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  1. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Thanks for the feedback so far everyone, we actually had a discussion based off the few replies we got for this. I'll take a bit of time to respond to @Phi-Bi and @groniack concerns. So I will start with story related concerns: Making a game where one side can look like the bad guy to one person but a hero to another is no easy task. But that is the beauty of an open ended game, what to you might seem like a terrible act may be a warranted one in my eyes. I am confident that players will have debates about which side is the real villain at the start and down the road as your character is questioned you may make a 180 and agree with the values of the side you once disliked. To touch on the multiple endings I agree story based games should have "moral of the story is x" type of deal and each ending will have one. We are all different so different people will take away something different from the game regardless of what your personal beliefs are. The actions and choices you make will give you the outcome that most closely resembles what you (or the person you are role playing) would do given the same situation. Now for content related to battles and other in game things: We decided to just make completely new items in the place of ones that we would have just changed. As far as abilities we are still looking for a fine line between, "this needs to be a completely new ability" and "this can just be tweaked on an existing one". As far as implementation of changes in game its already taken care of. Major changes will be stated in the forms of dialogue, signs etc and the subtle changes (like a new ability) will be experienced implicitly through battle and catching Pokemon with the ability, as far as the art goes none of us are super spriters so overtime things will get better and better. I would like to know exactly whats wrong with the guardian though, some will look drastically different from the original and some not so much, that is just how we decided to go about it. For the starters we did come up with a list for 9 dual types but we are sticking to what we have for now, as we spent a ton of time in it and the whole point as I mentioned in another point is for starters to peak at different points and represent different styles, when you play the game it will make more sense as you don't pick a starter the way you traditionally do so it makes sense that they are't equal. Hope I answered most of the stuff and apologies if this is rather lengthy
  2. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    @Sceptilespy Fairly confident several people have missed the new starter list so here it is once again. Note this is not ALL the changes we made just a few ones to note. Some 2 stage evo mons will get evos other's won't. The point is to have starters that peak at different type and to represent a plethora of playing styles not just hyper offense. After multiple polls and what not this has been the only list where all starters had people say the would pick them. Some by nature will be more popular then others. Normal: Lillipup (learns elemental fangs via level up) Flying: Starly Bug: Venipede (Poison jab instead of venom shock as well as a small stat buff) Dragon: Axew (No dragon rage, evos slightly earlier) Dark: Zorua Fairy: Flabebe (Florges evo at 34) Electric: Shinx (Luxray is electric/dark) Fighting: Timburr (evos at 20 and 33) Poison: Nidoran (2nd stage evo for both get a 20 points added to their BST) Ground: Phanpy (stone edge at 30, new ground move given upon evolution) Rock, Rockruff (Midnight form lycanroc is Rock/Dark) Ghost, Duskull (evos at 25 and 40, has pound lv 1) Steel, Magnemite (evos at 25 and 40) Fire: Darmaka (evos at 27, movepool switched around) Water, Clauncher (evos at 27, new ability and several new moves) Grass, Tangela (evos at 30) Ice: Sneasel (slight stat nerf on sneasel, learns ice punch and icicle crash via level up) Psycic, Solosis (evos at 16 and 31, energy ball and focus blast via level up)
  3. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Hello everyone Casper here again, it's been a while since I interacted with everyone here (bar the PR post) so I have a 2 part question for everyone whether you are a fan, critic or somewhere in between (heck even the rest of the devs can jump in on this one). What do you like (or are looking forward to) about the game and what do you dislike (or makes you hesitant) about the game? You can have more than one reason for either part. Figured it would be good to know what people's pre-perceived notions about Empire are. I'll probably have my own answer for this and add it in an edit.
  4. Pokemon Crystonite

    @Decidueye101 Hey man game looks and sounds great from what you've posted. As a dev myself I just wanted to save you some heat and say you'll want to take anything created by Luka SJ off of your features. My team got in some trouble recently over that so just letting you know.
