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Smogoon Josh

Favorite gens in order?

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1. IV

2. III

3. VII

4. I

5. II

6. V

7. VI


I don't particularly dislike any of the generations, but I definitely liked some more than others.

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My ranking is only based on the game of that generation, not the reboots.  And the first generation I played was the first.


Gen V: Compelling story, great characters, and I love a lot of the Pokemon designs.  People give this one flack and I don't know why.


Gen II: It was a great follow up game to the first, great Pokemon, interesting characters.  Steel types being introduced were awesome.


Gen I: Oh this always holds a special place in my heart.  Of course it is the first game that introduced and they did so much.  Plus the original Pokemon are so memorable. 


Gen VII: I loved these games.  The story was compelling and a touch dark in some spots.  I like how they changed the formula, it paid off.  It would be higher, but they had a lot of missed opportunities, especially with the alolan forms and the new Pokemon in general.  More Pokemon would have jumped this up to number 2 or even number 1 spot.


Gen VI: It brought the games to 3D and the sights were breathtaking.  Pokemon were great too.  The story was really odd, and the team made no sense.


Gen IV: Beautiful region, and a lot of pretty cool Pokemon.  Love all the legendary Pokemon.  Otherwise, a pretty forgettable game to me.


Gen III: I liked Gardevoir, Aggron, and the fact we had a dad.  Otherwise this game was pretty dull, and where I felt it was really phoned in.

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Before making my ranking I want to say that I love every single mainline Pokemon game. And while I do list some negative points and criticize some things it does not mean I don't love these games. 


1. Gen II - Still my favorite to this day, has the best dex imo and also the Kanto postgame is amazing.

2. Gen VII - Has a good story and I liked how it shook up the formula with things like Alola Forms and Trials. But mostly I love all of the QoL changes such as streamlining the PC. The extra features are also a lot of fun. This gen has my favorite region, I really loved Alola.

3. Gen I - Mostly Nostalgia, it was my first generation after all and I still have some very fond memories of it. Also has the second strongest dex imo.

4. Gen V - I find this gen to be a tad overrated, especially the story. The story is ok at best, although I can see why people call it amazing because compared to the rest of the pokemon games (bar SuMo) the story truly is a masterpiece, but for a JRPG (or even when compared to fan games like Reborn) it isn't anything special. The dex is kind of a mixed bag, having both amazing designs and some very forgetful mons. Overall I do love this gen quite a lot, but I think it is pretty overrated. Still it has a lot of great points, like amazing post-game (BW2), a great region and some cool features.

5. Gen III - I like the dex and the fact that it introduced two evil teams. Secret bases are also a lot of fun and I loved the Battle Frontier. This gen has by far the best post-game. Other than that the region itself is somewhat annoying due to the abundance of water routes.

6. Gen VI - I love Mega Evolutions, the jump to 3d, hordes, the PSS and much more. However the story is bare bones compared to Gens V and VII, and also the region is pretty forgettable. Doesn't help that it essentially has next to zero post-game content.

7. Gen IV - Quite honestly I don't remember much about this generation, which is why it is ranked lowest on my list. The dex is amazing, but it has way too many evolutions and pre-evos  (I'd rather have them spread across more generations). Although I do remember that the pokemon distribution in these games (Diamond and Pearl) was a mess and that some types (like Fire) had next to no pokemon available until post-game. I never played Platinum though, so this point might have been something they fixed.



My rank consists of only the mainline games, since I don't really count the remakes. But if I were to include the remakes in the ranking it would be:




2. GSC

3. SuMo


5. RBY

6. BW(2)

7. RSE


9. XY

10. DPPt


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1. Gen 2- It's a close call between my top 3 but I have to go with Gen 2. This is the Gen that got me started in Pokemon so the new mons introduced in Johto were my Gen 1. My friends and I grew up playing these games as kids. Gen 2 introduced so many of my favorite mons, such as Tyranitar, Sneasel, and Houndoom. And you still can't beat getting to travel back to the Kanto region and getting to battle Red for the first time.


