bonnie: Yea. She seemed relieved to be getting out of her for some reason. Charlotte: Yea. That’s no surprise. But that’s my sister and she’s also 1 of Reborn’s Elite 4. Bonnie was shocked hearing this. Throughout her adventure here, she didn’t expect to meet any of the Elite 4 Members until she was challenging the Elite 4 in official battles. Bonnie: Your sister is apart of the Elite 4 Charlotte?! Charlotte: Yea but awesome kind of runs in our family. No big deal. Noel: Might as well mention as well that Anna- Anna: Yea! Laura is SO cool! By the way, Charlotte and Noel are also Gym Leaders!~ Bonnie:… Anymore secrets I should know before she just randomly blurts them out? Charlotte: Yes but I’ll save that for a different time. Well if we ever meet again that is. Anna: Yeeeaaa. I’m gonna miss Laura but I’m glad she’s finally getting out! Bonnie: Why is that? Noel: Well the doctor isn’t really all that- Anna: The Doctor is super mean! Charlotte: Yea. That’s about right. See, this is an orphanage as well as a psychiatric place. Bonnie: Seems like a weird 2 things to combine into 1 building. Charlotte: Well the “good” Doctor only lets us go when we become of age or he decides to let us go. Luckily for Laura, today is her birthday. She gets to get out of this horrid place. Noel: The Doctor is scary… The sound of how Noel said that sentence melted Bonnie’s heart. She felt really bad that this person was being really mean to these children. Especially to him. Bonnie: That’s horrible. Anna: Yea! He has a really strong Electric Type Pokemon and he uses it in his “therapy”… It really hurts… Bonnie: What?! Why?! Charlotte: We have no idea. Anna: Nostra thinks some of his past patients have died. Bonnie: That’s… insane… Anna: I believe it! If you’re around him and you’re quiet enough, you can hear voices. Noel: Anna please. You cannot hear any voices. I’m sorry about my sister. She can be like that sometimes. Bonnie: It’s uhh… It’s ok. Anna: Ohh yea! Why are you here Bonnie? Bonnie: Something terrible happened to my friend and she needs the Doctor to help her get through this problem. Anna: Awe!~ I’m sorry something bad happened but no! You mustn’t bring the Doctor to them! That’ll only worsen the problem. Bonnie: Is he really that bad? Noel: She’s crazy but I agree with her on that. Anna: Wait… Nostra says he’s coming! Eep! Anna stood at the side of the room. Bonnie stared at the door in front of her waiting for whoever this was to walk out. The Doctor finally emerged from the doorway. Bonnie could instantly feel some kind of negative energy from this person. He even looked bad. He had on a lab coat of sorts. He seemed cynical. He walked up closer to Bonnie. She was frightened with his presence. ???: Ahh. A visitor. I was right to wonder at the noise. Bonnie: Ohh. I’m sorry. I uhh… I hope I wasn’t too loud or anything. Sigmund: Of course not. But greetings. I am Dr. Sigmund Connal but you may refer to me simply as the Doctor. Bonnie: Well if that’s what you want… Doctor? Sigmund: Indeed. So how may I help you? Bonnie: Uhh… Well you see, I uhh- Anna: She heard there were some Gym Leaders here and just wanted to check them out! Bonnie: Yea yea! That! Sigmund: Is that all? Well then. Well it is true. There are some particularly… gifted individuals in our care. Some of them were able to inherit or earn high ranking positions. Hrm… But that must mean you have some degree if confidence in your skill as well then hm? Bonnie: I think I’m pretty strong. Sigmund: In that case, Orderly, please conduct a brief examination of this challenger. Orderly: Yes Doctor. The Orderly walked up closer to Bonnie and took out his PokeBall. Bonnie decided to use Nidorina to have it gain some experience. It shockingly did a pretty good job, defeating all 3 of the orderlies Pokemon. After the battle, Bonnie could see that the Doctor seemed impressed with her skills. Sigmund: Most impressive. Bonnie right? Bonnie: Y-Yea. Sigmund: While that was a true show of power, I am afraid I cannot permit a battle with them just now. We are currently renovation the arena. Common areas are unsuited for battle. I also cannot allow any of them to leave. Regrettable I know but it cannot be helped. You shall have to wait until a different time. Bonnie: Ohh. Well uh- Anna: That’s too bad!~ Bonnie will just have to leave now I guess! Anna pushed Bonnie back towards the door. As she made it passed Noel, she waved good bye to him as did he. She blushed once again just thinking about him. When they got to the door, Anna started to whisper to Bonnie. Anna: Listen, the Doctor is NOT for your friend. Bonnie: -whispers back to Anna- I wish I knew how to help my friend. Anna: Hmm… Nostra says she can feel your friend’s sorrow on you as well… and also your sorrow. Bonnie: Yea… A lot’s happened that past 24 hours. Anna: Well tell your friend this and you remember this as well. Tell her to look out for the 1 who’s really hurt by this. If she does that, then she won’t have time to be sad herself! Bonnie: Yea… Yea. That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks Anna. Sigmund: What are you 2 doing? What’s with all the whispering? Anna: -normal voice sound- Nothing! See you later Bonnie! Anna opened the door and pushed Bonnie outside. On 1 hand, she was glad she was out of there. The Doctor guy was really frightening and scary looking. And his voice didn’t help either. But on the other hand, she felt bad for everyone that had to stay in there with him. Especially Noel. She found it surprising that she had these strong feelings towards this boy. But she knew what she had to do. She walked back to the Gym and walked upstairs where Victoria and Shelly were. Bonnie walked right up to Shelly, who was still on the couch. Victoria: Hey Bonnie. Uhh… Where’s the Doctor? Bonnie: He, uhh… He couldn’t come. But someone there told me to tell you something Shelly? Shelly: T-They did? Bonnie: Yea. And it even helped me realize it too. Victoria: Hmm. And that is? Bonnie: You need to look out for the 1 who’s hurt the most by this. What we both witnessed was horrible but… Heather’s the 1 who lost her dad. Not us. Shelly: You’re… You’re right. What am I complaining about? She’s the 1 who lost her father. I don’t have any room to be shaken up with this. I need to find her… Victoria: It’s good that you are concerned for your friends feelings