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    Ooooooh, yessssss, Steven is AWESOME. Really - Steven is basically the only reason why someone has Metagross as their favorite Pokémon, but I like that - that way, I can always recognize my fellow *cough* admirers. silently mutters Yandere activated....... o.o Jokes aside, Steven is awesome. And actually, my favorite Pokémon always rotate, but it's mostly Gardevoir, Absol, Metagross, Lucario, Froslass, sometimes Milotic, Swellow and Taillow, Rufflet just because it's cute.... and yeah, that's about it. ^^

    No, I bred it. Took me 1 PC Box, but I am SOOOOOO Happy. And I'd LOVE a shiny Metagross... Can I ask why it's your favorite Pokémon?
  3. Omygosh I know I'm not supposed to write in caps but LOOOOOKKKKK!!!!
  4. V9 - Save File Troubleshooting

    Sorry in advance if I'm being a complete idiot (or blind), but I've read every available thread on E9, and I couldn't find those locations. :')
  5. V9 - Save File Troubleshooting

    I updated to Version 9, and I'm suddenly stuck on the (suddenly not sunken) S.S. Oceana and cannot even move - even though I was in the Purification Woods the last time I saved. Help will be appreciated! Luna P.S. Inserted the last Savefile as well, just in case. ^^ Game.rxdata 102 - Luna - 12h 53m - 3 badges.rxdata
  6. Un-Stuck Me: Post your Frozen Files here

    Thank you so much! ^^ Or, to be precise: Arigato Luna
  7. Un-Stuck Me: Post your Frozen Files here

    Sorry, it might be a savefile for another game.... oops. :') Game.rxdata
  8. [E16] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

    I'm in the Onyx Water Grid. Shortly after Taka trapped Titania on an island for the second time, I left the water grid in order to exchange some Team Members at the nearest PC (being the one in the Fiore Mansion). When I came back to this room, I noticed the water level had risen again, even though you are supposed to cross the water surface. Game.rxdata
  9. Un-Stuck Me: Post your Frozen Files here