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  1. Haven't checked in in a while. Got my PhD in aerospace eng. I'm a Rocket Scientist 😄


    1. Busti


      Wanted to unwind with some Pokemon fangame. Anything new in the last 6 months?

    2. Candy


      wowww congrats! I think E18 was released within the last 6 months, if you haven't played that content.

      Also if you're looking for new fangames to play, Pokemon Gaia is on V3.2 after not updating for about 2 years. It's a lovely game 🙂

    3. Busti


      Never heard of that! I'll check it out.


  2. The flavor text for the move "dragon rush" is cut off ( not displayed entirely). I've noticed this with other moves, but so far I have only written this one down.
  3. I found the Pokedex entry of Absol is cut off at "lifespan of 100"
  4. Wondering if banner arts (including older versions) will be somewhere to download.

    1. Commander


      They only go back to episode 10 but I believe we have them stored somewhere. If not, just use wayback ma...oh wait old site may not be accessible anymore.

  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. Zarc


      Happy birthday !

    2. Busti


      Thank you guys. I’m having the biggest birthday cake!

      my wife called it: the Cookie Monster!

    3. LykosHand


      Oh the cookie monster 👀

      You're welcome 😄 

  6. Van harte gefeliciteerd!
    I hope you have a wonderful, satisfying, succesfull and healthy year ahead of you.

  7. I’m excited about the big rocket launch tomorrow. It missed a big red R though

  8. My uncle works at nintendo. He says Pokémon is a conspiracy

    1. DreamblitzX


      lol people still believe nintendo is real

    2. Josef


      Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

  9. This is one of those spots where you can just go around and around norella village
  10. Oh man, this music. It's all kinds of hilarious! I don't even have my pokemon yet and I'm already crying with laughter!
  11. You know what. This sounds like fun! I''m giving it a go.
  12. How do you reach that pool inside white peridot ward? It's taunting me!

    1. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      After the city restore, I don't think you can reach it anymore. 

  13. Gelukkig nieuwjaar! (=happy new year)

  14. I've been waiting for public release. Is it going to be a Xmas present?


    1. Wolfox


      around 2018.

    2. DreamblitzX


      My guess is that public release might be when the spoiler lock drops

    3. Amethyst


      now that you mention it...

  15. I dislike Patreons new fees policy. Please let me know your opinion on my new topic

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