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Top 10 Favorite Fire Emblem Characters 2017

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There was a thread like this around the time Fire Emblem Fates was kicking, but since then, the franchise has done many things to explode onto the scene.


  • Fire Emblem Heroes was released, giving anybody who owns a mobile phone access to most Fire Emblem characters ever introduced, while being updated fairly often with those they may have missed at launch.
  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was released for the Nintendo 3DS - as a faithful remake to the second installment of Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Gaiden with an exceptionally expanded story, fleshed out environments, and extra characters to bring the whole conflict between the divine sibling dragon gods Mila and Duma to a climactic close.
  • The beat-em-up franchise Dynasty Warriors got in on the Fire Emblem action, and is set to release a game known as Fire Emblem Warriors. If you remember Hyrule Warriors from the Legend of Zelda being a thing, it's a cool illustration of how far Fire Emblem has come. The game is set to feature characters from Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon, with potentially extras from other games as DLC.
  • Eventually next year, Fire Emblem will be moving on from the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch. The game is currently titled "Fire Emblem Switch." The last time Fire Emblem was played on a console was Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.


Be it just joining the Heroes train with the rest of the Emblemiers on Reborn - or actually picking up Echoes (DO IT, oh my goodness-) - your list may have changed from back then.


Mine certainly did.




10. Conquest!Corrin - Fire Emblem Fates


For reference - I mean Female Corrin - who is portrayed on the box art for Conquest, which has led people to believe the Corrin that picks Nohr is canonically female.


Corrin is at the bottom of the top for me because ?? as a character had to work their way up. Birthright!Corrin is a fine example of an average Fire Emblem lord, who picks Hoshido over Nohr due to the injustice of what appears to be a distraction attack on the Hoshidan capital in order for Nohr's armies to break Mikoto's barrior and conquer the suddenly leaderless country. Revelation!Corrin - whatever gender - is genuinely a character that doesn't warrant BOTH kingdoms throwing their support behind him/her.


But Conquest!Corrin is someone who makes her choice from her heart - which while possibly selfish and in the face of an apparent atrocity caused by the benefactors of her decision - is human considering the Nohrian royal family more or less raised her. She takes her abuse a bit unfairly, because Conquest's narrative itself was poorly written. Characters like Azura, who becomes a sudden exposition dump in Conquest that throws out a highly costly method to convince the rest of the Nohrian family of Garon's madness and true character, and Xander who can't decide if he's a flexible scion of Nohr who is willing to oppose the wishes of his father or if he's an extension of the King's ambition in totality depending on the route you are playing, provide narrative dings that harm Corrin's positive role in this route. Corrin herself best exemplifies the reform she is trying to put Nohr through. She has her army spare as many lives as possible on the battlefield, even against the more destructive whims of Niles, Odin, and Camilla. She trusts people - which is any Corrin's signature trait - and she does it the best in Conquest when she takes Azura's harrowing advice in order to illuminate the truth to her siblings. She even trusts Garon in the beginning of the game - which at first glance - is dumb because Garon is a typical comic book villain, but really drives the point home on this particular lord's best quality. She believes in others. Like Eirika and Celica, Female Corrin is lumped in with female lords who are inferior due to their approach to situations. And all three of those ladies deserve more credit than they are given.


9. Eliwood - Blazing Blade/Fire Emblem GBA


You mean that guy that isn't H O T L E G S Lyn or a beast like Hector? Yeah.


Eliwood is the literal "Mr. Medium" lord of his game. He's the poster unit of the mid-range route in Blazing Blade, but his story is extraordinarily touching. As the father of Roy, he's a character that is speculated to choose between two fantastic women - such as co-star Lyndis or Dragon Dancer Ninian - by the fanbase.


I like him because he doesn't seem as troped as his friends. Hector is a fiery unit that lives for the thrill of battle, while Lyn is the woman's touch character who is also worthy of a list like this. Eliwood takes some serious development to reach the level his friends start at. He isn't generic - and I think the game does a better job of fleshing him out than the fanbase gives him credit for.


I guess inferior lord characters are a theme for my list, so far.


8. Tobin - Fire Emblem Gaiden/Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


Speaking of inferior - this member of the #ZofianBoys is essentially this games version of Takumi, minus the "I am betrayal" thing. He starts as one of the Ram Villagers that accompanies Alm and the Deliverance on their journey. He is often seen as the worried, sensible partner to his friend Grey, who is the brash one. As a unit, Tobin's best class is either Archer - his canon class - or Mage - where he can pick up Physic, which is an invaluable healing skill, as well as a very early access to Excalibur, a high crit spell. He's.....hot garbage in Heroes, but he's a free unit, so it's ...fine?...(damn it, Intsys...)


