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  1. Arigato-Lunakun

    SWM modular modpack [E17.1]

    Wait, I've actually been helpful? o.o Hihi, thank you for your efforts, we all really appreciate it. ^^
  2. Arigato-Lunakun

    SWM modular modpack [E17.1]

    So, I downloaded the mod, deleted the files I didn't want (EXPShare, TypeBattleIcons, SetWeather and UnrealTime) and moved 6 Pokémon I wanted to transfer to my next file into the Shared Box - Box 50. However, when I tried to start a new Savefile, this popped up: And after I tried to open the "Scripts" Folder, this happened: (It's saying that the Archive either has an unknown format or is damaged). Do you know what might be up with that? Yours sincerely, Luna
  3. Arigato-Lunakun

    V9 - Save File Troubleshooting

    Sorry in advance if I'm being a complete idiot (or blind), but I've read every available thread on E9, and I couldn't find those locations. :')
  4. Arigato-Lunakun

    V9 - Save File Troubleshooting

    I updated to Version 9, and I'm suddenly stuck on the (suddenly not sunken) S.S. Oceana and cannot even move - even though I was in the Purification Woods the last time I saved. Help will be appreciated! Luna P.S. Inserted the last Savefile as well, just in case. ^^ Game.rxdata 102 - Luna - 12h 53m - 3 badges.rxdata
  5. Arigato-Lunakun

    [E17] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

    I'm in the Onyx Water Grid. Shortly after Taka trapped Titania on an island for the second time, I left the water grid in order to exchange some Team Members at the nearest PC (being the one in the Fiore Mansion). When I came back to this room, I noticed the water level had risen again, even though you are supposed to cross the water surface. Game.rxdata