honey, but you need to stay here and rest. Bonnie: Well wait. If she wants to go out and look for her friend, she can. Shelly: Y-Yea. Besides, I’m ok. Really! Thank you Bonnie. Bonnie: -chuckles- No problem. Shelly: Ohh wait. I forgot. Umm, Victoria. Didn’t you come here for a Gym Battle? Victoria: Huh? A Gym Battle? Now? Shelly: I’m sorry! With everything that happened, I totally forgot… We can do it now if you want. Victoria: Ohh no no no. It’s fine. No need to apologize. Shelly: Ohh, S-Sorry… Ohh, oops. Victoria: Really, don’t worry about my battle. I’d rather wait until everything’s sorted out. Although, maybe Bonnie might want to do it? Bonnie: Yea! I’d love to have a Gym Battle with you! Shelly: O-Oh… Ok. I’ll go wait downstairs. Just umm… Just come whenever you’re ready. Shelly left her living quarters and went to her arena. Bonnie was starting to feel excited about this. She would be winning her 3rd Gym Badge. It would have been 4 but she didn’t want to think about Corey again. Bonnie turned around and started to walk towards the steps. She glanced back at Victoria. She didn’t seem happy about this decision but Bonnie continued downstairs anyway. As she was heading towards the door to the official Gym Arena, Victoria yelled out to her. Victoria: Bonnie wait! Bonnie: -turns around- What is it? You wanna wish me luck? Victoria: No. I just think… there’s better things to do right now than getting a badge from her. Bonnie: But you saw her. She’s all fine now. Victoria: She maybe fine now but she’s still hurting from this and I bet you are too. Bonnie: I mean it’s still awkward to think about but… I’m fine. Victoria: What if this stresses her out more? And you too? Bonnie: Victoria, stop worrying. She’s fine and I’m fine. I was able to beat those 2 Meteor Grunts back in the cave wasn’t I? Victoria: Did you forget how you were trying to do that? Bonnie: Like I said, I’m over it and she’s over it. Just accept it. Victoria:… Battle me. Bonnie: Huh? Victoria: Battle me. If you win, go have your battle with her. If you lose, wait until she feels better. Bonnie: Victoria- Victoria: You scared? Bonnie: Hmph! Fine! The 2 started their battle. Bonnie found it weird that she wasn’t able to come up with the best attacking moves against Victoria. As she battled, she thought about her battle against the orderly back at the orphanage. While she won that battle, she made silly mistakes and wasn’t really battling at her best and she realized she was doing the same here. But despite that, she was able to come out victorious against Victoria. She sighed and called back her last Pokemon as did Bonnie. Victoria: Well you won… But you noticed it too didn’t you? Bonnie: N-Noticed what? Victoria: You weren’t in your best mindset. You haven’t truly gotten over this horrible experience. You’ve accepted what happened and you’re starting your process to moving on but you haven’t fully moved on. And I don’t want that to happen to her. Or you again. Bonnie: I think you’re right. I just wanted to think I was fully over it but I guess it’s still there. Victoria: But that’s ok Bonnie. It takes time to get over stuff like this and it’s the same for Shelly. Shelly: -walks through the door- B-Bonnie? Are we going to have our, umm… Gym Battle? Bonnie: Uhh… Actually, can we wait on that? I just… I don’t think I’m up for a major Pokemon Battle. Plus, I think my team needs some training. Shelly: O-Ohh. Well that’s ok, I guess. Bonnie: I’m sorry. Shelly: It’s ok… Bonnie: Hey… Do you mind if I hang out with you for a while Shelly? Shelly: Uhh… If you want… Bonnie: Thanks Shelly. I’ll even help you look for Heather. Shelly: Y-You will? Bonnie: Yea. It’s what friends do. Shelly: Ok… Thanks Bonnie… Bonnie: No problem Shelly. Victoria: It’s good to see you 2 getting along. I think I’m gonna go though. Be careful you 2. Shelly: W-We will. Bonnie: Yea. What she said. And thanks Victoria. For everything. Victoria: No problem. Bye! Victoria exited the gym. The 2 young girls talked to each other for a bit and then went in search for Heather. Bonnie felt good knowing that she was helping Shelly more and was also making another good friend. Pokemon Team REBORN CHARACTER RATES
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    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    People realize Terra is actually really smart right? She's just messed up in the head from... whatever caused her to be like that?
  5. … They should have just went after the hinges on the side of the door. Would have been way easier. And duh! Obviously, the door is the most important part of the episode. It must be talked about! Lol.
  6. Wait... I just thought about it. How does that make any sense!? If you attack something on both sides, doesn't it just stay in place? And when the door is broken, it's on the outside... Although, maybe Heather wasn't in her right mindset to properly command Salamence, Therefore, it's attacks weren't as strong... Hmmm...
  7. Nope. NOPE! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! REWRITE THAT WHOLE EPISODE! IT'S BEEN RUINED! RUINED I TELL YOU! (I hope you don't take that seriously. I'm just joking.)
  8. But wouldn't flamethrower not be as effective if they weren't in a snowy mountain? That's right! I brought in the field affect! And also, wouldn't Rock Blast become a Rock/Ice Type Move?!
  9. Actually, I just thought of something. Since they were already in a very cold area, wouldn't the door already be freezing cold? o.O
  10. Something tells me that you're somehow either gonna have: 1. Have Vanilla VS Alladin (?) while Shelly somehow manages to beat Blake. 2. Have Blake physically abuse Shelly by the time Vanilla gets there. 3. Somehow have like a 2 VS 1 VS 1 Battle.
  11. I like how you changed up the parts here with Cal and Shelly talking as Vanilla tries rescuing Heather. xD But as always, you did an awesome job! Can't wait the next episode! Btw, nice job on getting 25,000 views on this! Totally deserves it!
  12. Episode 13 of Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior! has been uploaded! Turns out that dream from Corey might be more! It's time to save Victoria! Bonnie goes in to save her but tries her own way of not only trying to save her but becoming stronger! But something magical happens when Bonnie gets into trouble! What happens?! Read, Find Out & Enjoy! 😄



