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  1. can i like trade it to you maybe you can evolved it?
  2. im not even halfway there, dang it
  3. ive tried that, still nothing. am i missing something?
  4. HI, can i have a ditto too? i have a shiny larvesta.
  5. need some help to evolved my charjabug, ive read it got to be on shades gym i cant seem to do it.
  6. can you guys swap the mystery egg from growlithe event, i got tentacool and its not cool, ive reset my game twice now, the 1st one i got frillish(im not spongebob, got no love for jellyfish here) i would really love to get larvesta and if its not too much trouble can you make it shiny w/ serious nature. many many thanks. the not so cool tentacool egg is in my party Game.rxdata
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