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  1. I'm in a bit of a predicament right now from a major oversight, so it would be cool if it was fixed or if there was a good solution: My current problem is that I'm trying to EV train some mons, and I figured I should level them before training to make it easier and I could just remove the HP evs later. Problem is, I finished the Turnabout Mosely sidequest too long ago to have a save I can go back to and after that quest the kid who sells EV berries in the lost camp stops selling them. This is technically not fatal, but I would argue is a major enough oversight that it could warrant a solution of sorts, as EVs are effectively permanent once you run out of berries if you didn't buy enough in advance. This could be more or less fixed with the debug menu mod in Dreamblitz' modpack (not the debug mod itself, as that seems to not function correctly) if you mess with EVs, but I'd rather not have to cheat to EV train.
  2. This isn't technically a new bug but I don't really know where to put it, so I'll just put it here. I know that Aboodie has done a very thorough item guide and there are several items that are unobtainable that he has reported (a bunch of minor ones that aren't much of a problem and then two zygarde cells and the pokeflute), so I was just wondering if there are any plans to fix them? I know that development on V12 has started, but in particular the pokeflute seems like a major enough bug that might warrant a fix (I've just been hoping for a way to finally get some leftovers lol). So it would definitely be nice to know if there are any plans to make a fix.
  3. Does anyone know why this thread isn't pinned? It feels like a sufficiently important thread, similar to the item guide, but it isn't. I'd imagine there is a reason for it, but I haven't heard one so far.
  4. Is Sheridan Wetlands not being on this guide intentional? I don't think anyone else commented on it, but I don't see it on my end, so I'm not quite sure.
  5. Oh yeahhh I remember that now. Thanks! EDIT: So although I'm pretty sure that was what you had to do in previous versions, he is actually in a different location in V11. He is now in the oricorio meadow with a bunch of ludicolo.
  6. So I know that in previous versions Rorrim B has been on the left side of the cave you have to surf through when you need to find him for Crawli in Terajuma, but I went to the exact location he has been shown to be before and I can't find him. Was he moved in some recent version or something? If someone knows where he is I would be very grateful. (The location I looked at is in an image attached below)
  7. I don't think luck can adequately describe the amount of hours and different methods I tried to catch that thing. I probably spent upwards of 5 hours in speedy mode (alt) running around trying to catch it, and I tried tons of encounters in every area as well with the mod that makes it so you automatically encounter uncaught pokemon with a smoke ball. I'm pretty much entirely convinced there is something genuinely wrong with my game. Thanks for the tip about the area in the safari zone, though. Edit: HOLY HELL I FINALLY FOUND A NOSEPASS That took way too long. I found it within like 10 minutes in the safari zone but it took me several hours to find nothing in Carotos....
  8. So I recently posted about trying to find a nosepass to little avail, and I gave up pretty quickly because Carotos was *supposedly* not the only place it could be found. Now the problem I'm having is that supposedly it can be found in the Safari Zone too but I have absolutely no idea how or where. I got several encounters in each area to try and find it, but I don't want to search for an hour to learn that it's in a different area. Does anyone know?
  9. I'm currently trying to find a nosepass in Carotos Mountain for a steel monotype I'm doing, but I really just can not find one. I've been searching for at least an hour or two and in the time have found about 5 shinies and 0 nosepass. I also have the modular modpack installed so I tried using the smoke ball guaranteed encounter mod, but I was not getting any uncaught pokemon. I know that nosepass is supposed to be like a 1% encounter and lots of people have asked if it's still in each subsequent version, but I really think that this time it actually seems to be gone. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. Aha. Thanks for the tip. Managed to figure it out just before checking out this post again. Thanks for the help! By the way, I'm loving the game so far. Just finished the game. Loved it. Really hope this can go further, as the story is incredibly interesting and the gameplay is great.
  11. I suppose I wasn't clear enough- I caught the shuppet and when the option to keep/put away the shuppet came up I was mashing enter so it literally disappeared from existence. I don't have the answers, but that's what seemed to happen. Also, out of curiosity, when is the ghost case solvable? Cause I found the guy in the biology lab, have questioned him and everyone several times over, inspected everything several times over, and I can't solve the case. I would guess in that case I just need more progress, and I just finished case 2 so I'm currently exploring, but I want to at least know if I can solve it at this point. (It would be nice to know the same about the 'Mr. Fluffy' thing in the house just north of the ghost house) God damnit Tyranitar. Now I'm just stuck on the name. I have absolutely no idea where to find it, and I have tried just about everything I can think of that makes any logical sense.
