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The club for any form of discussion regarding any of the editions of the tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons!
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  2. Hi there! That's a really cool cantrip! It fits the character and it even references that one magic item that throws 2 daggers, right?
  3. Heyo! I was wondering, what are your favorite homebrew creations? Doesn't matter if you concocted it up yourself or someone else did, any ideas are welcome! My favorite comes with a little story: Recently, one of the players of the campaign I'm going to host soon came up to me with a proposal. He was going to play a sorcerer, but none of the cantrips really peaked his interest. So, he and I sat down to create a new cantrip: The cantrip was made with his character in mind, a pretty cocky sorcerer who likes to show off his knife-throwing skills. I was glad to hear that he loved it! Now, what are your favorite homebrew additions?

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