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  1. ssbCasper

    Pokemon Glory (in development once again)

    @Swamp King Looking better! I do enjoy the little details like the paws. Can I ask what all of the starters (or whatever they are) are based off of?
  2. ssbCasper

    Pokemon Glory (in development once again)

    Since I'm sure sprites will be a big point of discussion here once more people view the post I'll jump on the topic now. I think the mascot looks pretty sick, the starters have all the main pillars of a good fakemon, color, shading, proportions. My only problem is they may be a bit bland? With that being said I would like to remind people that good fakemon ideas and models don't just appear out of thin air (Uranium was in development for years upon years after all and a handful of their sprites are still subject to scrutiny.) So if this was the quality of all the Pokemon come the first release I'd be fine with that personally, I am sure that overtime you guys will get substantially better, I know the difference between my team's first and most recent fakemon is astronomical. Hope you guys can get something out of this and be prepared for all the incoming feedback and criticism. Cheers!
  3. ssbCasper

    Pokemon Glory (in development once again)

    Finally! I have been waiting for you guys to reveal your project since you guys helped me get mine going. Love the unique features and looking forward to seeing even more Fakemon and the changes to the Light type.
  4. ssbCasper

    Pokemon Crystonite

    @Decidueye101 Hey man game looks and sounds great from what you've posted. As a dev myself I just wanted to save you some heat and say you'll want to take anything created by Luka SJ off of your features. My team got in some trouble recently over that so just letting you know.