2. Gen 4- Again close call between 4 and 6 for this spot. I first played Gen 4 around the time X and Y came out. I hadn't played a Pokemon game since Gen 3 at that point and I'm very glad I decided not to skip directly to X and Y. I absolutely love the music in this game, the Jubilife City music is my favorite track from any game. The story in this game was great, the design and history of the region, as well as introducing some awesome new mons like Empoleon. This is the gen that gave my beloved Sneasel an evolution into my favorite mon, Weavile!


3. Gen 6- Having been a longtime player when Gen 6 was released, I was instantly blown away by the new 3D graphics! I love that the Kalos region is based on France! The music in this game was once again fantastic. I love so many of the mons introduced in this gen: Greninja, Goodra, Aegislash, Trevenant, Florges, Sylveon, etc.


4. Gen 7- I love all the features Sun and Moon brought to the table, from even more graphical improvements to a more story-driven playthrough. Didn't leave quite the same impact on me as my previous 3 though.


5. Gen 3- This is the generation I probably spent the most time with due to playing these games at an age that was prime for video game playing. I spent a lot of time battling and trading with friends during this gen and I thought the sevii islands post game in FRLG was a nice addition. Some of my favorite Hoenn mons are Blaziken, Ludicolo, Breloom, Flygon, and Shiftry. Before ORAS I kinda forgot about the Hoenn region itself though, and the music in this game was far from my favorite.


6. Gen 1- I ranked this so low mostly because my first experience with Gen 1 was through Fire Red version. I have since gone back and played through the original Red and Yellow versions, but had I started with Gen 1 in the beginning I may have ranked it higher.


7. Gen 5- Admittedly this is the gen I completely skipped over during my time away from Pokemon, and as I mentioned when I came back to it I went right from 4 to 6. I've since familiarized myself with the mons introduced in this gen. Not a big fan of any of the starters. The only mon I really like from this gen is Excadrill.

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Been reading through your comments, as a veteran who's played every single gen (including all X.5), let me share my thoughts. From bottom to top:


7. Gen 6


Everything about this game is just forgettable, especially the characters. I cannot even remember the gym leaders and E4 anymore. It also introduced the garbage known as Exp Share. Even if you turn it off it is/was still too easy.

Leaving aside the terrible story and characters (the post game story was pretty cool tho), everything else was awesome. Really loved the addition of Fairy type and mega-evolution. Friend safari was also cool and encouraged people to contact each other. 

6. Gen 4



It's not a bad game, just extremely uninspired. Cynthia by far the coolest champion of all though. Platinum was by far better than D/P with the Distortion world and stuff.


Gotta mention that this is the gen that introduced the physical/special split. I also liked the evolutions for Magmar/Electabuzz/Gligar etc. It made most of them a lot more viable. 



5. Gen 1


The game where it all started! I would actually put this higher on the list due to my nostalgia goggles. However let's be fair though. If I'd play the game again I'd probably shut it down cos it is so incredibly outdated. 

Gotta mention that I really love the music of the first game, but again that may be due to nostalgia :P


4. Gen 5



Storywise this is probably the best Pokemon game. Also liked how TMs can be used multiple times. Everything else though I don't like. Aside from pokes such as Darmanitan/Excadrill and a few others, I hate the designs. Oh god I hate them. I also hate the starters. The game, just like Gen 7, is incredibly linear.

BW2 was worse because of lack of N, who is one of the best characters of all Pokemon games. I thought Hugh's desire to get his sis' Pokemon back was a bit over the top. His theme song however kicks ass. 


Subjectively I'd actually place this lower on the list because I really don't like the Pokemon of this gen, which obviously is pretty important.


3.  Gen 3



One of the best games storywise with Team Aqua/Magma. It also has the best starter Pokemon out of all the games. I also love Gardevoir, oh god do I love Gardevoir. Emerald was better than R/S, except for the shitty Champion. ORAS I didn't like that much because Exp Share/Megas/Latis and other things made it too casual. The post game content once again was pretty cool, gotta love that delta episode.


It's really hard to come up with something bad, but if I could say something, it would be that it went back to 8 Badges from 16. That for me was a pretty big disappointment and probably for everyone. I also didn't like that Beauty contest shit, but since that wasn't mandatory, it doesn't matter that much. 