What's great about Tobin - and a lot of the Echoes cast - is his 100% realness. The Fire Emblem franchise is known for tropey characters with memorable - albeit one-note - personalities. Tobin isn't memorable, but when you see him, you really think that he's got his head on straight and feel bad when he gets bested by another character. Never count Tobin out! Also, I don't have to put Pineapple Head on this list now, so thank you.


7. Ike - Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn


Ike is my dude. He may not be my main in Smash, but I really like everything about this guy. He isn't a stuffy noble and takes over his old man's mercenary group.


That sounds 100 times better than taking over the family law firm.


6. Lucina - Fire Emblem Awakening


Lucina saved the series. Denial? I don't care. Think she's bland? Read her supports. Lucina actually -is- my main in Smash. The reason she isn't in the top 5?


5. Chrom - Fire Emblem Awakening


Today, my friend TODAY. You will have your day. Chrom and his Shepherds are the sole reason Awakening had such a strong starting narrative. His relationship with Robin is a central theme in the story, as Robin harbors the very being that would destroy him in the future. His relationship to Lucina is also important, not only in the blood sense. Chrom is the man she seeks to save her future.


Chrom's sword is the instrument of Emmeryn's peace. He's the inheritor of the First Exalt's brashness, and he is the descendant of the Hero King Marth that best embodies the better lord in the game.


4. Sonya - Fire Emblem Gaiden/Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


Sonya is a Rigelian mercenary mage under the employ of the Zofian bandit ringleader Grieth. She is extraordinarily proud of her abilities and her femme fatale personality (which is a trait I am a sucker for - HOLY) In order to recruit her with Celica, you have to take to the northern desert route and encounter Deen and his mercs instead of her and her team of witches on the southern route. In Gaiden, she's far and away better than Deen in that her growths and bases were absurd and she learned basically everything but Ragnarok. In Echoes, she's actually worse then Deen because she's nerfed quite a bit in order to make him a more viable option, and has trouble with movement while her co-worker is in the Merc class line, the best class in the game.


Sonya however has much more story relevance in the Valentian tale. She is the daughter of Jedah, the high priest of Duma who serves as one of the game's final bosses. Sonya resents her father for placing her in a priory when she was a young child - and for executing her sisters to gain more power from Duma. She has the only special dialogue in Echoes with Jedah because of this, and it's endearing.


3. Camus - Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon


I mean! Zeke!....or....Sirius....or....look, I don't care anymore. This dude is awesome okay? Gradivus ftw.


And people give the Awakening returnees crap for being in so many games. This guy is in everything.


2. L'Arachel - Fire Emblem Sacred Stones


Haven't played SS, but I know I like this girl. Her support with Ephraim is one of the funniest things I've ever read.


1. Alm - Fire Emblem Gaiden/Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


Image result for alm is a dork pictures fire emblem



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10. Eirika: This is probably the only female lord that's going to show up on this list since well...Micaiah is alright (but RD's story is something else), and almost always the lord is male (no Ephiriam does not count for this). What makes Eirika an interesting unit is that she starts out basically losing everything and having to keep on fighting from that point forth. Sure she made one really, really dumb choice in her storyline, but hey, she's a fun unit to use all around and I'm glad she made it into heroes pretty early.


9. Oscar: Oh boy this character. In the Tellius game there are three brothers. Oscar is the eldest of the three who served as a knight in the Crimean Army. According to Kiernan and I believe Titania as well, he was quite skilled so his sudden leave left quite the impact on Kiernan whom kept training to get stronger and stronger. Oscar stepped down from being a knight so that he could take care of his brothers which in Radiant Dawn you find out that he had to do this due to Rolf's mom leaving them which led to their bedridden father passing away shortly. Due to this change of lifestyle he began taking care of chores and learned how to cook quite well which he tries teaching Tanith. He is a calm and rational fellow and one of the better calvs in the Tellius series.


8. Camus: I'll admit that my first impressive of Camus was a calv with that very impressive lance with dual range. I think it's what comes after Shadow Dragon that makes him an interesting character. Unlike other Camus characters, he does not exactly die in his story which leads to his appearance in Gaiden where he lost his memories. Not really my favorite, but due to him being one of my favorite to use in Heroes he gets to make the list this time.


