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Smogoon Josh

Favorite gens in order?

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Don't have to give reasons why, but I'm just curious what your guys' fav gens are. This is my opinion and I wholly respect yours. 1=Favorite etc. etc. 7=least favorite


1. 4th gen - Too much nostalgia, had the HGSS remakes which are amazing, best rival, best anime arc, so many good pokes and great mystery dungeon game.


2. 2nd gen - Crystal is so good and I'm a geek for those old graphics and battle system. Sometimes simple is good. 


3. 3rd gen - Love Hoenn region, all 3 starters are pretty much loved by everybody (you can't say that about pretty much any other gen), pretty good anime arc, first mystery dungeon games, XD and Colosseum, 1st gen remakes which updated the somewhat outdated red and blue, and 2nd best story in Pokemon in my opinion.


4. 6th gen - Mega evolution is awesome (but broken lol), great memories, awesome pokemon, and it seemed to get so many people back into pokemon (including me). I've heard the anime arc for this is surprisingly good (except for the end  lolololololololol). BUT, way too easy, bit short, competetive was cancer, and it had those disgusting ORAS remakes. That's where megas just got way out of hand imo. (HOW DO YOU MAKE A POKEMON THAT IS BANNED FROM THE BANNED TIER!?!?!?!?)


5. 7th gen - Sorry, wasn't that great :/ Alolan forms are meh, dumbass set number for Masuda method (done breeding for shinies because of it), SOS mechanic is horrible and ended up forcing me to kill a wild shiny and I'm not a fan of the trials and available pokemon, especially in the beginning and no move tutor until the end of the game. On the other hand, love the characters, new pokemon, Ultra Beasts, challenge, convenience, and customization. But I'm not going back to it seriously for quite awhile. Also the anime isn't that great.


6. 1st gen - Love the games, especially yellow, but it's outdated, plain and simple. Also, giving you a pikachu when the first gym is all ground? My 7 year old self never saw past Brock :,( 


7. 5th gen - Ihateitihateitihateitihateit. Sorry. The pokemon are just bad in general (not to mention a lot are blatant ripoffs of mostly 1st gen pokemon), worst rival (Cheren), the story was too scared to be as dark as it wanted to be, worst anime arc, Emboar, boring, and almost made me quit Pokemon. The good things I'll say about it is that Bianca is a really good character, N too, Black 2 and White 2 are decent, Oshawott is my 2nd favorite pokemon, Zekrom is pretty cool, and the player character in the original is the coolest looking.


@Viridescent 2.0 Exactly 


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1º) 5º Gen


2º) 4º Gen


3º) 2º Gen


4º) 7º Gen


5º) 3º Gen


6º) 1º Gen


7º) 6º Gen

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1) Gen 4


2) Gen 7 


3) Gen 1


4) Gen 3


5) Gen 2


6) Gen 5


7) Gen 6


And honestly most of those could be swapped around that's just the first order that came to mind. Gen 6 will just always be at the bottom simply because I just thought the games were boring.

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1.) Gen IV  (nostalgia; most complete generation)

2.) Gen V  (unique feel; competitive golden age; N)

3.) Gen II  (long postgame; Pokémon brand solidified)

4.) Gen VII  (jury's still out; Sinnoh remakes??)

5.) Gen VI  (megas ruined competitive; cool music; 3D)

6.) Gen III  (felt bland & drab; Battle Frontier)

7.) Gen I  *gets THISISSPARTA'd by genwunners*

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Let's see:


1. Gen IV

2. Gen IV

3. Gen IV

4. Gen IV

5. Gen IV

6. Gen IV

7. Gen IV


No contest.

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Well for me it has to be:


1. Gen 4

2. Gen 5

3. Gen 2

4. Gen 7

5. Gen 3

6. Gen 6

7. Gen 1

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#1 -- 4th gen  --> The first one I really got into

#2 -- 3rd gen --> My first pokémon game when I was younger that I could play

#3 -- 2nd gen --> To be fair, I never played 2nd gen as second gen, I played the remakes... Sorry if that makes me a bad person :(

#4 -- 1st gen  --> got this one for a birthday when I was 5 or something, never actively played it, because I didn't understand English at that point, so this one doesn't really count


I can't really say anything about gen 5 and onwards since the last gen I played was gen 4

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2. The single bestest one i have ever played! Too bad battery died and i didn't know that it can be changed... I lost pokerus in box, 5 shinies and no less than 900 hours total playtime...