  12. So, I'm currently trying to work on the ghost case after case 1, and I'm having some trouble. After the shuppet, I went upstairs and went to the bed area and checked just about everything that's checkable and talked to both people twice over, and I have no idea what to do. All I have are 3 clues and I can't solve the case. Also, minor bug report, after I caught the shuppet I think it was supposed to go into my pc since my parts was full but that didn't work. (Edit: I figured out the problem but I wanted to keep this post for the bug report of the shuppet and keep the context so I just strikethrough'd the outdated info)
  13. Ah, that makes sense. Also, I think I found a bug- it seems like the whole section in Marigold city where you join Electivire/Magmortar is bugged. I went to the Electivire side and went in, at which point nothing happened so I explored to the magma side and walked through the magma entrance guy. Then, I resetted because I figured it was a glitch, and when I came back there was a ton of Electrivire guys waiting around or something. I figured I would have a choice, but since there was no one on the Electivire side I ended up just joining magma. Edit: So I just finished episode two and was going around tying up loose ends, but there was one thing that stuck out to me. One being that I feel like someone said they were going to give me a good item if I showed them a marowak (likely the thick club) so I wanted to do that but I forgot where they were and I wouldn't want to run across the entire region just looking, Basically, I have no idea where this dream capsule is. If anyone could assist with where it is, that would be cool. I thought I went everywhere and found every item on the ground and talked to everyone and finished every quest, but I never found one. Edit 2: Found a bug- I was just breeding my incineroar to try and get a hidden ability one, right, and the first egg hatched was a tad odd in that it did not hatch a Litten, it hatched an Incineroar. I don't know if this is a problem for all evolved pokemon, but it is most definitely a bug. Edit 3: It seems like when breeding you can't get the hidden ability if all you had was normal to begin with... the hidden ability mechanics in this game are questionable so far. That's basically my only gripe with the game, though. It's a bit buggy and crashes a lot but otherwise it has been great besides the hidden ability stuff. Edit 4: I also have no idea where to get heart scales so if anyone knows that I'd be appreciative, as I'd like to relearn some moves on some pokemon.
  14. The reason I figured I'd be able to change to hidden abilities is that all pokemon are able to get them. Since the main games don't have that, I don't see any logical reason whatsoever that would suggest that for some reason hidden abilities for some reason shouldn't be able to be ability capsuled. If it's not a bug, then I think it should be fixed but I'm not the developer. However, neither are you, so we'll see if Silent Chord actually thinks it's a bug. Plus, I find that it's better to report things that might not be bugs than to not report them, since there is no harm done if a bug is reported that isn't a bug but if it is a bug it can be fixed. I often report bugs that could very well just be logical fallacies. Edit: Found another potential bug, it seems like the trailer on Syringa beach can not be entered even though the door is open.
  15. I found what also seems to be a bug- my Torracat has blaze and I was going to use the ability capsule Del gave me to change it to intimidate but every time I use it it just reshuffles to blaze, which leads me to think that you can't use ability capsules to get hidden abilities? I don't see any reason for this, so I figure it's a bug.
  16. So far this has been super great and I love the Phoenix Rising-y aesthetic. Have noticed one very small bug though- the pokeball at the top right of the ranch by where the guy tells you that Pumpkaboo are available doesn't do anything. But yeah, the game is amazing so far. I'm honestly in love with the hybrid of gen 5 and phoenix rising aesthetics for different areas and the hybrid of gens 3, 4, and 5's music. Conceptually it's amazing, and it's pulled off pretty well. Needs some polish of course but all fan games do at first. Good luck with the development! Edit: Also, not sure if this is a bug, but the building I believe is called the GH Building with the supposedly mega rich guy doesn't seem to have a functional elevator. Like I said, no idea if this is intentional, but I figured since other buildings with the same elevator model have functional ones I thought it would work too. I should also note that the building where you get the up-grade that has a ton of boxes has the same thing, but that lack of elevator seems more plausible to me.