7. Minerva: Of all the wyverns in the series there's only one unit who tops her in my favorite. She's one of my favorite units to use in heroes and in Shadow Dragon, but what really made me like her is that it shows her being an incompetent queen in FE12. Most of the time in the series we see a ruler take the throne and become great or fantastic. Minerva ends by having her kingdom join with Marth's. Also when your brother murders your father and pretty much caused this whole mess, it does stuff to you.


6. Clive: If Echoes did one character right, it was this guy's character. He's a terrible unit, but that's just what makes him so much more real. The reason he stepped down and made Alm the leader of the deliverance was due to his lack of faith in himself. But what made him make the cut is simply that scene if you let Mathilda die. He just...loses it and it's so justifiable. Also hurts because I let Mathilda die in the final battle (which leads to his death shortly after). This guy really just has a hard life and also made Alm a much stronger character.


5. Shinon: Everyone claims Takumi is the best bow user, but they have yet to meet this guy. He's what I'd call Takumi's ancestor as he is rude, hates laguz, but damn is he good with a bow. You know he's good when Mangs, a guy who absolutely despises them, admits to him being good. Other than being a monster, I do think it's interesting how he's the one who taught Rolf how to wield a bow and shines the light on his soft side.


4. Delthea: If I could, I'd probably place Delthea and Lu in the same spot as I like both exactly the same, but since one is much, much better than the other, the better unit wins. Delthea is on of my favorites to use simply because she nukes the field along with that Lu vs Delthea sass. Seriously, that support is one of my favorites simply because it ties in with Lu no really having any friends until Alm agreed to be his friend.


3. Haar: I'd never forget the legend. He has a hilarious personality, interesting backstory, and a broken unit made even more broken in Radiant Dawn. You don't understand him until you play the games because he's the one guy who once you recruit is pretty much all you'll ever need. Best Wyvern Rider.


2. Alm: I'll admit it: Alm is my favorite lord. A lot of people like Ike due to him vs the Black Knight settup and the fact he looks cool. Alm is probably the first lord who felt actually human. It's so refreshing to see after the whole Robin and Corrin stuff with those...terrible death scenes. When Alm learns that he just killed his father, that just had to hurt. I also really like the Clive vs Alm ideals where Alm doesn't listen to reason, but his heart to do what is right. He's also one of my best units in that game with his Falchion (still not as cool as Marth's)


1. Elincia: I'll admit I still love a lot of the Tellius cast, but she takes the cake when it comes to royals for me. She was the OG Pegasus with staffs and her own signature brave sword (please IS do not screw her up in heroes). She had to go through a lot (Ike would know since he did half the work) just to take the throne. She's also what I'd consider Conquest Corrin done right. She had to make hard choices due to the shaking control of Crimea as people were not pleased with her decision to work with Laguz. This led to a small war which was resolved rather quickly, but that defense chapter is one of my favorites especially with Elincia finishing it off. She also had a scene where she laid down her weapon, risking her life, to try to obtain peace without violence which didn't end so well. Conquest Corrin pretty much thought peace would be achieved by beating people up and letting them run away.

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This isn't as easy, as I've only played a few games... but let's give it a shot:


1: Lucina from Awakening

If you know me at all, you saw this coming. Lucina is my Bae, you could say she's my only really "Waifu", but I rarely if ever look at characters that way. Also, her smash victory quotes on Marth and Ike are just savage.


2: Lukas from Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Lukas grew on me very fast, which is funny since I usually am not a huge fan of Knights. When I learned his backstory about his brother forcing him to join the Deliverance, him being called a "Backwater noble (Which I misread as Blackwater noble the first time) instantly showed me how much he's suffered in the past. Yet his character is a friendly and helpful one, even if he's not afraid to speak "out of line" to a superior, like when Fernand was threatening to rip out his tongue. "Then you'll finally have truth within your grasp!". That sold him to me.


3: Soleil from Fates

Soleil is who I call my "Lucina of Fates". She's a lot like her father, but with one major difference, she does not know the meaning of the word Shy. if you're at a sports game with her and you tell her "Hey Soleil, if I give you a few bucks, will you streak across the field?" she will most likely just forget about the money and just do it. I was so sad when I found out that even if there was slight gay marriage in fates, that Soleil couldn't get with Female Corrin, I mean having both a male and female for both conquest and birthright isn;t that hard, right? Anyway, I mostly like her since she's a fun loving person who's not afraid to be herself, something I aspire to someday reach myself.