1. Sentimental value, but 2 had more features and was a total upgrade over it.

4. I liked it a lot, mainly Platinum/Soul Silver.

7. I am still pondering over whether to buy it, or not (probably not, since reborn brings its content).

6. Haven't played it, but i liked its starters. I even got myself a Fennekin in Reborn (first time ever i didn't pick a charmander).

5. Didn't like it. I even got the roms with antipiracy measures removed and i still, didn't like it the least bit. Mainly the changes in gameplay (poisoning) and stuff like that.

3. I downright HATE the thing. From gen 2, it was a step backwards and a regression, even having wonderful features removed (day/night) and adding useless/stupid stuff instead, such as beauty contests. Ugly designs and the beginning of that crappy trend to not allow you transfer over pokemon caught in the past, which first hit the players mercilessly beginning in gen 3, really made me shudder in anger. I traded both Ruby, Sapphire and my Game Boy Advance, for ultra rare tournament cards in Yugi Oh, at the time.




I Love reborn. It offers all pokemon and most importantly, in a decent difficulty level and a somewhat "Grown-up" environment. Couldn't ask for more.

I Like pokemon uranium. Even though it is 90% fakemon, it is exceptionally well made.


P.S. I still play pokemon of old, the canon games, in emulation. I recently started anew first 2 gens, complete with transfer pack and pokemon stadiums! And i am considering to just give gen 5 a quick try, with pokesav/pokegen, since you can't use wifi anymore (either legit, or pirated) and you can't get trade evolving.

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Wow; I had no idea how popular 4th Gen was among Rebornites! I expected to see a lot of 2nd and 3rd Gen at #1, so this is definitely a surprise to me -- especially since I see so much hate for D/P (not so much Platinum) in other places.


Diamond was my first Pokemon game, but even if it didn't turn out that way, I still believe that Gen IV would've been my favorite. For one, the music was alluring -- that piano though. I mean, we got arguably the two most content-heavy games in the entire series with HG/SS and Explorers of Sky; the latter of which came with arguably the best soundtrack in the series. 


That's without even mentioning the wonderful physical/special split which made competitive battling a viable thing, the peak state of the TCG (which I stopped playing a year or so after B/W), the Global Trading System and Nintendo Wi-Fi, or the two Ranger games that dropped in this gen. Ahh.. when I remember my time with Gen IV, it's nothing but smiles.


As for my favorite Pokemon game? It's this one right here. If Explorers of Sky is a 10, then Reborn is a solid 13 in my book.

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(I don't think HG/SS count as merit for the IV Gen, just like FR/GL don't count as Gen III, in my opinion)


1. Gen II - Best game. Full of great content and great pokemon designs (They didn't overdo it). 

2. Gen I - Nostalgia might have something to do with this, but it's definitelly top 3 no matter what. Not all designs were perfect (looking at you hitmonchan), but they were original and consistent

3. Gen III - Great pokemon and interesting enough story. Up to this point everything seemed to come together perfectly with the exception of the beauty contests.. Great starters.

4. Gen IV - Some great pokemon too (Mostly new evolutions from old ones), BUT this is when they started over doing it a little with a few of the designs. Legendaries officially became Digimon and gundams.

5. Gen V - Here's when it started to go south for the regular beasts.. There were some great pokemon, but they started to look more like Digimon.. There was a drop in simplicity in favor of "over-the-topness". starters were a disaster.

6. Gen VI - More Digimon and ridiculous designs but some good mons were included (as always). Starters were a disaster.

7. Gen VII - Weirdest pokemon ever.. Alola forms are interesting but half the beasts seem to be legendary digimons (There's an over excercised moskito man that looks like the evil monster from a power rangers episode for god's sake..). Worst starters ever created.


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I don't dislike any generation necessarily, but...

1. Gen III - Nostalgia honestly... I started with Emerald, so my Pokemon impressions were created by the Hoenn region, which ORAS helped me love even more. Also, the Battle Frontier was great. I played some of Ruby and Sapphire, but mostly just Emerald.