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    Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior!

    Bonnie was tossing and turning in her sleep and then all of a sudden she felt herself falling and hitting the ground. When she opened her eyes, she could see she was on the floor in Shelly’s room. No pitch blackness, no disfigured Corey or ghostly Corey anywhere. She was back in reality. Shelly came running over to her to make sure she was ok. Shelly: A-Are you ok? Bonnie: Yea… Yea. I’m fine. Shelly: You were uhh… moving around last night a lot. I d-didn’t wanna wake you up. Bonnie: You should have. I didn’t mean to keep you up at night if I did. Shelly: I-it’s ok… Bonnie: Hey… where did Victoria go? Shelly: Umm… I think she went to the hole at the Grand Stairway. Bonnie: She went there by herself? Shelly: I think so… Then Bonnie remembered the dream she had about Corey. She instantly jumped up to her feet. This surprised Shelly for she wasn’t expecting this as soon as Bonnie woke up. Shelly: W-What’s wrong? Bonnie: Victoria’s in trouble. Shelly: She is? Bonnie: Yes! Shelly: W-Wait. I don’t mean to be mean or umm… anything but h-how do you know that? Bonnie: If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. Shelly: Umm… Bonnie: How long ago did she leave? Shelly: Umm… About an hour ago? Bonnie: She would have been back by now if nothing was wrong. I’m going to go to the stairway now. Shelly: What umm… What should I do? Bonnie: Just stay here. I don’t think you’ve gotten over what happened yesterday. And trust me. Neither have I. But I’m in a more stable mind than you are so it’s best if you stay here and just try to get better, ok? Shely: Ohh… O-Ok. Bonnie looked up at Shelly. She couldn’t tell if Shelly was sad with Bonnie for telling her to just stay here and that she didn’t have a stable mind to go with her. Bonnie walked up to Shelly before she left. Bonnie: Look… I’m sorry. I hope what I said wasn’t mean. Shelly: It wasn’t. I-I get it… Bonnie: I just think it’s better if 1 of us stays here. Shelly: Ok. Bonnie: I’ll be back with Victoria in no time alright? Shelly: Ok. Good l-luck. Bonnie went running out of the gym but before she went to the Grand Stairway, she decided to stop off at the PokeCenter 1st. She found this to be possibly a good opportunity for her to train up her newly caught Nidorina. So she deposited her Floette and took out Nidorina and continued her way to the Grand Stairway. When she got there, she noticed a ladder going down into the hole. With no other options left, she decided to descend into the hole. When she reached the bottom, she was surprised to see all different kinds of crystals and gems down there. She almost got distracted by the beauty of it. Bonnie: Wooow… This place is so pretty… Dedenne: -hits her leg- Dedenne! Bonnie: Ow! Why would- Ohh yea! Victoria! I almost forgot! Come on Dedenne! The 2 of them ran further below the surface. Bonnie was afraid of what she might encounter but she knew she had to keep going to find Victoria. As she made it ton the lowest part of the cave, she saw a man facing a weird looking door. As she got closer to him, he spoke to her. ???: Greetings Trainer. Bonnie: Umm… Hi? ???: Do not be afraid. All I wish to do is speak to you. Bonnie: Hmm. ???: Tell me something. Did you, as a citizen of this city, have any inkling of this place beneath it? Bonnie: I’m not really a citizen here but… No. I didn’t. ???: Either way, I suspected not. But then again, most people do not. Most people are ignorant to the centuries of history right beneath their calloused feet. And do you know what is beyond that gate Trainer? Bonnie: Uhh… No? What is it? ???: It’s the very core of Reborn. Bonnie: The core of Reborn? ???: Yes. This is a sacred place. A place from where the world began. But tell me. How insolent, how utterly ignorant must 1 be to build such a wretched city right over this precious holy land? Bonnie: Well… If they knew, maybe they- ???: No. THAT is Reborn. The city of insolence. But ironically, they built it from the symbols of that which it occludes. Bonnie: What do you mean? ???: I shall tell you young 1. Ruby, the seal of pain. Sapphire, the seal of love. Emerald, the seal of faith. And Amethyst, the seal of the beyond. Each 1 is a key. Bonnie: A key? To what? ???: When you bring the 4 together, Reborn’s true power, its sacred rite, will be restored! We shall be rid of this malignant junkyard and beauty can be restored to the world! The man spoke with such confidence but also seriousness that it kind of scared Bonnie. This man seemed really dangerous and focused on whatever his mission was to do. He calmed down and spoke softly to her. ???: You will walk away safely. Bonnie: I… I can? ???: Yes. So can your friend. She’s just up ahead. Though, you’ll have to deal with the grunts that guard her. Bonnie: Well good. ???: But when you leave, take this place with you. Share this place with the world. Remind them. This world which they have undone will itself be their undoing. Farewell. Bonnie backed up and let the man pass her and continue back up towards the surface. She was glad that he was gone. The scary feeling she had with him there