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  1. Didn't know there was this kind of thing going on. Hoping to join for the next one!
  2. Try using one of your back-up save data. Rename the latest to game.rxdata then try loading that. I think your save file got corrupted.
  3. For me, I would pick volt switch over discharge for a few reasons. To get advantage during pokemon switches and to not harm your team mates during double battles. You would have to switch your team mate to either garchomp or sylveon to safely use discharge. Both moves have a slight difference in power but the utility that volt switch gives is much more important on setting up strategies. And also 30% chance of paralysis on discharge is not a sure shot so you need a bit of luck if you're relying on it. Other than that, you've made a pretty great team. Just be careful on double battles because your salazzle has two of its move that could endanger most of it's team mates so pick it's partner carefully.
  4. Getting used to predicting switch-ins New strategy for me, Entry Hazard Shuffle. And relying on hax with this one. Unbelievable.
  5. Better stick to that offensive scolipede instead @DreamblitzX. Full support build got axed. Thanks for the info @Kiteruguma.
  6. This surely depends on what you feel you need on your team. The thing is a focus sash scolipede with no protect can only guarantee you a one time +1 speed boost pass on a teammate. It cannot guarantee you a second or a third time since scolipede is fragile. That build is alright if you're planning to use your scolipede more offensively (meaning, using its own boosts to attack) rather than being a support (passing it to others). Sash is really reliable if you're sticking with the offensive scolipede. But just to give you options, A common full support scolipede has leftovers so entry hazards are not that big of a threat compared to an offensive build since it can just regenerate health while using protect.
  7. Aqua tail is good coverage move for your scolipede but if you want a guaranteed speed boost pass on it, try adding protect rather than solely relying on your focus sash. You could also transform it into a full support role by also having substitute so you could pass it into your other mons (I think that requires you to transfer 252 EVs of your attack to hp). Other than that, I think you have a good semi offensive scolipede if you stick to your original build. Hope I helped
  8. Team CFVY for card template please. Trainer Sprite: Pokemon Team:
  9. If not banned, try checking scolipede or ninjask.
  10. Tried pokemon showdown for the first time, still getting the hang of it. And after a few battles, And a fail comeback,
  11. Hi! I dont have experience on competitive matches but seeing one obvious flaw (which you mentioned), 2 of your pokemons are 4x weak against stealth rock. I suggest including a pokemon who could atleast remove that entry hazard. A pokemon with magic bounce or a spinner and defogger would be IMO a great help on setting up your volcarona (because you have to waste a turn on roost to heal it to full health and you have to wait for another opportunity to set up quiver dance) and mega pinsir. Hope I helped
  12. Well, the game made sure that you wont miss any obtainable item in the railnet so a bunch of items like the corrupted pokeball appeared there after renovating it. I think the assault vest was the only new item there.
  13. Thanks for the answer but to make my question clear, DURING BATTLE, are we allowed to have as much mega pokemons as we want or are we restricted to only one? And as for my team, suggestions and criticisms are highly appreciated
  14. Hey guys. This is a noob question cause I'm not familiar with competitive play mechanics. Are challengers allowed with only one mega evolved pokemon on their team? Or are we allowed as many as we want provided that we dont use the banned mega stones? I've been planning to join in on the fun when the redemption league comes out and I have zero experience. The closest I could think of as competitive experience is my frequent battles in reborn online play random matchups. Edit: Ill be posting my redemption team soon for some suggestions.
  15. Thank you! Now I'm disappointed at myself for upgrading the railnet instead of the slums. Have to wait for the next episode.