2. Gen VII - Yeah, I know... but the previous two generations had really bogged me a little when it comes to my Pokemon spirit, and Alola really lifted me back up. I've played Sun, but plan to start playing Moon soon.

3. Gen IV - I really liked Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, and so even though I'm not the biggest fan of the region nor all of the forgettable characters, the memorable characters and the new Pokemon added (which I loved all of with a few rare exceptions) really helped, along with the story and after-game. I played Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, and I am really hoping they do a remake of these games.

4. Gen II - I played Silver between Emerald and Diamond/Pearl, and I really enjoyed the generation, even with it's poorer graphics. Looking back, I like how the goal wasn't to stop the evil people, but was to actually become a great pokemon trainer. Obviously the after game of this generation is the most immense to date as well, which helps out. However, my memories of playing this generation are often overshadowed with the memories of later pokemon generations, and so it doesn't hold as high of a spot as might be expected. I only played Pokemon Silver version.

5. Gen V - I didn't dislike the generation, but I was always more meh about it. I liked the new pokemon, and the region and people were okay to me, but it really bogged me more than made me excited about pokemon. The only reason it is higher than Gen VI is because of Black/White II (which I feel helped fixed up the region and characters a lot, along with incorporated the much needed previous generation pokemon) and the story of the generation.

6. Gen VI - Though I like the idea of Mega evolution and the new pokemon added, the region was still kind of meh (I blame mostly the graphics, which were good for being the starting points of 3D Pokemon, but really shoty in spots), not to mention the horrible "story", which is basically non-existent. Also, the game didn't make any of the characters memorable (I had forgotten about Team Flare by the time Sun and Moon were announced...), and the pacing of the story was really poorly done. I played both X and Y.

7. Gen I - I never played much, so I don't have much backing for this, nor the nostalgia to help it out. I only played through Pokemon Yellow.


For Remakes, I never played Leafgreen or Firered, I played some of Heartgold and Soulsilver (but never finished), and I played through ORAS, which I loved a lot, and I think added so much more to the region than was there previously.

For spin offs, I played Mystery Dungeon Red, Explorers of Time, Infinity Gates, and Super. I probably liked Super the best, with Explorers of Time coming in second, Red being next, and Infinity Gates coming in last (I didn't really like it, and I was worried the series was shot...)

I also played Pokemon Conquest (I like it quite a bit), along with Pokemon Rangers, Shadows of Almia, and Guardian Signs. I easily liked Shadows of Almia better, with the other two being okay, but nothing to get too crazed about.

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1. gen 4 (lots of cool mons and and cool place)

2. gen 3 (first gen i played)

3. gen 1

4. gen 5

5. gen 6

6. gen 2 (hgss is way better)


I also love conquest

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I never played Conquest simply because I was super busy with things around the time of its release. I need need NEED to play it someday bc it looks amazing.

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conquest is good but it can get old fast with the repitition, as well as needing to evolve things so that you can have them later.


my order is.....hmmmm.....

I love 4's aesthetic and underground wifi thing


I adore gen 7's story


Gen 3 is excellent and where pokemon really hit its stride


gen 5 (part two) has great mon variety


but on the other hand


gen 4 had awful mons


gen 7 has a tiny dex and a terrible wifi gimmick


gen 3 has a bare-bones story and, depending on which version of gen 3, either 1. ridiculous villains or 2. no difficulty.


gen 5 is kinda the mario in all this. not too bad or too great in any way.

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Well i love it because i like srpg, but honestly thepostgame part is repetitive like yousaid

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Gen Three.


I suffered massive PTSD and Burnout from this generation, filling the National Dex with my friends in Hoenn with help from Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, and the Colisseum franchise. I love the starters. I like the layout of the region. I like the fresh characters after staying too close to home by putting Johto on Kanto's continent. This generation only dropped the ball in transfer of old friends being impossible - but it's fresh cast is REALLY how you knew Pokémon was in the big leagues. 


Gen Five


Where Hoenn was the boss in total playtime, Unova offered just what the doctor ordered for a huge burn from said playtime. A fresh story that features genuine adult questioning of ethics and several Pokémon that are better than their appearance. The cast was again fresh, and there's something about getting so much unwarranted hate that makes the contrarian in me appreciate this generation even more.