now diminished. She ran to where he said Victoria was being held and was soon face to face with Aster and Eclipse. Victoria: Bonnie? You’re here? Bonnie: Yea. Shelly told me you left to come down here and see what was up and since you didn’t come back for an hour, I figured you were in trouble. Victoria: Yea. I rushed right in without even thinking and these 2 jerks caught me off guard and here I am now. Aster: And we’re not gonna let her go! But I don’t get it. The boss just let you walk away? Eclipse: Tch. Told you we couldn’t count on him to do our work. Aster: We’ll just have to capture you here ourselves! Victoria: I’ve got your back Bonnie! Let’s- Bonnie: No! Victoria: Huh? Bonnie: I need to get stronger by myself. I gotta take these 2 goofs on myself. I can beat you 1 on 2 and I mean that literally! Come on out Nidorina! Nidorina popped out of its PokeBall. It looked up towards Aster and Eclipse and got into its attacking stance. Aster and Eclipse both looked at each other and laughed out loud. Bonnie didn’t understand what was so funny but before she could ask anything, the pair sent out a Lunatone and Solrock. Bonnie: We can do this Nidorina! Eclipse: You’re joking right? Aster: This is gonna be a snap! I don’t know why you think you can win like this but let’s just get this over with. Eclipse and Aster: Use Psychic! Both Lunatone’s and Solrock’s eyes glowed up. An aura came around Nidorina. It was lifted up into the air and then thrown against the walls until it was knocked out. This wasn’t a good 1st battle Nidorina. Bonnie: Ahh! Nidorina! Return! Go Tyrunt! Use Ancient Power! Out popped her Tyrunt. It sent the attack flying towards its opponents but the pair used their Pokemon to use Psychic to stop the attack and send it back towards Tyrunt. It moved so fast that it was unable to avoid the attack and was knocked out. Bonnie returned Tyrunt back to its PokeBall. Victoria was afraid Bonnie wasn’t thinking straight. Victoria: Bonnie! We need to work together or else- Bonnie: No! If I can’t do this by myself, then… Then I won’t be able to save people that are in need of saving! Victoria: Bonnie… Bonnie: Come on Phantump! We have to do this! Phantump came out of its PokeBall. This time, the pair had Lunatone use Psychic to hold Phantump in place while Solrock used Rock Slide on it, knocking it out completely. Bonnie returned her beaten Pokemon and her eyes started to tear up. Aster: Ohh look. The little girl is crying. Eclipse: What a naive trainer. Bonnie: -sobbing- Sh-Shut up! Come on Lapras! Water Pulse! Lapras popped out and executed the move. For the 1st time since the battle started, the move landed but it didn’t seem to affect the Lunatone that much. Bonnie: What?! Eclipse: We trained it up for it to take Water Type moves. Aster: Now Lunatone, use Hypnosis! Eclipse: Solrock, Rock Slide! Lapras was put to sleep and then multiple rocks came crashing down on it, knocking it completely out. Bonnie was getting frustrated but also frightened. If she couldn’t beat these 2 by herself with only 1 Pokemon, how would she save anyone else? She looked behind her at Dedenne. Bonnie: -sobbing- D-Dedenne… I need you. Dedenne: Dedenne! The little mouse Pokemon ran to the side of Bonnie and got into its battle stance. She commanded it to use Charge Beam on Solrock. Eclipse commanded Solrock to use Rock Slide to block the attack and then Aster had Lunatone use Psychic to fly Dedenne into the Rock Slide. Somehow though, Dedenne didn’t give up. The 2 then had their Pokemon use a double Psychic attack on it and sent it up towards the ceiling. It smacked the ceiling so hard that it finally lost consciousness. It fell towards the ground but Bonnie caught it just in time. Bonnie: -sobbing- Th-Thank you for trying Dedenne. I’ll heal you up o-once this is all done. -puts Dedenne in the bag- Aster: Had enough yet? Eclipse: This has been entertaining but I’m starting to lose my patience with you. Bonnie: -sobbing- G… Go Espurr! Espurr: -pops out of the PokeBall- Espurrrr. Victoria: Bonnie! Bonnie: N- Victoria: No Bonnie! Listen to me! I get why you’re doing this. Somehow, you think that if you’re Pokemon were stronger, you would have been able to save Corey. But you need to understand something. That’s not the case. I don’t know what happened up on the bridge but it sounded like he was battling a lot of his own demons and he couldn’t take it anymore. I’m not saying what he did was right but… There was nothing anyone could do. Even if you were twice as strong as before, it wouldn’t have changed anything. Bonnie: But… If I can’t do it myself- Victoria: Friends can help you! And that’s what you need right now! Please Bonnie! Let me help you! Bonnie: I… I… Eclipse: Alright. That’s enough. Solrock! Psychic! On the girl! Aster: You too Lunatone! Psychic on the girl as well! Bonnie: Wha- -screams in complete pain- Victoria: Bonnie! Stop attacking her! She’s just a little girl! Eclipse: We’ll stop when she’s dead. Bonnie: -continues to scream in pain- NOOOOO! STOP IT PLEASE! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Then something unexpected happened. Espurr looked at Bonnie, its trainer, being in severe pain. It looked back at Aster and Eclipse and made an angry face. The 2 didn’t really seem intimidated. But then, Espurr started to scream and then glow. Everyone was shocked at what was happening, Even the Lunatone and Solrock were shocked enough that they stopped their attack on Bonnie. She had difficulty standing but she did and also watched as her Espurr evolved into a Meowstic. Bonnie: -chuckles weakly- Meowstic… Meowstic: Meowwwstic! Victoria: Wow! It evolved to protect you Bonnie! Aster: Wow! That’s cool! Eclipse: Aster! Don’t be impressed with our enemy! Aster: Ohh… Uh, right. Eclipse: Anyways, even if it did evolve, it’s still a Meowstic. What is it gonna do to us? Meowstic: Meowstic? Meow… STIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC! All of a sudden, the pendant it was wearing flashed and blinded everyone temporarily. Whenever regained their vision, they could see a green aura coming off of Meowstic. Bonnie was impressed with her newly evolved Pokemon. Bonnie: Meowstic… I can’t believe you have this much power! Meowstic: Meowstic Meow! Aster: What the- What’s going on?! Eclipse: I don’t know! I’ve never seen a Meowstic with that much power before! It’s unbelievable! Bonnie: Victoria? Victoria: Yea? Bonnie: Let’s team up and take these 2 down! Victoria: You got it! Victoria sent out her Pokemon and the double battle started. But not surprisingly, the battle didn’t last long. Whatever was going on with Meowstic had powered up its moves drastically and damaged the foes Pokemon drastically. Aster and Eclipse called back their Pokemon. Aster: What the hell?! What did you do to that Meowstic?! Eclipse: That thing’s way too powerful! We have to fall back! Aster: The boss said it was fine anyways! Eclipse: Don’t think this is over Bonnie! Aster and Eclipse ran out of the cave. Victoria called back her Pokemon. Since everything calmed down, Meowstic also felt calm. Bonnie and Victoria noticed that it was back down to its normal power when it was fully calm. Victoria: Wow… Your Meowstic is quite the Pokemon. Bonnie: Yea… I’ve never seen that happen before. Victoria: Hey. What’s that necklace its wearing? Bonnie: Ohh. A friend of Meowstic’s gave it to it. She’s not here anymore unfortunately though… Victoria: Ohh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up a bad memory up. Bonnie: No no. It’s ok. You didn’t know. Victoria: It is really pretty though. Victoria went to lift the pendant part of the necklace up but she found that she couldn’t move it. In fact, she couldn’t see any kind of string attached to it. As she looked closer, she was astonished to see that the pendant had fused to Meowstic’s body. Victoria: What the… Bonnie: What is it? Victoria: The pendant... It’s fused to Meowstic’s body! Bonnie: What?! Let me see. -tries to take the pendant off- It’s… It’s not coming off! You’re right! Victoria: I think I know what caused Meowstic to get its powers boosted. Bonnie: You mean the pendant? Victoria: Yea. What else could it have been? Bonnie: Well… I suppose that’s the only thing that makes sense. Victoria took another look at the pendant. She stared at it for quite some time. Her eyes widened as if she figured something out. Bonnie: Victoria? What’s wrong? Victoria: Nothing’s wrong but… the colors and the texture of that pendant. Doesn’t it remind you of something? Bonnie: Hmm… Bonnie thought hard about it and then it came to her. All the gems and crystals in the cave they were in. They all looked like the pendant. Bonnie was shocked and amazed. But that only meant 1 thing to her. Bonnie: Oh my gosh! Victoria: What is it? Bonnie: That means that Lacy was here. Victoria: Lacy? Bonnie: That’s the person who gave Meowstic her pendant. But that’s just… unbelievable. Victoria: Wow… I wonder what she was doing here. Bonnie: Me too. Maybe I’ll figure it out someday. Meowstic: Meowstic! -smiles- Bonnie: You did a good job Meowstic. Take a good long rest. -returns Meowstic back to its PokeBall- Victoria: Thank you Bonnie for saving me. Bonnie: I should be thanking you. If you didn’t give me that speech, I don’t know if I would have snapped out of that weird mood I was in. Victoria: Well still. Thank you. But wow. This whole thing was weird. Bonnie: Hey. Did you talk to a weird guy? Victoria: Yea. He told me about the gate up there. Bonnie: That’s what he talked to me about too. Victoria: That’s odd. Do you think maybe it’s better for them somehow if people know about this place? Bonnie: I don’t see how that would help them. Victoria: Me neither. Bonnie: -gasps- Oh my god! Victoria: What? What’s wrong?! Bonnie: It’s Shelly! I totally forgot about her! Victoria: Ohh… Ohh yea! I forgot too! I hope she’s ok! Bonnie: Let’s go to a PokeCenter 1st and then back to her Gym. I need to heal up my Pokemon. Victoria: Alright. Let’s go. The 2 friends then went back up the cave above the surface and then went on their way to a PokeCenter. Bonnie felt so much better than how she felt the day before. She knew now that she can’t save everyone and that having friends help you was a good thing. Pokemon Team REBORN CHARACTER RATES Btw, credit to @Candy for editing the Meowstic sprite so that it'd have the pendant on it!
  14. J-Awesome_One

