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  1. If you haven't watched it, I suggest the movie "The Others" starring Nicole Kidman. Psychological horror at its finest.
  2. And just to add, we challengers have the luxury of seeing how the leaders are playing their matches so somehow, we have insights on their playstyles so I think its kind of bit fair for both sides. As for suggestions, I think it would be interesting if you guys could make a thread where leaders or challengers could post interesting replays of their league battles mainly for boasting (lol) or for pointing out strategies against certain leaders and helping other challenger prepare their plays.
  3. pokemon

    What's this?? First time seeing this gimmick play. Wonder guard + No type. wut.
  4. Hi! I was wondering if the my pokemon is updated and now ready for battle at the league. Thanks!
  5. Hi! Would it be alright if I change some mons in my team and some of their moves as well? I don't have any badges yet (if that is a requirement) Thanks! Please let me know if I'm doing this wrong. My trainer card can be seen in my signature (if that helps).
  6. Another good game. Thanks for the match!
  7. Good game!
  8. Maybe. But while I was on E15, I fixed the stairs. Dunno if it was changed prior to E16.
  9. Iirc correctly, I donated cash for it to be repaired. You have to talk to the guard inside the building atop the stairs.
  10. Unfortunately it is not yet obtainable as of the current episode.
  11. If you're sure about this, try posting this under bug report so authorities could look up your save file.
  12. It maybe a bug but just to be clear, have you given one to the aqua member inside the elevator of 7th street?
  13. Yeah. It is much later in the game. It involves having to answer no in any of blake's requests if iirc.
  14. pokemon

    1% so close
  15. Didn't know there was this kind of thing going on. Hoping to join for the next one!