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Welcome! This is a cool club about Love Live! Discussion will involve obviously, Love Live, so feel free to discuss any new episodes, announcements, merchandise, or anything School Idol Festival game related stuff!
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  2. Yohane's birthday solo MV!
  3. With the Channel feature now online in SIFAS, if you register for a school idol's channel, you can get 25 Memorial Pieces when it's that idol's birthday! Karin's birthday will be the first opportunity to do this. Though also, once you join a channel, you can't switch to another idol's channel except through downtime, so birthday hopping between channels for the Memorial Pieces might not be practical.
  4. Here's an aice cream sandwich!
  5. Shizuku's seiyuu, Kaori, posted this on Shizuku's birthday! (つω`*)
  6. Hanamaru's birthday solo MV is also out zura!
  7. Marching into the new month with a birthday!

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