    The Very Beginning! Pokemon Full Moon Chan's Chapter!

    I do too. Although I think they did maybe a bit too much references to the 1st game but I still enjoyed it.
  15. Hold on.


    Ruby Ring - Seal Of Pain = Corey and Heather

    Sapphire Bracelets - Seal Of Love = Amaria and Titania

    Emerald Brooch - Seal Of Faith = Luna

    Amethyst Pendant - Seal Of The Beyond = Anna



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    2. Monochrome_Complex


      Or her mother. 


      I notice anna and her brother's doll pokemon are associated with space(jirachi/clefable).  Given her seal is "beyond,'  she probably has some connection to space or something. 



    3. Abyssreaper99


      Don't forget Laura had the Sapphire bracelets way before the story events (lost in the fire). Representing her love for her family and what not

    4. LeoYT
  16. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Well apparently, he's been working on 4 new projects. 3 are done and 1 is in the works still.
  17. So... who's ready for the 2nd evolution in Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior! ?

  18. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Reborn E18.4- The Level Cap: a Precautionary Fable

    But do we really need to go into the 1000's? I mean probably up to lvl 200 would be good enough.
  19. Season 2 has started! Episode 12 of Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior has been uploaded! Bonnie finally makes it to the scene of the crime! A huge hole is now in the Grand Stairway! With nothing else to do, she darts to the Lapis Ward to find Corey's body but she is met with an old friend and a very timid girl! After going to sleep, Bonnie has a dream! But is it really?! Read and enjoy! 😄



  20. J-Awesome_One

    Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior!