4: Tharja from Awakening

Alright, so I like darker characters, more serious and straight to the point characters, characters that have a goal. Tharja has all of that, and more. She isn't a dark character Dark characters are her, that's how dark she is. Joking aside, I liked Tharja from the first time saw her, and when I got to use her, I was not disappointed. 


I would do more, but the forum hates me right now and every time I use the Endisappearsy Tharja section disappears and it adds an enter below said section -.-

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*Some Spoilers*


10.  Frederick(Awakening)- I just love this guy. People try to hate on him, usually just cause he's doing his job and try to make it seem like he's bad. He's no Morgan, but he is an Oifaye and can wreck house with the right equipment and skills. He's also essential in lunatic and lunatic+ runs, basically carrying the team unless you play it real safe or have the grinding DLC.

9. Joshua(Sacred Stones)- Same name as me, so he earns cool points there. I also liked his completely carefree attitude and his design even kind of fits with that. A character I knew was gonna be a staple on my team.

8. Ike(Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)- Never played his games, but gotta love his quotes and design.

7. Shannon(Genealogy)- I love his progression as a character. He starts as a support really, but over time follows in his aunt's(I believe? Haven't played in a while) footsteps and becomes pretty much the best swordsman in fe history. Seriously, NOTHING is taking him down.

6. Tiki(Shadow Dragon/Awakening)- Pretty cool she got to return in Awakening, and her character is also quite sad, her being a manakete means that every one she loves fades away in what seems like seconds as she continues to live on, unable to see them again. That said, she doesn't dwell on it and continues to live strong. I still wish her Morgan's supports involved her being half-dragon, but eh, nobody's perfect.

5. Marth(Shadow Dragon)- The OG. 'Nuff said.

4. Celice(Genealogy)- Even though basically all the odds are stacked against him, he pushes through to clear his father's name. I also love how he starts off kinda weak, but when he promotes he is one of the best units in the game, which I think may have been intentional.

3. Robin(Awakening)- I don't care what others think, I thought Robin was a good character and SHOULD have set the standard for future custom MC's.... Anyway, you always felt involved and were one of the most crucial plot points. It didn't feel like you were there just to be there. Being one of the best characters also meant that you didn't have to take a backseat in battle, so all in all, they did a good job with him/her.

2. Sigurd and Finn(Genealogy)- Cheating a bit here, but both these characters are so good. Sigurd wasn't just some guy thrown into an army. He tried to make peace with different kingdoms directly, traveling all across the land meeting up with various political leaders, making likely and unlikely allies on the way, but for it all to be in vain, as he and almost all of his army were killed by a man thought to be a close friend. :'(

Finn, on the other hand, is a bro. The Bro-est of bros. If it wasn't for him, Leif and Nanna probably would have perished and their kingdom would be in turmoil. Thankfully, he took Leif on as his own in memory of his close friend Quann. I also like to think that Beowulf died and he fathered Nanna with Lakche and still saw Delmud as his own.

1. Morgan(Awakening)- OP half-manakete daughter destroying anything just by looking at it. :)

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Well Heroes would be great if they ever put in some of the GBA era characters... mostly SS... as great as the two lords are seriously... gimme some more from SS. lt has so many genuinely amazing characters, it's a criiiime l tell you...

10. Gilliam- Sacred Stones.


While l love this Knight the main reason was from a rather memey thing that happened in my little bro's playthrough of the game. He got a Gilliam that happened to max both his Defense and Resistance and was nigh unkillable by everything in the game as a result. That... he never took damage ever, and it was without boosting items too. Though, l do love his support convo with Garcia. lt's pretty legit. 

9. Duessel- Sacred Stones 


Duessel is the badass old vet guy, and was always the most interesting of Grado's generals to me. l dunno l always like those characters that don't just do for their country but actually go "Maybe they are wrong." Deussel is also just the face of the Great Knight class to me. Like the class just feels like it was made for him and l find that to be really cool.

8. Ursula- Blazing Blade


ln her original game she plays a bit part at best. However... holy hell... she's been so good for me in Heroes. Probably not the best Blue cavalry mage out there but she's free and easy to get in working order ((outside the whole need to change her weapon to Blarblade which is a costly process, but shhhhhhhh! That goes with any blue mage.)) She's honestly a lot more fun a character when given time to actually have a personality which she didn't really get in Blazing Blade. Hell... you don't even have to ever fight her as far as l recall. 

She's lower on the list due to that fact but she's got a spot cause she's just a destructive force on a Cavalry Team. Nothing like doing 70+ damage to stuff.