  5. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Was hoping I wouldn't have to make a PR post here until release. Was already prepared for the virtual pitchforks and torches. Anyways this will be relatively important info for anyone who is already an established fan and for those who are on the fence with our ambitious little project. For the first time in the past few weeks the dev team was not on the same page, type chart changes were posted and mentioned without us having a formal discussion about the topic as we normally do with everything game related. So the majority of you will be happy to know that after the discussion we massively scaled back the total amount of type chart changes to like 5 total and none are game breaking or not intuitive. The new items, moves, abilities and such are staying. Slight stat buffs/nerfs and type changes will be looked at on a individual Pokemon basis. New pokemon(like pre evos to existing ones) will be made and added over time and only given to Pokemon who we feel need one (like dewgong) and they will be balanced accordingly. As I have mentioned in the past my background isn't in the world of Pokemon fan games as I have only played a few but in the realm of RPG development. This forum board is not the only place this game is being advertised so if a ton of people here are turned off by some of the rpg elements or non traditional fan game feel I'm okay with that as I can't please everyone. I hope I addressed the bulk of your concerns @Matt_ Now to touch on the elephant in the room for a moment, I would hope that it is common knowledge that one person's opinion doesn't represent the group (in this case the dev team). But I stand by anything anyone on my team says within reason. Passively saying we are in way over our heads and bound to fail isn't really criticism but hey its the internet so everyone is entitled to an opinion. Proving people wrong is part of the fun in working on a project. Regardless hopefully we can avoid normal debates going off the rails in the future. Pretty sure thats all I wanted to say so as always drop any comments, questions or concerns in the thread or direct them to my pm's. Til next time. Edit: I am a firm believer that its better to be honest with any community you are a part of then to keep things like this behind closed doors. With this flub in our communications I doubt something like the type chart incident will happen again so it may have honestly been for the best that this happened before beta testing and release.
  6. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Gone for a day or two and seems a bunch has happened. First of all I probably should have noted that all starters will be changed to evo upon levels and not items or other conditions. Secondly @groniack its pretty hard to talk about guardians without making them sound weaker or stronger then they really are. So I'll just go on record now and say that what separates them the most from deltas besides lore is that they survived the war because they were blessed by a legendary that happened to stumble upon them in a near death state. So an example that isn't real would be a Pikachu saved by Reshiram, besides the type and physical changes it would have access to Fusion Flare and Reshi's ability. A cool thing about the guardians is that they are all dual typed but alot of them practically have a 3rd typing or STAB but I won't get into anymore details.
  7. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    @Yagami Yea making a balanced starter list isn't easy to and its hard to please everyone. (D rage Axew would kind of be busted early), Only the starters have had there evo's changed but slight stat, ability, movepool and typing changes have been made to a ton of Pokemon. All of which we justified as rational changes (Like making Luxray Electric/Dark or giving Scolipede poison jab)
  8. I believe there is a fan game or ROM hack that takes place in a time before almost any advances in tech for the Pokemon world existed. Using that as a frame conceptually making a game in slightly more advanced but not fully developed era isn't hard assuming you have the creativity for it. As mentioned above the problem lies in making all the tiles and art for such a time period.
  9. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    PSA: Updated the artwork section of the first post on the thread to include our male MC due to popular request. Let me know what you guys think! Those will be the two available for Ep1 as we want to focus on some of the other areas of development a bit more. Expect more custom MC's in the future. Side note: Apologize for the delayed balancing post. Will be out by Tuesday.
  10. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    @groniack Thanks man! As far as the guardians go you'll just have to wait and see.
  11. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    PSA: Credits have been added to the first post in the thread, re-balancing post to come out this evening.
  12. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    @Noctelis Good observation. Although I will say that they are not all man made.
  13. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Not going to give away stats, moves etc. Will just have to find out when you battle / capture it. They are variations of the base Pokemon so they will act as a stand alone Pokemon. As said above all (8 I think?) of them are obtainable at different points during the main plot line, so they will be available before post game.
  14. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    Alright so assuming you've all seen the revamped front page of the game thread I'm just going to go straight into things. So lets introduce one of our guardian Pokemon. So these guys were the idea of FilthyCasual who also made all of them. In short they are like a cross between delta pokemon and megas. They physically look different due to typing, stat and ability changes as well as being able to learn very unique moves that other Pokemon can not learn. They are all associated with the tragedy during the war and legendary Pokemon but that is as far into the lore as I am going to go. Like legendaries there is only 1 of each of these guys. I'll answer any questions you guys have about these within reason. Sometime later this week I'll make a post about some of the balance changes we've made, new abilities and attacks. Til then. Edit: We picked this one to show off because some guardian Pokemon have undergone missive and changes to appearance and others just minor. So G.Gigalith was like right in the middle of the spectrum.
  15. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    PSA: Added some graphics to the main post on the thread, didn't want to give much away but tell me what you think! Post about guardian Pokemon in the near future