2. Gen 7



I may be biased because I just finished the game, but holy shit did this game by far exceed my expectations. I didn't expect much at all after that atrocious X/Y. Not to mention that Reborn raised my standards to unmeasurable heights.

Anyways, where do I start? There's too many things to say so let's make a list:



+Game looks amazing. 

+Good storyline, it really kept me engaged from start to finish. 

+best characters out of any Pokemon game no contest

+Totem Pokemon! Kind of reminds me of some of the Reborn/Rejuvenation bosses

+No longer need HM slaves

+Good difficulty. I didn't use exp-share and Z-moves so I had a pretty hard time beating the game.


There were some things that could've been better though:


-Storyline a bit too linear.

-I hated the SoS battle system. 

-Nearly all Alolan Pokemon have an atrocious Speed stat. This is really annoying for example when trying to escape wild Pokemon.

-To me it felt like they got lazy near the end of the game. That Dragon trial was terrible and there was no Victory Road. There's no build up at all, it feels like the Pokemon League is just an afterthought and not a real part of the story.



All in all a very good game and incredibly underrated if I look through your comments.


1. Gen 2
I largely blame the nostalgia goggles for this, but damn this game was so awesome back in the day. If Pokemon Reborn didn't exist, this would be my favorite Pokemon game. Have a lot to say about this one so it's time for a list again!



+16 Badges. No comment needed here.

+multiple QoL changes such as bag system, easy usage of HMs etc.

+Pokemon can hold items, Dark/Steel type introduced.

+This gen has some of my fav Pokemon including Typhlosion, Ampharos, Espeon and Kingdra

+Light/Day system

+Youngster Joey

+Really liked the Team Rocket Radio Tower/Mahogany Town event.

+dat music tho


Can honestly go on and on, so let's focus on the not so good parts:


-Game way too easy. Enemy poke levels were too low. Good thing this got fixed in HGSS

-Move pools were ridiculous and starters would learn their strongest moves way too late in the game. 



In conclusion, I think Gen 4 is one of the most overrated and Gen 7 is one of the most underrated, especially since it stepped away from the usual formula.

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From worst to best 

7. Gen 4


Gen four is the only generation I actively dislike. It runs slowly, I don't like most of the pokemon, the characters are bland and the story isn't great. I also don't like Sinnoh as a region. HGSS are good though



6. Gen 1


I love some of the pokemon from here and the Kanto region has charm to it. However the games are just really dated and don't live up to anything else made. If I want Kanto I'll play FRLG


5. Gen 5


If the good bits of the games in this generation were combined I would like it a lot more. Black and White had a great story but a really bland region while Black and White 2 had an improved region and a boring plot. The main reason why this is so low is that I'm not a fan of a lot of Unova pokemon. 


4. Gen 3


I feel really weird putting this in the middle because I love gen 3. Hoenn is great and it had a solid plot and cast of pokemon. The characters were more interesting than a lot of the others but it just isn't my favourite region. However I still really love gen 3 as I'm super fond of all of my top four. 


3. Gen 6


Gen 6 gets a lot of hate and some of that is fair. X and Y's story and characters were really weak but I still loved the games. There isn't a single new pokemon that I dislike and the region itself is great. I wished the games were harder and the plot was improved but overall the thing that is most important to me is the new pokemon and Gen 6 is my favourite overall for that.


2. Gen 7


Picking the top 2 was tough because I love them both. I was unsure about the changed up formula at first but Sun and Moon blew me away. The characters were full of life and the plot was really unique. The pokemon were generally pretty well designed and alola forms were a fun addition. The island challenge would get boring if it was used in every generation but I felt like it was a nice twist here. Ride pokemon were a great and often amusing addition and overall they were amazing games. Minus points for the character smiling stupidly through everything in the game.

1. Gen 2


Johto is my favourite region by far and crystal is still my favourite game ever. The plot wasn't as high stakes as some of the later generations but that was part of its charm. The player did some good but wasn't needed to save the world and in the end the story was based on your journey through the league. The gym leaders are great and the new pokemon were fantastic. While I find gen 1 hard to play through, gen 2 still feels just as special and I'd gladly play the gen 2 games over their remakes (although I did really like HGSS)



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Gen 3:


I love the artwork and the designs overall, also it's where my beloved Milotic came from and it's the most unique to me, especially since I LOVE water and anything to do with it. Also Emerald introducing the Battle Frontier practically made me love people like Pike Queen Lucy.

