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  1. [E17] [Quest] Where is the water source?

    Oh ok thank you I will investigate
  2. [E17] [Quest] Where is the water source?

    Greetings. I am looking for a water source to give the lady in the desert city in Tourmaline Desert. Any clues where to look at? I thought a few things but no one I spoke to triggers anything.
  3. (Spoiler) A certain tower...

    NorthEast of the desert, keep hugging the walls and you'll reach a place with muddy water and lots and lots of ruined columns and statues. By making the oasis disappear, each time you make one disappear go to the said location and see if there is a tower there instead. Note: Stock up on Pokesnax and repels and ultraballs or whatever you prefer before going there. You might spend sometime there.
  4. Vulpix?

    Thank you sir, I will look into it!
  5. Vulpix?

    Neither do I.
  6. Touhou is the best

  7. Catching gible

    This, plus save right before jumping, so it's trial and error, but make sure to put pokesnax on basins xD
  8. [Lyrics] Reborn Rhymes

    Lol'd for real.
  9. [Ask] Cant enter teknite cave

    I want to know this as well.
  10. E17 Spoilers: water supply

  11. [Not a bug]e17 gym leader

    Personally she wasn't hard compared to what came afterwards. But this is just me.