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  1. Episode 17 Beta

    If you read that you'll notice I commented there some times, I am aware of it. Also, If you waited this long since EP16 surely one month more or 2 won't matter much I think. Also thank you all for replying to me.
  2. Episode 17 Beta

    Greetings Upon reading the current status, I found that beta has started. I'd like to know how can I play beta stage and what are the requisites for it? What can you tell me about it? Much apreciated.
  3. We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    Right, thanks for explaining. Hope you guys launch it soon
  4. We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    I don't understand, game is said to be complete and testing is done, what more is there to be done? I don't know which pokemon Ame added so I don't understand the status update anymore..
  5. We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    Probably November, check download tab at the top of the page. By then it should be availible. I'm not affiliated with Reborn team in any way, this is just my guess.
  6. We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    So what now? When can we expect a release?
  7. My to-do List is back up to 150 lines.

    I would expect something close to 1month and 1/2 probably...
  8. My to-do List is back up to 150 lines.

    I need the new chapter please! Good luck Ame and good job so far!
  9. "Tomorrow" is just a social construct

    Considering the harder dificulty to regular pokemon games and the number of gyms and all that, it would take longer that the entire One Piece anime to finish it xDDDDD like 40 or 50 seasons ahahaha
  10. "Tomorrow" is just a social construct

    Go baby go, Ame! Loved the huge progress bar update, can't wait to play new episode!
  11. EP17 team

    Thanks for everything. I have Arcanince and Infernape but I rotate, i need new trainers getting tired of leveling on Grand Hall. Will rotate then and beef up Chandelure, Altaria and Dragalge
  12. EP17 team

    Hello all. It's been a while since I posted here. I wanted to ask you what pokemons I should train to EP17, what do you think it would fare best? I mean, there aren't many gym types left. What combos are you guys training for EP17? My team: Drapion, 85, Crunch;Knock Off;Cross Poison;Ice Fang Arcanine, 84-85, Outrage;Flare Blitz;Close Combat; ExtremeSpeed Espeon, 85, Psychic;Sinchronize;Dazzling Gleam;Morning Sun Swampert, 83, Earthquake; Surf; RockSmash (it was a mistake, i was high); Rock Slide Infernape, 85, Acrobatics;Close Combat; Mach Punch; Flare Blitz Noivern, 85, Dragon Pulse; Cut (I know, ridiculous);Fly;Hurricane Secondary Team (rarely used, hence low levels atm): Crobat, 85 Pilowswine, 60 Emolga, 67 Trubbish, 44 Kricketune, 44 Scrafty, 55 In Training: Dragalge, 52 Clefable, 57 Chandelure, 53 Altaria, 46 Metagross, 48 One or 2 more. Any opinions?
  13. E17 Redone Intro

    KEEP AT IT AME, IT'S LOOKING GREAT SO FAR, I was so happy with the huge progress made on the progress bar that I nearly threw a party!
  14. machines aren't built to have this much sand in them

    That's great to hear, hope you can sort everything out, I am ansiously waiting for this episode!

    IS THIS FOR REAL? If so..... Musharna I'm going to breed the hell out of you!