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Welcome! This is a cool club about Love Live! Discussion will involve obviously, Love Live, so feel free to discuss any new episodes, announcements, merchandise, or anything School Idol Festival game related stuff!
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  2. She also voices Saki Nikaido, a zombie idol! (Zombie Land Saga)
  3. Suwa:
  4. Kan kan mikan!
  5. Sashide, her seiyuu, shared this photo!
  6. *sends good wishes*
  7. Good birthday wishes for Kasumin!
  8. Stream edit:
  9. Her seiyuu, Shikaco, shared this:
  10. New Years is Dia's birthday! The MV for new solo from Dia's birthday album, Perfect SEKAI, also just released a few minutes ago!
  11. Happy Birthday! Her seiyuu, "Akarin":
  12. The full version of Kanata's anime insert song Butterfly was also released today!
  13. Her seiyuu, Satou Hinata, had this to say!
  14. ≥▽≤ Rina's seiyuu Chiemi drew Rina for her birthday!
  15. Rina-chan board "All smiles"! Rina's birthday this year is also during the same week as her insert song in the anime, Tsunagaru Connect!
  16. One day after Halloween and Caturday!

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