Gen 1:


Let's be honest, this one is here because of the nostalgic factor as well as the fact it's where I began playing. Probably only 2nd to the Hoenn region because here is where the most originality came from, as it was the first. 

Gen 4:


Well alright, so here is where all of my favorite Gen 1 & 2 pokemon got their much needed and fabled introduction to their final forms. As well as the introduction to Arceus, which was unneeded...but I kind of just feel like the story itself was good. Also, Cynthia is bae.

Gen 2:


Still being one of my favorite, the only reason it placed so low is because I didn't feel there was that much of a story to it and I felt slightly bored. Not going to lie, I do not care for Red and I feel like going back to Kanto was the only thing really carrying this game. Although, I did love some of the new introduced pokemon like Tyranitar, Crobat, Togepi, & easily the eeveelution line.

Gen 5:


I liked Black & White 2 much more than the prior games, but this game had literally no back story but it was a good game because I really admired the villain at the time, being N, since...he seemed like the only villain who actually achieved his goals. I really only had an issue with this game because of the fact nothing really happened after and the entire generation/location seemed stale to me.

Gen 7:


I only place this one above 6th gen because the region itself was honestly a great and brand new introduction. I also loved what they did with things like...my least favorite new typing, but admittedly great design of things like Ninetales. Of course, I only place this one so low not because of the story or any of that but mostly the busted new buffs they gave to fairy and a lot of the new designs, if not all of them, I really hate.

Gen 6:


Overall, no back story and seemed completely off to me. Again, it had a lot of good new features like being able to customize your character, but being that it created the bane of my existence, granted dragon typing needed to be nerfed...I didn't like the champion, I didn't like the introduction to mega's that much, and I hated the new typing and almost all of the new pokemon that were made.

P.S. - I really hate fairy types, if you couldn't already tell by now.

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Gen 2 -- Who doesn't love the huge after game and having multiple regions to explore. This was more an expansion and correction of Gen 1 along with some nice new twists. Ho-oh and Lugia were the first instance of legendaries being a focal points of the story. The final climactic battle at Mount Silver is something I'll never forget.


Gen 4 -- This legendary trio was my favorite, and Sinnoh was my personal favorite Region. Not to mention Cynthia makes for a great champion. They also had the leaders involved in the story quite a bit. Finally, this had some of my favorite pokemon designs.


Gen 5 -- I liked the pokemon designs, hate me I know. This gen gets a bad wrap because of Garbodor and Vanniluxe alone. The region was very fun to explore, N had a great story to him. Black 2 and White 2 were just amazing sequels and Neo Plasma shoved back at old plasma who was sort of dorky.


Gen 7 -- Very humorous and a good rebound from the dreadful story that was told in Gen 6. Great characters and development, decent rivals. Gamefreak listened to the criticisms of XY, and that's what I like to hear.


Gen 1 -- It was fun and innovative for it's time. 


Gen 3 -- This gen just wasn't my cup of tea as a whole. I liked the concept and designs of the Legendary trio as well as the two different evil teams, but everything else really was disappointing to me. Well maybe the inclusion of abilities was neat.


Gen 6 -- I could write a book on why I loathed XY. This game was a culmination of all things I dislike in story telling and gameplay (single player wise). The ORAS remakes were also incredibly boring. Megas were nice for making previously poor pokemon viable, but the story was just dreadful and gameplay mindnumbingly easy.

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5 hours ago, Jericho said:

Gen 5 -- I liked the pokemon designs, hate me I know. This gen gets a bad wrap because of Garbodor and Vanniluxe alone. The region was very fun to explore, N had a great story to him. Black 2 and White 2 were just amazing sequels and Neo Plasma shoved back at old plasma who was sort of dorky.

When it comes to Pokemon in Gen 5 I think it's mostly a mixed bag. On the one hand we get awesome mon like Excadrill, Darmanitan, Scrafty, Galvantula, Chandelure, Mienshao, Bisharp etc. On the other hand we get crap like the starters, elemental monkeys, Watchog, Seismitoad, Bouffalant etc. 

