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  1. wow look at you ah

    last time tell u to join u dunwan

    now u happy liao loh gt so much points

    download discord and join the mafia club 💪

    1. Cнєяяу


      Heheh after Genting after Gentingg, want competition ler recently busy af haizz

      Btw thanks for everything

  2. Cнєяяу

    Reborn is just meh tbh

    Thanks for the invitation, I'll definitely check it out (*^^*)
  3. Cнєяяу

    Reborn is just meh tbh

    Omgs thanks
  4. Cнєяяу

    Reborn is just meh tbh

    Thanks for the compliment ^^ I didn't see what you wrote Eric ==
  5. Cнєяяу

    Reborn is just meh tbh

    Nope, jk just a title to lure you guys in ;)) #Luv Reborn ♡ I heard about this from a friend Around late June to be exact? Hope I'm not too late for anything Cus I'm quite busy back then (・・;) I'm from South East Asia on the globe Somewhere without seasons all year long Except for massive sun and rain And sometimes lots of floods? I spend time on anime Takagi, Nozaki… mostly romantic comedy XD I'm also into comics and books Especially those about fantasy I'm a slow player tbh Just around the 7th gym Reborn's a great game, really Lucky to be able to join in ^^ Um not showing off or anything And I probably got the rhymes wrong But I just find it easier for me To introduce myself in poem form ><