7.  Sanaki- From the ones l've not played and don't remember the names of. ((Tellius Series doe.))


lf the above isn't enough... l've only really been exposed to Sanaki through Heroes. l do rather like her as a character though and she's fun to use in that game as a huge anti-green nuke of doom. ((she smashed Veronica into bits in the first Tempest Event time and time again.)) 


6. Benny- Conquest/Fates


This Knight is precious cinnamon bun... We must protect him. AT ALL COSTS


5. Delthea- Echoes


Personally l mostly just like Delthea cause she's extremely cute. l also... have a fondness for the whole "Cute Little Fang" trope and in Echoes... ((and Heroes)) she got it. l actually quit Heroes then rolled her so... kept playing. l've not played her base game though so can't really justify putting her any higher though l'd love too XD. Must also protect at all costs. AT ALL COSTS


4. Eirika- Sacred Stones


SOmething something one of the only female lords. Most above have covered why l like Eirika so l'm not going to waste more time on that lol. Just the real stupid thing she does plotwise... annoys me a looooot more than others LOL.


3. Tana- Sacred Stones


Probably my fav character in all of Sacred Stones... she was why l sorta fell in love with peg knights as a class. She basically carried my run through and as a character think she's pretty underrated imo. She's a pretty strong and inspring character in her own right and l always loved how she more or less insisted she was going to help. ((whether on Eirika's route where she just flies out and asks to join the forces or on Eph's route where she ends up getting captured while trying to tail Eph and the gang.)) She's also pretty strong for a peg knight as she skirts their typical weaknesses quite a bit and is decently bulky and a hard hitter. She probably generally fits Wyvern Rider better, but she'll always be a Falcon Knight in my heart <3 ((PUT HER lN HEROES ALREADY AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhHHHHHHhhHhHHHhhHH)) Just hands down one of my more favourite units and the biggest reason Peg Knight was my favourite class for a LONG time. wait was? Yes was, because...


2. Oboro- Birthright/Fates


Enter Oboro and the Spear Fighter class (and it's promos). My new and easily favourite classes. L know there was soldier before etc but there was rarely any playable ((l think only ever being one.)) and l've always wanted a ground lance class. Spears are cool okay? 

Oboro is also just... an interesting character to me. Most of her supports with Nohrian characters are really interesting seeing her grow as a person though... my fav one is one with her and the avatar. most of the avatar supports... l hate cause Corrin's mostly feel forced and really rushed or fake as hell. A lot just hit in a way that feels unnatural. Maybe cause the Translation is bad l dunno... But, the one with Oboro is honestly... really good. Tbh, l like a lot of Oboro's supports cause we get a good picture of her as a person and that she's not really as bitter as she makes herself out to be. l'll be honest l didn't like her much when l started only using her cause she was the only one that started as a Spear Fighter on the outset. But... the longe rl used her the more l ended up liking her as a character ((and she was straight up my best unit that carried the absolute hell out of my team.))


1. Lyn- Blazing Blade


easily my fav character in the whole franchise. She's just such a well written one imo and one that really resonates with me. Probably helps l always seems to get silly busted rolls on her stats in my playthorughs of FE7 but l digress. l dunno, Lyn is jsut easily my favourite Lord and primary protag of the whole lot. ((l honestly usually hate protags cause they are boring to me.)) but l can just relate to her for whatever reason. l feel like her opening while very much a tutorial wasn't super boring cause l enjoyed the storyline despite it's simplistic nature. Shame she's not as much a spotlight later on and becomes more of a side character but l feel like she's a perfect compliment to the other 2 primary Protags.

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I won't speak for Elincia because I -woefully- haven't played the Tellius games yet - but specifically in Cq!Corrin's position, she has technically next to little station - and her quest for peace has one specific actual death in mind - that of King Garon, just like Br!Corrin's quest. The issue however, is that while Corrin takes charge of the army with absolutely rebuttal from Hoshido in Birthright, the Nohrians under Corrin's command would absolutely object to internal regicide - ESPECIALLY Xander, Camilla, and Leo - who hold varying degrees of stubbornness on the topic. Corrin has to literally swallow the bullet of having to put her Hoshidan siblings down on the way, but even then tries everything she can to conquer Hoshido with no fatalities. Takumi -and- Ryoma both killed themselves, while the women survived either by being taken prisoner or by being released without the watchful eye of Garon and his retainers.


