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  1. It does indeed work! , but even if a Pokémon tile was there in ep16 so is it not guaranteed to be in ep17, locations and events tend to be quite turbulent but We can always hope it becomes available :))
  2. Hol up, tyranitar isnt in the game, correct?
  3. We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    I dont believe the bar itself will take that ammount of time, but the playtesting etc will probably take that long, so what to do until then? Impale some people? Or do you have some better ideas Vlad?
  4. We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    THE BAR JUMPED TO 98 from 94, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet
  5. Favorite Anime?

    Made in abyss is quickly growing on me
  6. Easy money-gain will be "fixed"...?

    I think Ame referred to that in the late game you stash up tons of money, often hitting the ceiling of 999.999. In ep 17 we will feel like a bit closer to the the broke-ass earlygame where you barely can afford potions
  7. Easy money-gain will be "fixed"...?

    wait, di you guys stock up on stuff before a new update and play on that save? Whats the point with that? Making a brand new save per episode release is clearly the way to go!
  8. Help with finding rogenrola

    Thanks for all the quick replies guys! So it was as I speculated, that the list i used was simply outdated. I dont really need a roggenrola, but thanks anyways Uberle! I was just curious as to se if it was possible to find before Tanzan-mountain, as i saw it on the list that way , and kinda thought the list was canon = it must be there. But you guys prooved otherwhise, and i thank you for that :))
  9. pokemon reborn how to get magnezone

    Hm, this feels like a wierd change from ep 15 to 16, As i understand it they made this change just so you cant get rotom that early on, but why make Magnezone a hyper-lategame-mon? Im tired at using ampharos as a discharge spammer, and magnezone is such a cool pokemon, in no way is it to strong either, there are plenty of equal pokemon if not more in statwise aspect you can get early on like arcanine etc..
  10. Help with finding rogenrola

    I would like help with finding Roggenrola! According to the "monotype-pokemon-availability-guide-updated-to-e16" page in On the Hunt section, so should it be possible to find a Roggenrola after shade is defeated, anyone knows where or how? Or is it simply an error in the guide?
  11. Un-Stuck Me: Post your Frozen Files here

    Oh wow, im really dumb not noticing you put a file in that text. Not all heroes wear capes, Thanks a bunch!
  12. Un-Stuck Me: Post your Frozen Files here

    Stuck in a situation where Victoria is suposed to go into another room, but a random npc is blocking her, should be doable to fix i think! Game.rxdata
  13. [E16] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

    I dont think i did, but it was set to just one, i raised it to 20, so now for future playing if i get another error i can just revert it back, 50% of the problems solved! Now i just need some hero to fix the wierd bug that occured
  14. [E16] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

    The thing that makes this wierd is that they are on , (EDIT) found the problem, the "Max Backup number" was set to 1, so making it higher should fix it, great! Now it just remains to save the gamefile somehow, think its doable?