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  1. i'm not playing intense, and i can ko clefairy and wiggy but phanpy falls in love with miltank so i can't get a 5 streak rollout going
  2. i can't beat whitney i have totodile as the starter. so my team is croconaw, growlithe and phanpy any tips?
  3. you can find rockruff when you leave the train i think, you do not have to go into the woods and the cave
  4. is there a list where you can find all the kids from the lost camp?
  5. where in the game can you first find crests?
  6. i hope you show all the quests/event pokemon that are available at the point you're at? or will u skip most of the sidequests?
  7. drifblim outspeeds olmost every pokemon i have, and always hits hypnosis before i can flash the field...
  8. I'm struggling against Narcissa, any tips on beating her Swampert is my starter and all the pokemon in the box are trained to l35
  9. i don't know what you get by beating them, but i got a shiny stone when i found the exit
  10. no, the event worked fine on my game. are you sure you triggered the event? and that you are in the right place
  11. give it pokesnax. when they don't have any effect anymore, woobat has full happiness
  12. good luck with shelly Espeon and Umbreon are weak against bug and struggle bug will lower Sp A so that sylveon and espeon can't do big damage
  13. how many episodes will the final game have?
  14. my game crashes when i pick up the ducklet egg... also when i want to collect my reward in kakori village after the bulbasaur quest
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