The bottom line, Corrin didn't have any ability to take another route because she was essentially a puppet general who would be the first disposed of by Garon when his goals were met. Elincia, I would presume from what you said, is actually royalty to the country she fights for.


Honorable mentions:


Silas - FE: Fates


Best cav.


Lukas - FE: Echoes: SoV


Best soldier/spear fighter.


Python - FE: Echoes: SoV


Best archer due to his personality and dynamic with his buddy Forsyth.


Clive - FE: Echoes: SoV


Witch bait - but extremely developed in the remake as a character and doesn't treat Alm like Fates treats Corrin. If he didn't cause me pain - he might have made the top 10.


Kjelle, Sophie, and Owain - Fateswakening


Best child units on the 3DS games.


Leif - Thracia???


Brown haired Lord. Screw you, Anime.



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Oh, this looks like a fun thread. I would play, except I haven't touched any of the FE games except Fates and Shadows of Valentia in years, and I haven't beaten the latter yet. Also, I forget most of the smaller characters in the games after Blazing Sword because I didn't play through them that many times. =p I really ought to replay the FE games, but alas, my backlog is enormous. xD


I feel like I should say something relating to the topic, though, so I'll just bring up that, from what I recall, Sephiran from FE9 and 10 definitely stood out - especially if you played on ultra-secret-backstory mode.

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RIP Charlotte goes from 2. to not even an honorable mention. Truly Hunter is a fickle husbando.


Mine hasn't really changed at all except the likely inclusion of Olwen near the top having now played about 2/3rds of Thracia 776. 


So that'd be like:

10. Kagero. 70% Str/Spd 1-2 range debuffing death machine.

9. Rath. A mounted archer with a good offensive spread and picks up swords on promote. Literally everything you could want in an archer, except availability.

8. Ike. Badass lord who doesn't take anyone's nonsense but is sensible enough to not go looking for unnecessary fights either. Good stat distribution, powerful signature ability and weapon, and refreshingly isn't nobility.

7. Charlotte. Crits for days and a hilarious personality.

6. Stahl. Top 10 biggest anime bros.

5. Olwen. B R A V E M A G I C O N A H O R S E. She can also use wind magic when she doesn't want to use up her Dire Thunder uses, and has another signature weapon which is a high might high crit Brave Sword which is effective against cavalry and gives her +10 Res and Miracle.

4. Azama. Troll god who happens to have high stats in like everything except magic, which you don't even need to heal people in Fates.

3. Zihark. #Youcan'tseeme. Between his 40 Spd and Earth Affinity this guy is practically impossible to hit. He also has innate Adept and frequently attacks 8 times a turn with the Brave Sword and about a 30-40% crit rate. If they're still alive that is.

2. Lewyn. The only guy harder to hit than Zihark. Lewyn's signature weapon gives him +20 Spd and is 1-2 range. ?!?!?!? It's also 30 might so this guy eats whole armies for breakfast. He's also like an awesome character so there's that too.

1. Cordelia. Objective best waifu who also demolishes all of Awakening from the point that she joins.


Honorable mentions:

Effie. Bench presses trees.

Lucius. Definitely not a healer.

Titania. Best early game prepromote hands down.

Nephenee. A rare footslogging lance unit who isn't slow as dirt. 

Haar. The single strongest flying unit there ever has been and ever will be.

Brigid. Did I say Rath was everything you ever wanted in an archer? How about bases that are near caps and a bow that's 30 might, gives +10 Str/Spd, and heals you?

Mareeta. Sooooooo muuuuuuch oooooooverkill. Personal Brave Sword with added extras, 60/75/80 Str/Skl/Spd, Luna, Astra, and a 5x multiplier to her crit chance on any of her "second" attacks.

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@Chase This is going to be one of those agree to disagree as no matter how you put it, Fates storyline doesn't get into its politics enough to justify any actions or for not doing certain actions. Corrin was a child not fit or trained for war pushed into the battlefield and made some terrible errors. However very little consequences came out of them. While Corrin let them whole army go, Micaiah basically only let the head of the opposing army get away to honor his friend's sacrifice which ended up being a terrible, terrible mistake leading to a whole bunch of deaths that could've been prevented (and sets off a bunch of events further into Radiant Dawn). That leads to a whole different mess called a blood pact. But the bigger issue I had with Corrin is that he trusted Azura more than he trusted his own family. He deceived his family as he believed Azura and her way of thinking (which I keep saying that Azura being Anakos or evil would've made Conquests plot a lot better because you gotta admit, that'd be a pretty clever plan to weaken both Hoshido and Nohr seeing how gullible Corrin is).