Gen Seven


Give GF some credit here. Sun and Moon is a very enjoyable installment to the franchise because the story does a much better job than X and Y at being as good as Black and White, while caring the most about inclusion. If you are a Genwunner, Red and Blue make the trek to Alola to head the Battle Tree and Alolan forms are only of Kantonian originals. TeamFour? Cynthia and every noteworthy Sinnoh Pokémon is probably available in Alola (with the possible 4 remake.) Twosers and Fivites? Starters are Island Scannable. Sixers? Megas are still here with a better Zygarde to play with. Really. Only Hoenn fans like myself weren't repped - and we just got ORAS. May just be on a high - but there's almost something for everyone. 


Gen Two


Essentially two games in one with nods to the first generation for inspiration. Not bad - but outside of that HeartGold and SoulSilver help the original games shine with its fresher lick of paint.


Gen One


I -am- a Genwunner. And these games are very. Very. VERY old. Not aged well in my opinion.


Gen Six


Powercreep. Worse story than gen 5. Only winner was the best starter ever in Chespin. Sorry. Megas we're not for every Pokémon and we now know from the mega Pokedex in SuMo that mega evolution is selfish and HURTS Pokémon. Bad. Bad. Bad. 


Did not play gen 4. 

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Conquest is ok. It's not too difficult and has a fair amount of content. But you can't get glaceon until the end :,(

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1) Gen IV - Loved almost ALL the pokemon in this gen (in terms of use and design) and quite enjoyed D/P/Pt games :D 

2) Gen III - Nostalgia 101. Sapphire. Enough said. (also seriously had some issues choosing from 3 awesome starters)

3) Gen I - Loved their designs and have a soft spot for the original 151/

4) Gen VI - Only because of Froakie, partly the anime, and the fancy Megas. But some weird ass mons appeared like Kelfki

5) Gen II - Nostalgia yes but I never liked it too much because I felt it lacked some seriously devastating pokemon

6) Gen VII - Seems more Digimon than pokemon. and who the ***k thought of removing gym battles!? Like NO.

7) Gen V - Just No. Bleh. Hate this gen. It all went from having Tepig as a starter. 

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I started playing Pokemon back when I was in Middle school (?) which was like 15/14 years ago. Played through the Generations in chronological order (I,II,III,IV,V,VI), didn't play VII yet.




IV: Soul Silver/Pearl = my Top 2 out of the entire series (Clair/Misty/Jasmine/Cynthia/Palkia/Articuno/Ho-Oh/Lugia/Pokégear, etc) . Yes I'm aware of how slow Surf was, but I'm a Water/Psychic-type trainer, so it never bothered me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

II: Crystal carreh, also, that skip between the level of the mons inside Mt.Silver and Red was unexpected on my 1st play-through. Claire introduced me to Kingdra, which instantly became my flagship mon and Karin was my favorite E4 member from the Indigo Plateau.

III: I've put thousands of hours into Fire Red alone(2.4K+), Sapphire carreh (thanks Kyogre)

VI: Alpha Sapphire was amazing, free Mythicals and a ton of in-game Legendaries + Delta Episode

I: Blue was my 1st version, Articuno was the reason I even got into Pokemon, Blastoise, Alazakam and Cloyster were my other favorites. Lorelei is my favorite E4 member out of the entire series. This would be my #1, but there were far too many mechanical flaws in the game's system. Gen 1 was stupid broken, which is why I have it in 5th place.

VII: Haven't played Moon yet, but I liked what I've seen so far, post-game wise

V: N wasn't enough to carry Gen V for me sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Edit: Just now noticed the running theme of Water type mascots in my personal ranking, lel.

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It would be interesting for people to write what the first gen they played were. Because I have a hunch that for the majority of people, their first gen (the one they spent the most time on) will in most cases be their favourite. 

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Not going to make a list since I only played the official games up 'till Gen4.

Then I stopped playing Pokémon until I got to know Reborn in 2016.


So Reborn learned me a lot about Gen5 and 6.


First Gen I played was Gen1 when it came out back in the late 90's.