    Using the Pokegear to find out where she was going to, she ended up back on the Opal Stairway. When she was here before, policemen were blocking the area but now, it was all clear to go through. However, Bonnie wondered why the policemen would ok having civilians or random Pokemon Trainers coming up to possibly see death and destruction. But she knew she had to go see what had happened. Along the way going up towards the Grand Stairway, she had some battles with trainers. They seemed as if they were trying to distract themselves from what had happened and to be honest, Bonnie liked the distraction. But once a battle was over, her mind went back to what she had witnessed. To what she had seen. Not only the bombing but also Corey falling off of the bridge. She finally got up to the Grand Stairway and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There was a huge hole in the middle of the stairway. She went up close to it and looked down. She couldn’t see the bottom of it. Bonnie: Wow… I can’t believe this happened. Dedenne: Dedenne… Bonnie: I hope no 1 got caught in this explosion… Alright… I really need to leave. I need to get to the Lapis Ward and see if I can maybe… maybe hide Corey’s body or something. I hope no 1 saw it yet. Bonnie took out her Pokegear again and looked up the Lapis Ward. As she was doing this, she could hear some policemen talking. Apparently, before anyone could do anything, Team Meteor had gotten away before being apprehended. Bonnie finally got the location but before she headed to the Lapis Ward, she could hear loud music coming from nearby. How could anyone be playing music at a time like this? She followed the source of the music and soon came across and strange building and someone outside of it. Bonnie: What is this place? ???: New around here huh? Bonnie: Yea. I… kind of just came here a couple of days ago. ???: Well this is the Reborn Nightclub. It’s a little gig I run for the Ace Members? Bonnie: Ace Members? ???: As in Reborn’s elite class. And the best way to join them? Beat the Reborn League. Bonnie: But it doesn’t stop even after something bad happening? ???: It sucks. Trust me. But we just gotta keep this going. But hey. My break’s about over. Was just trying to enjoy the air while I could. Bonnie: What do you do? Arc: I run the club’s music. Ohh. Sorry. Forgot to introduce myself. Name’s Arclight. DJ Arclight. Although, I’d rather Arc. Bonnie: Well my name’s Bonnie. Arc: Well Bonnie, it was nice meeting you but I’m out. Peace. Arc went back inside the Nightclub. Bonnie looked up where Lapis Ward was. Luckily, it was just to the left of the Grand Stairway. She went in that direction and started to head up to the wall of the bridge. As she came to a big building, she could see a girl with pinkish to blueish hair standing in front of the door. ???: Don't worry sister. Vengeance will soon be ours. -turns to leave- Ohh. Excuse me. Bonnie: Y-Yeah. Sorry. Bonnie moved out of the way as she let the girl walk past her. She didn't know what he deal was but she seemed really mad about something. As she continued to her destination, she was hoping no 1 saw the body yet. Maybe she could somehow take the body and give him a proper burial. But by the time she had gotten there, a group of people were already there. Bonnie got closer. She could see Victoria and another little girl there. She seemed to be around Bonnie’s age. She went up to them but instantly saw what they were looking at. It was Corey’s mangled body, splattered on the ground. His blood was everywhere. On the ground, the wall of the bridge and the building they were standing near. Bonnie was fighting back tears. The girl in front of her though was letting them flow. ???: I- What is- Victoria: Shelly, honey, step away from there. Bonnie: Oh my… That’s horrific… Victoria: Ohh Bonnie. You’re here too. Wish we met each other at a better time. Bonnie: I feel the same way… Shelly: Why did… I- Victoria: Ohh Shelly. Please don’t cry. Bonnie: It doesn’t help anyways… Victoria: Come on. Let’s get you inside. Shelly: I-I can’… breathe… Bonnie: I felt the same when I witnessed it. Victoria: Witnessed it? Bonnie: I was on top of the bridge when he… when he fell off the bridge… Shelly: Y-You saw it happen?! Bonnie: Yea… I was right in front of him. But when I tried to stop him, it was too late and he… I can’t think about it. That’ll be in my mind for the rest of my life. Victoria: Bonnie… Alright. Let’s get you 2 girls inside. Eclipse: Aster and Eclipse reporting. Agent Beryl confirmed deceased. Bonnie and Victoria looked upwards towards a building and could see 2 people on the roof. Victoria didn’t know who they were but Bonnie recognized them. Bonnie: Eclipse? Aster? Victoria: You know them? Bonnie: Yea. Me, Julia, Fern and Florinia took care of 1 of their bases in Peridot Ward and I took, along with… Fern, took those 2 on and we beat them. Eclipse: Bonnie… Don’t think we forgot about you. Aster: Yea! You’re gonna pay for what you did at the factory! Victoria: What do you 2 want?! Aster: Just making sure that that tra- Eclipse: Shush Aster. Bonnie didn’t know if she should tell the 2 about Corey’s involvement with Team Meteor. She knew they would find out eventually but she also didn’t want to add more stress to the situation. So she decoded to keep it to herself