One thing I also found pretty stupid is that in this gen, nearly all Pokemon evolve super late, some of them even beyond level 50 or even 60! Not only that but they learn their moves super late too. Remember that in this gen, most powerful TMs can only be found post game which is a bit annoying.


BW had a really good story, but BW2 not so much. BW2 was better in almost anything else though. 



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On 1/1/2017 at 11:02 AM, Tartar said:

It would be interesting for people to write what the first gen they played were. Because I have a hunch that for the majority of people, their first gen (the one they spent the most time on) will in most cases be their favourite. 

Then i will make a start.


First one i played, was 1st gen and back in the day. But it is not as you say, since my best one is 2nd; as well as the one i spent the most time on. But gen 1 is also my second close one, ranked second. I played gen 3 back in the day, as well, but i really hated it and it was the main reason for going on a long hiatus AGAINST the pokemon series! After that, only emulators and now, fangames! But i really liked gen 4!

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i started with hoenn, but i really REALLY completed every single thing in Platinum (battle frontier, sinnohdex, events...etc!) 


Gen 4 (D/P/Pt | HG/SS) -- this choice was made with pure, shameless nostalgia. FIGHT ME ABOUT IT.  


Gen 7 (S/M) -- it's like one big pokemon fangame, like the developers actually took into account what kinda stuff fans wanted and bam. masterpiece. it's the little bits here and there in the game that made me fall in love. the fact that sinnoh remakes were even HINTED made me so happy you dont know???? possibly has most of my fave pokemon characters. 


Gen 1 (R/B/Y) -- adventure!!!!!!!! (I did a lot of various runs, and most of them took place in kanto. kanto is just special to me idk why. )  


Gen 3 (R/S/E | FR/LG) -- also nostalgia like sinnoh gegehgeheghegeh. 


Gen 5 (B/W/2) -- the story and lore. 


Gen 2 (G/S/C) -- i never got to play, though i really!!!!!!!! really like the music and!!!!!!!!!!!!! the pokemon!!!!!!!!!! and and i just really love johto ok i hate that i had to put it here fck it shouldnt be here. 


Gen 6 (X/Y | OR/AS) -- i have nothing against this gen. just that i do in some parts but ORAS made me feel ok with it. basically the most incomplete compared to the other gens, nothing stood out. 

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Gen V - I really love Unova, for its cities (Nimbasa! Castelia!), its story, and its features like Pokestar Studios! I also really liked the idea of continuing the plot with a sequel (which was done in Gen 2 technically, but that started in a different region from Kanto >:c), although B2W2's plot was somewhat weaker than its predecessors, but Memory Link was really cool! And even though people hate it for its "trashy" Pokemon designs, I find myself drawn to many of the Gen 5 Pokemon, like Scrafty or Cinccino or Sigilyph!


Gen VII - I felt that Alola was a refreshing break from the traditional games of fighting Gyms. The ideas of Trials, the games' difficulty, features like PokePelago, Poke Finder (especially after Pokemon Snap), and Poke Ride, and Lusamine (who is also the first female villain woo) were all great, although I wish they made the plot just a bit less subtle. The only thing I really dislike about Gen VII is the Pokemon - I find most of them pretty bland, and there aren't many in the first place.


Gen IV - Sinnoh was my first game, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Sinnoh was one of my favorite regions design wise, I love practically every Pokemon design, especially the lore of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus, the music is great, and Cynthia is one of my favorite Pokemon characters! I also love the postgame, especially of Stark Mountain. My only complaint is with Team Galactic, although I didn't think they were the absolute worst villains.


Gen II - 2 regions in one game! I really liked the idea of getting to explore Kanto once again. And Team Rocket's cool, I guess. That's pretty much all I really have to say...


Gen III - OK, so while I absolutely love some of Hoenn's Pokemon, Secret Bases, and some of Hoenn's places (like Fortree and New Mauville in ORAS), I really despise Team Aqua and Magma. Well, I don't hate them, but I hate their goals. How does anyone think that summoning an extremely strong Legendary and using its power to alter the world without any way to stop them if they potentially went uncontrollable a good idea??? also i really hate that ocean current route


Gen I - ...I've never actually played them. Oops. But again, Team Rocket's cool, I guess?