But my favourite has to be Gen2 since it has my favourite starter (Typhlosion), my favourite Pokémon in general (Umbreon) and it introduced my favourite type (Dark).

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Gen VII: tbh, I didn't have a favorite generation until Gen 7. I love all the new Pokemon, the characters, PokeRide got rid of HM (hopefully forever), the story leagues better than X/Y, Team Skull in general, AND DAT MUSIC! My favorite OST in the Pokemon series. Also some challenging moments in the game (Not Reborn difficult, but still). Some downsides are the removal of Super Training and SOS Battle make grinding difficult at times, but hey every gen has it's flaws. I love Gen VII.


Gen IV=V: I know this is cheating but really like both Gen 4 and 5 equally for different reasons. Gen 4 had some solid Pokemon designs, memorable tracks, pokemon would follow you (HGSS), and the fact that HGSS exist. Oh yeah, and the fact I have a love/hate relationship with Cynthia. While gen 5 doesn't have quite as many good designs, It makes up for it with a good story, memorable characters, and I like our villainous team, Team Plasma. However, Gen 4's overall slowness REALLY bothered me and I didn't like the "weather wars" and the competitive sence in Gen 5.


Gen III: This gen made me a Pokemon fan and cared about Pokemon now. I love the starters (the best imo is Mudkip), love the tropical setting of Hoenn, pretty good pokemon designs, and (I can't believe I'm gonna say this) I love the Pokemon contest. But, the encounter rate was a bit much (mainly in the surfing segment) and I didn't care much for it's story. Plus, ORAS fixed everything I dislike in Gen 3.


Gen II: I really like Gen 2 for nostalgia. Awesome Pokemon designs, the best post-game to date, and the final battle with Red was the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, Not a lot of merorable characters in my option, didn't like the rival, and I like HGSS better (that's a petty reason, I'm sorry :<). 


Gen I: I did like all the Pokemon, Team Rocket, and the twist at the end where the champion is our rival. However, I find Kanto very boring to travel thru and it's very outdated in mechanics. It may have been awesome in the 90's, but it hasn't aged well  


Gen VI: What. A. Mess. I enjoyed the Mega Evolutions, the inclusion of Fairy type, and the jump to 3D. The story was a mess, I didn't care at all about the characters, Team Flare was the worst of the villainous teams, and even without the EXP Share on the game was WAY TOO EASY. Gen 6 only saving grace was ORAS. But really, Gen 6 had it's good moments, but overall it was a mess...



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Most of these aren't in any particular order, aside from the very bottom of the list.


1. Gen 2-the generation that got me into Pokemon with Pokemon Silver.


2. Gen 4-slow, but great experiences. HG is probably my favorite game of the series. I also loved the Battle Frontier in Gen 4, and the Underground in D/P/Pt was one of my favorite aspects.


3. Gen 5-I liked a lot of the new Pokemon, and I also liked how B/W made you use them.


4. Gen 7-I liked how they shook up the formula and made it harder for veteran players, but the unskippable end cutscenes and fight with Tapu Koko, lack of double battles and removal (at least to my knowledge) of Triple/Rotation/Inverse battles (why did they remove the Inverse Battles?!?), lag in said double battles and occasionally blurry text (did anyone else have that problem, or was it just me?) lower its score.


5. Gen 3-I don't hate it, but the beginning is a little slow, but that's probably from me playing Ruby and LeafGreen a lot. I also really liked Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, which I've started playing again recently through an emulator.


6. Gen 6-too easy, and not a lot of postgame material. ORAS wasn't needed at all. I do like the idea of Mega Evolutions (well a little less now), but a lot of Pokemon that did get Megas didn't need them-I'm looking at you, Mewtwo and the Weather Trio's Primal Forms. Tierno/Trevor/Shauna/Serena and/or Calem were annoying and I never wanted to interact with them (my experience with them summed up: No, rival, I don't need help taking down Team Flare grunts whose Pokemon are 10 levels weaker than mine, especially when yours are 15 levels weaker than mine.) Points for introducing my favorite battle style: Inverse Battles.


7. Gen 1-very tedious and boring, never played the original games until they came out on Virtual Console last year, and while I did enjoy my run through Red when I first got it, losing my save file while switching to a different SD card didn't help.





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