for now. Eclipse: Listen here girly. It’s best if you keep your nose out of Team Meteor’s business. Come on Aster. We confirmed the subject. Mission clear. Aster: -laughs loudly- Yeah! They’ll need us at the Stairway. Victoria: So it was Team Meteor that blew it up. Aster: Nooooo. You don’t say. I thought maybe it was a Sunkern that did it. Of course it was us! Eclipse: You idiot. Why don’t you just tell them everything? Ugh. Aster: Uhh… If you say so. So apparently underneath the Stairway, there’s a- Eclipse: That was sarcasm you idiot! Ugh! Let’s go. -leaves the area- Aster:… So it was. -leaves the area- Even though the whole scene was unnecessary, Bonnie felt it was funny. Mostly because of Aster’s idiocy. But just like before, her mind went back to Corey’s suicide. The 2 girls looked back at Shelly who was just looking at the ground. Victoria: Ohh Shelly! I’m sorry. Let’s go inside and calm down and we’ll- Ahh! Bonnie looked in the direction Victoria was looking and saw a shadowy figure hovering above them. Bonnie stumbled backwards from the surprise. She had no idea what or who that was. Bonnie: Wh-What is that?! Shelly: Ohh… T-That’s Shade… Bonnie: Wait. You know him Shelly!? Shelly: W-Well kind of… I only know th-that he’s 1 of the G-Gym Leaders of Reborn… Bonnie: AND he’s a Gym Leader too?! How?! Shelly: I’m not s-sure… W-What do you want Shade? Shade didn’t speak a word. He just stayed there floating above the carnage. Then something shocking happened. Corey’s body, along with the blood, faded away. Victoria: He’s… taking the body away? Bonnie: Seems like it… As soon as everything was clear, Shade too faded away. Bonnie looked all over but couldn’t see him anywhere. How could that thing be a Gym Leader? Victoria: Wow. Everything is just getting more weird. Let’s head inside before something else happens. Bonnie: Yea. Besides, it’s late too. The 3 girls went inside the building they were behind. Bonnie passed a sign that indicated that this was a gym. Bonnie: Hey. Who’s Gym is this? Shouldn’t we ask permission from the leader 1st before we just walk in? Shelly: I-I’m the Gym Leader here… Bonnie: Ohh… Well nevermind what I said. That’s interesting though. You seem so young. Shelly: I’m 12… Victoria: Isn’t that how old you are Bonnie? Bonnie: I am actually. Shelly: If you 2 want to, you can umm… s-stay here if you want for the n-night. The 3 of them walked upstairs into Shelly’s living space. There wasn’t much there but it was enough for someone to live there. Shelly walked over to her bed and laid in it. Shelly: Y-You can sleep next to me Bonnie. Bonnie: Sure. I’d like that. Is it ok if my Dedenne sleeps on the blankets? Shelly: S-Sure… I’m sorry I don’t have another bed f-for you Victoria… Victoria: It’s ok. Really. I’ll sleep on the sofa. Everyone sleep good alright? Everyone went to their sleeping places and fell asleep. Bonnie though wasn’t having a pleasant sleep. She was having a dream. It was all black and foggy. No matter which direction she went, it was just all pure darkness. She was scared. Then, she found herself on top of the bridge again. She looked to the ledge and saw Corey there. She went running for him and unlike last time, she was able to get there in time. But her hand completely went through Corey’s hand. In fact, her hand went through anywhere on his body. Corey slowly lowered his head looking down at Bonnie but there was something different about him. His face looked like how it was when Bonnie saw his body in the Lapis Ward. It was all mangled. He slowly formed a demented smile and fell backwards off of the bridge. Bonnie watched as he plummeted to the earth below him and splatter. Tears started to swell up in her eyes and she began to cry. She put her hands over her eyes and when she took them back off, she was back in the pitch black, foggy void. But then in front of her, a figure started to appear. Bonnie was trying to make out who it was. It was again Corey but more pleasant to look at. His eyes were pure white and he had some kind of aura coming off from around him. He was also more taller and bigger. Bonnie started to sob with happiness. Bonnie: C… Corey? Corey: Bonnie… Bonnie: H… How are you do- Corey: Saaave yooouuur frieeennnnd. Bonnie: Save my friend? Who? Corey: Saaave yooouuur frieeeennnnd Bonnie… Bonnie: But who needs to be saved? Corey: Staaiiiirwaaaay… Undergrouuunnnnd… Meeeteoooor… Bonnie: Stairway? Underground? Meteor? I don’t understand. Corey: Huuurrrrryyyyy… -fades away- Bonnie: Wait! I don’t know what you mean Corey! COREY! Bonnie ran towards the way Corey was but no matter how far she ran forward, she couldn’t see him. She could feel the sorrow returning back to her once again. She laid down onto the ground, curled up into a ball and started to cry. Pokemon Team REBORN CHARACTER RATES
  21. So... Meltan is gonna be making an appearance in the Pokemon Anime... Is Ash gonna catch 1?! o.O

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      Is Meltan a Legendary Pokemon?

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      It's considered a Mythical Pokemon, yeah. Though the anime seems to be a little lax about these things nowadays, anyway...

    4. J-Awesome_One


      Well I mean Sun and Moon introduced a Pokemon that evolves in a Legendary Pokemon so that kind of makes sense.