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  1. Strawpoll of the _____

    Voting for all of them! Oh wait that means we have to do extra work, welp guess we'll be extra busy.
  2. Strawpoll of the _____

    @seki108 on #8: Most of us agree, so its like the majority that think adding more gender based versions of certain evo lines would be a bad use of our time and even if we were to do it it would be so low on the priority list they wouldn't appear for a super long time. A few people feel really strongly about it but we'll worry about all the minor stuff later. Best starter group? Gimme gen 4 free. Might not all be competitively viable but flaming monkey, emperor penguin and Continental turtle is the best trio (even tough gen 5-6 themes are really good too)
  3. Strawpoll of the _____

    We should delegate poll responsibilities so 7 of us do one a week on the same day every week @Dypatome Also anyone that doesn't think cookie dough is the undisputed best ice cream flavor can catch this 6-0
  4. Strawpoll of the _____

    1) Insurgence: With all the flaws in every fan game I find the least amount of obvious ones in Insurgence, delta mons and a two type league were game changers. They were lazy with some parts of development (i.e music) but more than made up for it elsewhere. 2) Uranium: Gorgeous world and custom UI, amazing creativity on the fakemon. You can tell it took this game years on years to be made. Not difficult but the story smashes anything a cannon game has ever done.
  5. Strawpoll of the _____

    1. Dypa chocolate is overrated (fight me in the discord later). 2. Seki I don't think it's possible to get off topic here lol, post about stuff to your hearts content.
  6. Strawpoll of the _____

    Apple and Pumpkin are the only acceptable answers here. Anyone who disagrees can catch me and my lando-t on showdown. Edit: By god @seki108 is right.... where on earth is Pecan?!? @Dypatome you're fired. (kidding)
  7. Strawpoll of the _____

    Poll #3 http://www.strawpoll.me/14562863 And to add even more conversation, what Pokemon that don't have megas do you think should have one?
  8. Potential Guardians and Shinies

    Definitely not one for every legendary. The original idea was every trio or duo would have one but that isn't concrete. I don't want to spoil the number but there will be enough that you'll have to pick and choose which ones you want to use.
  9. Potential Guardians and Shinies

    We already have a guardian for the lake trio but I love this idea. We'll see if we can get it to work somehow
  10. General discussion

    I wonder who came up with such an interesting idea for a fan game..... Kidding. On a serious note since we are going to be using the official game thread for big showcases if anyone has any question about the game, development, it's features or how I went about the process you can ask me here. I'll give you the best responses I can and avoid spoilers.
  11. Strawpoll of the _____

    @Swamp King Yea this thread can be used to talk about the poll and what people picked and why etc. Go wild
  12. Pokemon Glory (In development)

    @Swamp King Looking better! I do enjoy the little details like the paws. Can I ask what all of the starters (or whatever they are) are based off of?
  13. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    @Swamp King Lets just say that G. Golurk is pretty strong, some would even say it has HUGE power...
  14. Potential Guardians and Shinies

    So if people want to request certain guardian Pokemon I'm going to give a brief run down of what you should put in your request. Guardians correspond to a legendary Pokemon or group of legendaries that redeemed a Pokemon who suffered due to the war. Guardians are all duo type that will often times have a pseudo 3rd primary typing in the form of attacks. (A Pokemon blessed by the bird trio will have ice, fire and electric attacks). They also live in a specific area usually a natural landmark or in a far corner of Telius (The Northern guardian lives in the northern most part of the map as an example and the forest guardian will reside in the biggest forest) In short just give it affinity to a legendary or group of them, a typing and ability (can be the ability of a legendary as that Pokemon will be able to learn the signature moves of the Pokemon that blessed it.) Finally give it a location and some lore as to how it became a guardian. If we like the idea yours might make it into the game!
  15. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Not a game update but something we wanted to share regardless. @Dypatome took the liberty of making a Pokemon Empire club here on the forums that is open to all. We decided that we would post more of the small updates and stuff there and reserve this thread for bigger post such as showcases, trailers and what not. So if you want to see all of the cool stuff we are working on daily go check out the club and if you just want to see big updates just check back here every week or so.