@Hukuna the Undying The best way to describe Sanaki is a loli in charge of a very, very powerful nation. I'm actually rather surprised by her voice as I always pictured her having a deeper voice than normal given how she acts mature far beyond her actual age (that and it wouldn't phase me if she spoke like that to seem older). She's not a very good unit in Radiant Dawn, but she kind of works like she does in heroes being slow but a nuke...ish.


And as for Honerable Mentions:


Takumi: My second favorite Archer and that Fujin Yumi is so cool looking

Micaiah: Yes, I like Micaiah despite what she does and how terrible of a unit she is. She has a few good lines such as calling out Soothe for praising Ike so much

Ike: You think he's strong in Heroes. They nerfed him in heroes pretty hard. He's an amazing unit and sometimes has some blunt but funny lines in the mix.

Reinhardt: The blue man saved my butt so many times in heroes that I have to make note of him.

Volke: He's my favorite thief especially after taking on 4 dragons by himself

Titania: She's my favorite Jeigan (followed by Gunter) and I used her in both Tellius games

Caeda: She was in my list before iirc, but I still like mentioning her.

The Black Knight: (Yes he's a playable character. There's also a map dedicated to him slaughtering the enemies)

Gatrie: You put a dress on anything and he'll start flirting with it

Illyana: Honestly, I really just liked her design

Mae: That voice actor in Echoes just did such a good job


I could probably keep going on and on, but I'll stop there. 

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 i am going to make my list now 

i have not played all of the games yet so i do not know the full extent of all the characters in fire emblem

 10 cecilia - she literally trained roy

 9 arthur - this guy is hilarious 

 8 beruka - quiet but deadly

 7 bartre - if you kill them in one hit no need to worry about counter attack

 6 draug - cant hurt him

 5 jeorge when every arrow crits 

 4 alfonse they need to make the moble game into an actual game cause of this guy

 3 robin what not to like about a guy that has no memories of his past life but is a great battle planner 

 2 corrin 2nd in smash and curently trying to beat conquest with (i am pleased with difficulty)

 1 ike my main in smash and destroyer of plebs in his games

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I've only play a few in the series and mostly forgotten about half of the cast unless they are in Heroes.

10. Ursula. She is the main reason I can go up to tier 19(ok blarblade + horse bluff to be technical but she sounds cool)

9. Sanaki. I like her personality and the way she handled things with Ike's group. Too bad I haven't play RD to know her more.

8. Stefan. He is a cool swordsman(?) what more do I need to like him.

7. Boyd and Oscar. MVPs in my PoR playthrough. Often when I decided to split the formation into two or three small groups, I would pretend that these two are the team leaders. 

6. Saleh. OTP for Eirika. He is wise and calm. This kind of mentor characters are always decent for me.

5. Athena. She is such a cool swordswoman with that weird accent I have to check if I was really gay. And her base conversation is funny.

4. Frey cuz Daddy  I choose him to die in Marth's place back in SD, when he came back in New Mystery I feel like I need to make it up to him.

3. Arlen. I like his conflict with Merric and how he turn to our side at the end.  And basically his entire base conversations are denying his jealousy and caring for Merric I think that's cute.

2. Cain. He is such a bull in every games he appeared in. 

1. Kyle and Forde. Ok to be honest I like Kyle more but they made each other more complete in terms of character development during their support conversations. 



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Corrin going off to war in either of the two box routes results in Lilith getting killed. Corrin going off to war in Birthright results in Elise getting killed by Xander and Xander forcing Corrin to kill him. Corrin going off to war in Conquest results in Takumi, Ryoma, and their retinues getting killed. The people that are Corrin's adoptive/blood family. That's quite a consequence for picking up the Yato and leading an army. That's not even mentioning failing to get Corrin's support with Kaze to A before a certain chapter in Birthright, Flora in Birthright, or Scarlet in Conquest and Revelation (the latter for no good reason whatsoever.)


On top of that, Corrin merely existing causes the death of Queen Mikoto, random captive samurai in Castle Krakenberg, and much of the residents in Shirasagi Castle Town.


I wouldn't disagree with Corrin being coddled by the cast of the game - but the story (as POORLY as it was presented) wasn't totally forgiving to the Avatar at all. As shocking and "WHY?" as the story handed some consequence to us, the Avatar had to suffer in all three routes.