Gen VI - While Kalos has some of the greatest Pokemon designs ever, its plotline is just really bad... I do not understand Lysandre at all, and like Lusamine, he shouldn't have been such an obvious villain before he was revealed (although Lusamine gets a pass because I just love her design and development). And I wish the Gym Leaders actually did things rather than stay in their Gyms and wait for you, especially after BW. There's also the lack of a post-game besides the Looker Foundation, which is also present in SM, but I'm hoping SM's sequels will change that.

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For me it probably goes








haven't played Su/Mo but from what I've seen, it would probably go in spot 3.

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1. Gen IV

2. Gen VII

3. Gen V

4. Gen II

5. Gen VI

6. Gen III

7. Gen I 

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Well I'm not certain what criteria gens should be classified by, but I'll just go with each gen's games/dex. (Remakes in my post will be treated as belonging to the gen they are remastering)


1. First place for me is shared between Gen 5 and Gen 4.


* Gen 5- I absolutely love going through the story and region of B/W and B2/W2. It surely had the most memorable characters and locations and story in my opinion. I like that some areas were left as optional exploration post-game. OST was pretty cool (adding instruments to BGM!) and the plot was the most mature and well-thought out yet. Gym leaders had personalities and involvement, even the 2 friends you travel with feel like characters you can remember. The sequels were a very nice way to integrate Kyurem into the story, even leaving some future plot points for the remakes (perfect dragon etc). Difficulty mode, seasons and other overall features just give bonus points to Gen 5. The dex is controversial, however, at least in my eyes. Still props for being the largest dex to date with 156 species.


* Gen 4- Mainly because Platinum exists, really. It fixed so much that went wrong with D/P. The dex is my favorite tying with gen 2's dex, I like that evolutions to old species were added. I liked that Gen 4 tried to make the plot a bit different by using the lake guardians and Platinum's introduction of the Distortion world. The superior Frontier, underground, cooking mechanics, pal park, Sinnoh lore and Cynthia are other pros of this gen. What I like least about Gen 4 is its starters. I'm not particularly super fond of any of them, although I just go with Chimchar for lack of fire types.


2. Second place for Gen 2. I may or may not be biased because my Pokemon adventure started with Johto both anime and gaming, but Johto is awesome in its own simplistic ways. The Johto starters are my favorite of all gens and I've done playthroughs with each of the 3. The dex, as mentioned, is my favorite along with gen 4's. Many of my gen 2 favorites got evolutions in gen 4. Johto has no special plot to boast for, but it's the only dual region game and HGSS are still the best remakes out there (so far). I liked the simple ancient asian theme of Johto and much of the lore it held, makes the region a small, yet homely kind of place. Nostalgia, memories and everything the remakes brought and brought back keep gen 2 in second place of my list.


3. Rank 3 goes to Gen 7. In my eyes, it's a shame because it had the potential to raise higher, however, as it backed out of many things it started, it's just gonna stay as an advanced Hoenn for me. Locations are beautiful, characters had personality (most anyway), features added a fresh take on Pokemon, dex quality is good enough (design-wise, not competitiveness), OST is deserving of many praises. I'd take trials over gyms any day, as well as the increased cutscenes etc. A second take on having 2 antagonist teams, no hate on either Skull or Aether on my side. Ya boi Guzma (and his theme) is boss. I like that they tried to remake join avenue, though plaza is inferior to avenue imo. My issue with this gen is that I have as much to praise as I have to criticize. While the games added a lot, they also took away a lot. The dex added species that quickly turned into new favorites of mine, but the effective wild dex was very lacking. The number of gen 7 species and their location/capture methods/evolution methods or lack of evolution/ type distribution was something that disappointed me a lot. A bunch of missed opportunities along with the good additions. Plot pacing lacks balance and is another missed opportunity for me. Concept was pretty good, execution was mediocre in my opinion. I wish they had done something with the UBs they overhyped in trailers instead of just making a flock of Nihilego merge with Lusamine. Lusamine's plot itself lacked conclusion and many things felt half-finished. The Looker post-story was a nice addition, however, they could have done so much more with the UBs in it instead of just randomly going to catch them. Some locations felt barren and some were only background decoration instead of being accessible. That's not new but it felt like there was more of it in this gen. I personally am no fan of gen1 pandering so that's another minus for me. Alolan forms being Kanto-only and gen1 pokemon being the largest number of species in the dex as well. Lack of some basic functions that have existed since gen 3, such as tv channels, interacting with things in buildings felt less possible than usual but that might just be me. Starters are mediocre to me, I only really like Rowlet's line. Can't fault them on the final evos' typings though. Wish this gen had a Frontier-like facility and I only really place it in 3rd place because it's still new and may get a 3rd version or sequel that fixes much of what was wrong right now.