  17. Just downloaded and started the game pretty recently and I'm enjoying it so far. I have a few queries though- For one, I'm a little confused about the espurr and whismur. I'd have thought there would be some event with them, but that didn't seem to be the case? I found no way of getting them so far and I'm in fern forest. Otherwise, when you battle the poachers, I noticed the guy that was going for a Sewaddle. I also figured that would be an event, but I wasn't able to even talk to the guy, his poochyena, or the sewaddle. Am I misguided in thinking these are events, or is there some way to complete them that I'm missing? Edit: Also, right after talking to the teddiursa I heard a sound like something spotted me but it seemed like nothing happened and I couldn't reproduce it. Is that related to the Teddiursa, or what? Edit 2: Figured out the Teddiursa, I think. I'm guessing the sound I heard was a glitch or totally unrelated, because I managed to find him. Edit 3: (Geez there are a lot of edits) I'm now inclined to believe that after seeing the poachers near the mansion, the Sewaddle guy was supposed to disappear. Otherwise, I got to the city where you can finally buy Gourmet treats, which I thought would be the key to Espurr and Whismur, *but* whenever I tried to go back to the passage between route 2 and the city it replayed the cutscene in there and then when I tried to go back to route 2 the fairy/dragon leader and the bikers were back where they were originally and I couldn't move or anything. Edit 4: Geez, finally figured it out. Again, been a really fun game so far but just needs some more polish to really shine, I'd say. Once you fix stuff like walking through walls, the lightningrod bug where it absorbs the user's attacks, the grammar errors, and small eventing bugs like not being able to return to route 2 for a bit, and maybe touch up the dialogue to make the story more meaningful, I'd say the game will be quite good. Edit 5: I feel like I'm overdoing it at this point but I don't want to double post. So I was just going back to the TRB to get the Jangmo-o egg and when I try and get it I get an error and the game crashes. Error: https://gyazo.com/3b34caa064e6431fb0629586dcfbb5f3 Edit 6: Found another bug, at the candy store https://gyazo.com/e284f5758e4706d40d7ce8c86df33ea7 I also feel like it should be mentioned that it might make sense to add some placeholder thing or make an NPC block the way to route 4 instead of just not having a map and therefore crashing the game and possibly losing data when you try to go there. Edit 7: In gym 2, the nurse joy that you battle and then subsequently, when you talk to her after battling her, says "Here, let me heal your Pokemon" doesn't actually heal you, even though it does the fade to black and normal healing sound like normal.
  18. Ah, no problem. I suppose now that you mention it I remember reading that line but I totally forgot like the second after reading it Thanks!
  19. Nope. They all had the same dialogue as they had before I even got my starter, which I thought was odd. Is my savefile broken then?
  20. So I have been following the walkthrough that you made to try and figure out where to go, but now I'm at a bit of a loss.
  21. Since I can't find it anywhere in the game and don't know anything about it's plans, I would like to ask if you are planning on including like a quest list at some point in the game? I would think it would be very useful to have a list for all the quests considering you have the fancy little quest animation. Otherwise, I love the game. Sometimes I'm a little confused on where to go next, but that only happened once or twice so overall it's been great so far.
  22. I'm replaying through Desolation with a new save file because I really wanted my main game to be one where I saved Scarlett, but I'm kind of confused about the fight club having never tried it before in Blackview. After searching this thread for info on it I've heard that apparently they lock you out if you win too much and that's about it. However, I know in ICSW's post about sidequests up to Blackview she said it could be considered a sidequest, so I'm curious of a few things. -Do you actually get attacked before Cellia's fight club? -Does anything special happen overall besides people talking more highly of you up to the point that you're suggested to try out Cellia fight club?
  23. After just discovering that I could have saved Scarlett I can't believe I failed. I had all the reputation needed I just must've missed the bow... I don't mind when characters die in the game because I had choice A or B and I believed in my choice and that killed a character, but when it's just of my own incompetence it's really frustrating. I would be so happy if there was something simple like a way to go back to an older save file (but of course this was before save file backups existed in Desolation) or set my location in the story to be before Scarlett killed herself so I could save her but that probably could never happen, and even if it could, who am I to ask someone to go out of their way to move my save file back because of my mistake. And I even managed to save Nova, so I can't call this run of Desolation 'the one where I kill off every character'.
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