I -do- think that other games in the series have done a better job of worldbuilding - and had the political scope of Fateslandia (seriously, why is there not a name for this continent...) been presented in both kingdoms - Corrin's perception would have changed. Corrin has done as much wrong as Celica, Michaiah, and Eirika have - but the other ladies' games did a better job of supporting their lead.




For funsies  - I'll be weeb...


10 waifu4laifu... Mitama F8s


....I'm just gonna pretend those police sirens outside don't actually exist.


9 Selevera?? F8swakening


....Men being attracted to mean girls is probably proof women are smarter than we are - but at least Fates -DOES- make Severa a better person.


8 Louise (that one game...)


Pent has good taste. I would want a lady who's dowry is literally being a badass.


7 Silque GUYDEN....(den...) (den....)


Seriously, the voice actress for this chick sings the final credits theme in Echoes - and I cried. Also, a holy woman. That fetish is too easy.


6 lyn (Sacred Swo-...just kidding.)


Lyn is one of the few reasons I could accept being a country bumpkin. GOOD LORD-


5 Azura Lost in Fates All Alone except not really because she's with some schmuck from Texas-




4 Shade (CIPHER???)


Isn't that song 'Hot For Teacher' by Van Halen? That explains the best cleric on Celica's route if you're a dirty cheater like I am.


3 Effie/Kjelle AwakeFates


It's not a waifu list if you aren't trying to break the rules and put two girls in one spot. These two are essentially the same class. It's okay if I don't have a shot with Kjelle because she's a closet lesbian for Severa.


2 Charlotte FAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates


I still like her Tom. #CharlotteDoesEverythingRight



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17 hours ago, Commander said:

@Hukuna the Undying The best way to describe Sanaki is a loli in charge of a very, very powerful nation. I'm actually rather surprised by her voice as I always pictured her having a deeper voice than normal given how she acts mature far beyond her actual age (that and it wouldn't phase me if she spoke like that to seem older). She's not a very good unit in Radiant Dawn, but she kind of works like she does in heroes being slow but a nuke...ish.

Wait wot lol? How old is she? Her VO work in Heroes actually made me think she was like 20-30 abouts due to the way she sounds in Heroes LOL. ((she doesn't really look... super young either but then again that shit is impossible to tell in the animus cause like they can be 30 and look 10... or 10 and look 30, cause lel... character design.)) Honestly... that'd probably make me like her more character-wise cause the sorta "super young ruler" thing can be played pretty well and can be suuuuuper interesting.

l can do some honourable mentions as well l suppose XD.

Beruka: Mostly due to her role in Oboro's support convos with her... which... are kinda my legit favourite out of all the support convos is Fates.

Anna: l honestly really like the Annas that pop up now and then. Always really fun and lighthearted characters. ((just wish they'd stop locking playable ones behind DLC.)).

Marisa: She's better than Joshua. l don't care what you say.

Lute: Great mage that was always pretty fun to use.


lsadora: First lady Paladin l ran into. Honestly... l just love her sprite in FE7 cause she just looks really cool XD. 


Nino: She's doing her best.

Olivia: Not played Awakening but she's just such a great unit in Heroes. ((honestly she kinda makes me want to pick it up cause l like her that much. She didn't make the list above though cause l feel like l need to play her base game to learn more there lel. l wasn't as drawn to her as some of the others l've not played their base game.))

Ninian: Tad lame she's only around for a fair few chapters, she was always pretty interesting to me. Luckily got her in Heroes so... can use her more there~

Tethys: So...Tethys for Heroes when? ((make her green too, need a green dancer like... right NOW!))

Lucius: #NotAHealer


Charlotte: For being the first Lady Fighter. That's pretty rad.

Linde: Walking Destruction in Heroes. Can't wait until l get her Blarblade!

Karla: Despite her not really being the greatest unit... always kinda liked her as a character.

Literally every pegasus knight that isn't named Subaki ((he sucks.)): lt's my 2nd fav class and they all precious.


l could contintue but thinks that's enough. FE... has always been a series that has had so many good and memorable characters over the years lol. There's easily something there for everyone.

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22 hours ago, Chase said:

For funsies  - I'll be weeb...


Top 10 waifus? From a list of 60 I've managed to condense it down into this list of 10 super hot waifus.


10. Clair (SoV).

9. Sonya (SoV).

8. Selena (Fates).

7. Titania (Tellius).

6. Nephenee (Tellius).

5. Olwen (Thracia 776).

4. Marisa (Sacred Stones).

3. Charlotte (Fates).

2. Vika (Radiant Dawn).

1. Cordelia (Awakening).

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