4. Gen 3 ( Mostly Emerald, though). As any 3rd version should do, Emerald fixed and improved on many things R/S lacked. Back when I first played gen 3, I was really excited about going through Hoenn and experiencing its tropical towns and locations, but to be honest, playing ORAS made me feel like I'm no longer fond of the tropical theme. Alola being another tropical adventure didn't help the situation, but oh well, to each their own. Playing ORAS made me feel like I'm seeing similar things no matter where I go, with the exception of unique towns and the volcanic ash route. I like 2/3 of the starters, the plot concept was nice and executed best in Emerald. Having 2 teams was nice, even though depending on version, the goal didn't make much sense to me. I like that in Emerald, both of them were made equally relevant and crazy. Hoenn dex overall isn't my favorite, but it's nice overall apart the obvious lack of fire types. I've always liked contests and secret bases, so no complaints here. I wish ORAS had incorporated more features of Emerald, but the Delta ep brought about a very interesting plot to the entire Pokemon universe with Zinnia and timelines. The annoyance of needing too many HMs is a minus for me, not even gonna use the too much water argument 'cause that never bothered me. Overall, gen 3 is slightly inferior to gen 7 in my eyes simply because ORAS were not as good as they could have been so the overall quality of gen 3 peaked with Emerald ( Gonna miss having to use bikes and try not to fall down the tower cracks)


5. Not much left by now, but, Gen 6 takes rank 5. Kalos is this low on the list because it is forgettable and I only remember it for the visually beautiful and lovely region locations..and megas, I guess. Worst cast of characters in my opinion, gym leaders had no personalities or mini-stories, save for a few. I think the villain team is a missed opportunity. Concept feels rushed and out of the blue, not fleshed-out enough and executed pretty poorly. OST is nice, although I only really remember Kalos for Lysandre's battle theme. Dex is lacking in numbers, but it doesn't feel overshadowed by other gen species like Alola dex does. Sitting feature was a long-awaited thing for me, so I like that. Customization is superior to S/M's. Megas were never something I cared much about, but they did bring better usage to some pokemon that needed a boost..and some that didn't need a boost. My biggest issue with gen 6 is that it's shafted, basically. Legendaries had nice norse mythology lore, Kalos had a nice ancient war lore, but the way they ...connected all that was very badly done. The lore of the mascots wasn't used at all except to imply Lysandre either died or got eternal life... random. The gen has no sequel or a 3rd version and Zygarde got all those forms for..nothing at all. Just feels like the devs really didn't think this whole gen through and its small, but nice dex is the best thing to come out of it.


6. Dead last on my list is Gen1. That's also my least liked dex. There are very few species I like in the Kanto dex and the region is nothing special. Best thing to come out of Kanto is Lavender town, the lore around it and the creepy pastas about it. Naturally, much of Gen 1's issues come from it being the first in the series, so it has no real plot or anything much special at all, but even playing FRLG with GBA graphics and such, I still felt like I'd sooner take Gen 2's Kanto over gen1 any day. FRLG did pretty well with the addition of the Sevii islands and the mini-missions you could do there, as well as meet Johto/Hoenn pokemon, but overall, I just really don't like gen 1. I probably wouldn't like it even if they'd remake it for the 3ds and add some Lillie plot to it..



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1: Gold/Silver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver

2: Black/White/Black2/White2

3: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

4: Red/Blue/Yellow/FireRed/LeafGreen

5: X/Y

6: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald


Not including 7th generation, as I haven't played it yet.

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